Collard greens, cabbage and cabbage: know the differences and uses in the kitchen

Collard greens, cabbage and cabbage

Cabbage is a product that has many benefits for our body. This family, which includes many vegetables, helps us fight anemia thanks to its iron content and strengthen our bones because it contains calcium .

But its content in magnesium, iron and beta-carotene also helps us take care of our skin , making it look prettier and younger.

However, within this family there are some foods that are very similar but have quite clear differences if we stop to observe. Today we explain how cabbage, cabbage and collard greens differ. Keep reading.

How to differentiate cabbage, collard greens and cabbage

The first thing you should know is that all these vegetables belong to the same family: Brassica oleracea , to which broccoli and Brussels sprouts also belong. Therefore, many times the difference between these products is difficult to observe.

However, here are some tips so you can differentiate between these 3 varieties of the cabbage family.


When we talk about a cabbage, the image of a round vegetable, dark in color and with many layers  , comes to mind .

There are different types although the best known is savoy cabbage and to prepare it must be cooked beforehand as this is the way to soften its leaves.


Cabbage is a vegetable with an elongated leaf , similar to Swiss chard. Although, in this case, it has shorter and thicker leaves.

When you buy it, you will find it in bouquets and it is ideal to incorporate into all kinds of stews.  


Finally we have cabbage, which is very similar to cabbage in its shape and color. Both have a dark green hue, are round, and are made up of many leaves.

However, the main difference is that cabbage leaves are much smoother than cabbage leaves.

In addition , another characteristic of cabbage that cabbage does not have is that it can be consumed both raw and pickled. That is why it is ideal for preparing salads.

Benefits of consuming these products

As you can see, the cabbage family is very extensive and all its varieties can have many benefits for our body.

Some of them are:

  • They are low in calories. Which makes them an ideal food to incorporate into any diet. In addition, this type of food is satiating thanks to its high fiber content , which helps us feel full.
  • They improve blood sugar levels . That is why they help us fight certain diseases such as diabetes.
  • Our digestive system works better. Cabbage has a lot of fiber, which helps intestinal transit work better by promoting digestive movements. Something that makes them an essential vegetable if we want to fight constipation.
  • They protect us from certain diseases . Among them cancer and other types of heart problems. All this thanks to the vitamins and nutrients present in these foods.

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