8 Benefits of Sugar Beet You Haven’t Heard of

8 Benefits of Sugar Beet You Haven't Heard of

Sugar Beet: Perfect for Indigestion and Anemia!

Sugar beet is an interesting plant species with its succulent leaves, flowers, and fertile seeds. Although the recipes made with sugar beet are not well known, it is possible to create extraordinary dishes with this plant. One of the most important aspects of the plant is that it is suitable for growing in different regions.

Sugar beet, which enables sugar to be produced and brought to our homes, is a product with interesting properties. Since it has many beneficial aspects, it is necessary to pay attention to the consumption of sugar beet. Moreover, the prepared recipes are also extremely delicious.

What is Sugar Beet?

  • Sugar beet, a member of the Spinachaceae family, is the main plant used in sugar production after sugar cane. It completes its full development in two years.
  • In the first year, sugar beet leaves and roots begin to form. In the second year, seed and flower divisions occur.
  • When viewed from the outside, a yellowish plant is seen, while the inside is white and fleshy.
  • It has a striking appearance with its cone-shaped structure.
  • Sugar beet is famous for providing more sugar production.
  • However, it is also a useful product on its own.
  • Those who start to learn its beneficial aspects will definitely start to give more place to sugar beet in their kitchens.
  • Sugar beet molasses is the name given to the liquid obtained from sugar beet when it comes to the fabrication stage.
  • This liquid in syrup form is not taken back into the fabrication process.
  • This syrup, which is used as a raw material in production areas such as alcohol and yeast, is an extremely useful product.
  • It is also preferred as a raw material in the production of citric acid, as it is inexpensive.
  • Important products for the kitchen, such as lemon juice, are made from citric acid.
  • Molasses syrup is extracted from 4% of the sugar beet and used.

What are the Benefits of Sugar Beet?

Questions such as what are the benefits of red sugar beet and what are the benefits of white sugar beet can vary. Red beets are not actually sugar beets, but rather pickled and made from molasses. White beet is used in sugar production. The benefits of both are similar.

  • One of the main benefits of sugar beet is felt in the effects it has on the stomach and digestive system. Consuming sugar beet with meals helps digestion work better.
  • Those who suffer from anemia can see that this problem is reduced by eating sugar beet. When we look at what sugar beet is good for, we also reach the information that it increases blood cells. Those who suffer from anemia can see that this problem is reduced by eating sugar beet.
  • Sugar beet has a positive effect on nerve cells. In this way, it is possible to calm down and feel more peaceful.
  • Drinking sugar beet juice reduces the negative effects of cancer.
  • It is a good choice for those with hypertension. Thanks to its blood pressure-lowering effect, it makes those suffering from the disease feel better.
  • The benefits of sugar beet include strengthening the immune system, cleansing the blood, and preventing inflammation.
  • Sugar beet is a food that has benefits for the skin. Helping to balance skin moisture and color, beetroot also slows down the formation of wrinkles.
  • The benefits of sugar beet also have an important place in pregnancy. The folate in the plant supports the healthy development of the spine and brain in babies.

Sugar Beet Calories and Sugar Ratio

  • Sugar beet does not show high-calorie properties. 100 grams of sugar beet contains 50 calories. Thanks to this feature, it is an ideal choice for those who want to lose weight, keep fit and dieters.
  • Sugar beet is also frequently used in detox mixes because it is healthy in terms of calories and facilitates digestion.
  • In accordance with its name, sugar beet contains a high amount of sugar.
  • Thanks to this feature, it has become an ideal plant for sugar production.
  • It is possible to say that the type of sugar found in the plant is in the type of sucrose.
  • The ratio of carbohydrates and dry matter is also high. In addition, most of the sugar beet is water. It can be said that the sugar beet sugar rate is around 16%.

Where Does Sugar Beet Grow?

  • Our region, which is famous for its sugar beet, can be explained as Central Anatolia. Sugar beet is often grown in this region all year round. The reason why it is not produced more than the coastal regions is the emphasis on products that bring more income in those regions.
  • Especially in areas close to sugar factories, sugar beet is cultivated more.
  • After the products are collected, they must be taken to the factories in a short time.
  • Sugar beet pulp is important for livestock.
  • For this reason, it is seen that fattening livestock is also carried out in places where sugar beet is grown.
  • The fact that sugar beet is an industrial plant has made it an important position for the country’s agriculture.
  • Sugar beet production is carried out intensively in Eastern Anatolia and Marmara regions, especially in Central Anatolia. While producing sugar beet seeds, attention is paid to have high productivity.
  • Sugar beet seed leaves are of the upright growing type and are observed to be green.
  • It is noteworthy that the plant has a strong root structure.
  • The high rate of development and the mild climate have made the seeds suitable for planting and growing in our country.

The following steps are applied to obtain sugar from sugar beet:

  • Beets are cleaned after pre-sorting and reach the factories,
  • Cutting and boiling, purification of raw syrup,
  • thickening the syrup,
  • Straining and melting,
  • Separation of cube sugar and granulated sugar,
  • Finally, evaluation of by-product molasses and pulp (sugar beet pulp) as animal feed.

How to Cook Sugar Beet?

  • In order to eat sugar beet, it is necessary to pay attention to boiling and using the time well within the right methods.
  • The ideal boiling time of sugar beet should be 60 minutes, in other words around an hour.
  • Cooking the beet in a pressure cooker with plenty of water can be seen as a good method to boil it.
  • Sugar beet can also be eaten plain in this way. It is also easily used as a material for pickles, desserts, and similar recipes.
  • If you are worried that the benefits of boiling sugar beet are lost in the water, you can consume the boiled water as detox water, that is, a cleansing drink for the body.
  • You can also add different fruit and vegetable mixes to add flavor to this drink.
  • You can also use boiled beets in different recipes such as soup, salad, dips.

Sugar Beet Molasses Preparation and Benefits

  • Sugar beet molasses is made with sugar beet from nature without adding any extra additives.
  • Since it is an organic product, it is extremely useful.
  • Due to the abundance of iron in its content, it is good for anemia and makes the blood in those who eat it.
  • When making sugar beet molasses, the nutritional value will be higher if traditional methods are followed.
  • After washing the beets thoroughly and adding water, they are boiled in a cauldron for about 4 hours.
  • After the filtering processes, sugar beet molasses is obtained.
  • Molasses adds a high level of strength and resistance to the body. Therefore, it is a good option to consume molasses frequently.

How Much Is the Price of Sugar Beet?

  • Sugar beets can be found in grocery stores and markets. It can be said that the prices are moderate. It is possible to say that it has prices that consumers can easily buy.
  • Sugar beet molasses, on the other hand, is one of the products frequently featured by shops and shopping sites that focus on organic and local products.
  • The price of sugar beet molasses is economical and will not shake your budget much.
  • It can be said that the price of the product is around 30 TL per kilogram.
  • You can find this price on online shopping sites that focus on organic products.
  • You can buy molasses for less or more in the shops outside and in places like transfers.

3 Different Recipes with Sugar Beet

There are alternative and unusual recipes you can make with sugar beet. After purchasing the necessary materials, you can easily try to make these dishes at home. You can enjoy the unique taste of sugar beet.

1) Add Sugar Beet Flavor to Your Classic Wrap Approach

Sarma is a type of recipe that has found a wide place in Turkish cuisine and is frequently encountered. If you are bored with the types of wraps you always make and you want to create variety on your table, you can choose to wrap with sugar beet leaves. 

2) Sugar Beet Dessert That Will Sweeten Your Mouth

The high sugar content of sugar beet has resulted in the plant being an ideal option for dessert. You can serve this dessert that you will make using sugar beet to your children or surprise your guests. You can serve lemonade with dessert or enjoy dessert with coffee. 

3) An Unusual Option for Pickle Lovers Sugar Beet Pickles

If you like to pickle and consume it with your meals, you can create an alternative taste by preparing this pickle at home. You can definitely love the flavor that comes out as a result of the mixture of sugar beet juice and pickle ingredients and get addicted. You can make the pickle ready in a short time by following the steps in the link. 

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