How to Freeze String Beans? Different ways

How to freeze string beans
string beans

How to freeze string beans? You can definitely freeze string beans raw, cooked and blanched. It can also be prepared in the freezer. However, there are a number of things to keep in mind if you want to freeze the string beans. You can read that in this blog. 

How to Freeze String Beans?

Do not freeze whole string beans whole. Freeze cleaned string beans in strips (max. 3 months). Cut string beans into strips then blanch and freeze (max. 12 months). Freeze fully prepared string beans (12 months). 

String beans are cooked delicious. However, if you steam them, they retain their color and taste. You can read all about it in our blog ‘ How to Steam String Beans? With steamer or basket ‘. We are now going to talk about freezing string beans.

Can You Freeze String Beans

You can certainly freeze string beans. The refrigerator should always be at – 18 degrees. If the temperature is higher, the storage time is shorter because not all bacteria are killed. That only happens at – 18 degrees.  

Freezing Fresh String Beans 

Whole, fresh string beans generally don’t get frozen that way.  

When you want to cook beans that are frozen, throw them in a pan of hot water. You do not let it thaw first because the structure and taste will not be good.  

String Beans

So when you freeze a string bean in its entirety and you then cut it frozen, the bean thaws due to the heat of your hands and the cutting itself. As mentioned, the structure and taste of the beans is much less. 

I always choose to freeze sliced ​​beans. That is also much easier and tastier and you can freeze in portions. 

Sliced ​​String Beans Freezing

As you have read above, my preference is to freeze fresh cut string beans. 

Below is how to freeze freshly cut string beans: 

  1. Wash the beans well under the tap and cut off both ends of the beans. 
  2. Cut the beans into strips with a string bean grinder or simply with a knife. 
  3. Place the string beans in a freezer bag or container that can be closed tightly. 
  4. Place a sticker on the packaging with the date of packaging and, if necessary, how long it can be stored. Also write down what is in a container. This way you don’t have to open all the containers to know where the beans are. 
  5. When the fridge is at -18 degrees, you can store these string beans in the freezer for 3 months. When the freezer is lower than -18 degrees, the beans will have a shorter shelf life. This is because not all bacteria on the beans are killed. This only happens at – 18 degrees.  

Freeze Cooked String Beans

If you have string beans left over after a meal or you have picked beans from the garden, you can freeze them. 

freeze string beans

Make sure that the (leftover) string beans are cooled back quickly and then pack them in a freezer bag or container.  

It is useful to stick a sticker on the packaging with the date on it with when the beans are cooked and how long they can be kept. These beans can be stored in the freezer for 12 months. This is because the beans have been cooked and all the bacteria have been killed.  

Cooling leftover beans can be done on a plate in cold water, with the bottom. Place the remaining beans on top to cool.  

If you have cooked a larger amount of beans, for example from the garden, you can cool them immediately after cooking in a container with ice-cold water. After a few minutes, these will be cold and the cooking process will stop. 

Do not put warm beans back in the refrigerator. The refrigerator then heats up. This is not good for the things that are in the fridge and that have to stay cool. If you regularly put warm or hot items in the fridge, it is possible that food will spoil faster. 

String beans Blanch

When you blanch string beans because you want to freeze them, you start by washing the string beans, then remove the tips on both sides of the string beans. From here you can follow point by point what you can do to blanch the string beans. 

  1. Now cut the string beans into strips with a string bean grinder or you cut them into strips with a knife. 
  2. Place a pan on a heat source and let the water boil. 
  3. Place a pan with ice-cold water on the counter to cool the beans immediately after blanching. 
  4. Place a colander in the sink to drain the beans after cooking. 
  5. When the water boils, add the string beans to the water and set a timer for 3 minutes. Cooking these 3 minutes kills all bacteria, allowing you to freeze and store them for longer. The color of the beans also remains a nice green. 
  6. After these 3 minutes, drain the beans in the colander.  
  7. Immediately afterwards you throw the beans into the ice-cold water. Now the beans stop cooking and they are cold enough to go into the freezer. 
  8. When the beans are cold, drain the beans again in the colander and let them drain well. 
  9. Put the beans in a freezer container or bag and stick a sticker on it with the date of preparation and how long they can be kept. In this case 12 months when the refrigerator is at -18 degrees.  

If you want to stir-fry or prepare the string beans in a different way, you don’t have to cool them after blanching and you can continue preparing the blanched string beans. In this case they are ‘just’ pre-cooked. 

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