Don’t Make These Mistakes When Making Orange Juice

Mistakes When Making Orange Juice

Orange is a very versatile product that we can use in many recipes and also provides certain benefits to our body. Among them, it helps us prevent arthritis thanks to its anti- inflammatory properties and also regulates blood pressure thanks to its magnesium content .

That is why it is important to incorporate it into our diet in any way: in stews, desserts or even juices. The latter being the easiest way to eat it.

If you want to make the best orange juice, we advise you to continue reading to find out what mistakes you are making that you shouldn’t.

6 things you are doing wrong when you prepare orange juice

As you have just seen, orange can have many benefits for our body. Even more so if we combine it with other elements, such as orange, guava and carrot juice.

But before preparing it, we must take into account a series of important guidelines that will influence its quality. Discover the 6 most common mistakes when preparing juice and why they can spoil it.

1. Not washing the product well

The first thing we must bear in mind is that it is important that we clean the fruit well before making any type of juice with it. In this way we will prevent impurities from sneaking in and consuming them.

In addition, if we want to prevent seeds from falling , it is also necessary that we strain the juice before drinking it.

2. Choosing the wrong orange variety

Not all varieties of oranges are produced in all seasons nor do they give the same amount of juice, so it is important that we choose the most appropriate ones to squeeze.

That is why we must opt ​​for those that can provide us with more juice, such as navelina, salustiana or sanguinelli.

3. Consume more than you should

Many times we associate the fact of consuming juice with eating fruit and this is really not the case. When we squeeze an orange , what we do is release the sugars by separating them from the fiber and turning them into added sugars, with the consequent problem that this type of product can have.

That is why it is important that we do not exceed the limit set by the WHO and which is set at approximately one glass a day.

4. Leave it out of the fridge

Inside the refrigerator the juice can be kept without problems for a couple of days without problems. However , exposure to light or sun can cause oxidation of this product, which would make it lose its properties.

That is why it is important that, if you are not going to consume it at the moment, you store it in a dark container in the fridge.

5. Using the wrong juicer

We must also take into account the variety of juicers that exist on the market. There are many models with different characteristics and we will have to choose the one that best suits our needs.

For this we can assess the number of people who are going to use it, if the use is going to be sporadic or not, the benefits it offers and even the price. With all this data we can definitively determine which model we should buy.

6. Take it on an empty stomach

Finally, we must take into account the moment in which the juice is consumed . The importance of drinking orange juice on an empty stomach is often talked about, although this may have more disadvantages than advantages.

Orange juice is very acidic and if we take it in this way it can cause reflux and heartburn problems. That is why it is much better that we take it mid-morning or mid-afternoon, since that way we will avoid possible discomfort.

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