How to Do Liver Detox? 8 Amazing Benefits

How to Do Liver Detox

Every part of the body is vital for human health. As you feel life thanks to your sense organs, you also revive your body in a cycle thanks to your internal organs. Your liver, which is very effective in removing toxins from your body, plays a major role in maintaining the balance of your body. The liver, which works for a perfect digestive system, was created to purify your body from harmful substances that consume various foods.

Thanks to the liver, you get rid of the residues of the drugs you use to get through the sick days faster. The liver should not be forgotten when it comes to strong muscles and sharp intelligence.

Do you think that the liver, which works for every part of the body, does not get tired? Just as you get yourself a drink after heavy meals, you should also do something to bring your liver, which is tired from time to time, to itself. You can have healthier days with liver detox, which experts frequently recommend. In order to take good care of this sensitive internal organ, which has an effect on blood circulation, it will be necessary to make some nutritional changes. This is why we have prepared an article that includes a liver detox recipe for your healthy days. For your healthy days, do not forget the information we have prepared with you in mind.

What is Liver Detox?

The nutrition program that is made for the liver, which plays a role in vital activities, to work more comfortably, regulates the immune and digestive system, and gives the liver a comfortable breath is called liver detox. Consuming foods that are especially beneficial for the liver is the basis of this detox. With the liver cleansing detox, a refreshment and relaxation comes to the liver, which is tired by the effects of the foods consumed over time.

Liquid foods and herbs are used for liver detox. It is also not to forget the spices that add flavor to the dishes. It will be the most correct and healthy decision to take advantage of the healing foods that are at hand in nature.

Why Liver Detox?

The liver is the most mobile and complex organ of the human body. We can say that the liver, which is an organ that can tire the body in terms of volume and area, is the power source of the body. It gets tired and damaged while performing the necessary functions. Consumed foods and drinks are very effective in damage. Dehydrating the body is the most valid reason. Liver diseases are observed in bodies without healthy eating habits. Here, liver cleansing detox is done to reduce the risk of these diseases.

Liver diseases are more common in individuals who drink alcohol. Since the liver cannot fully digest the substances in alcohol, harmful substances may remain in the body and may pose a risk of disease. In such cases, alcohol liver detox can be applied.

Liver detox is also a topic discussed by İbrahim Saracoğlu. If the brightness and vitality of your skin is gone, it is a sign that your liver is not able to perform its functions. Because the mirror of your skin is the liver. The skin of people with healthy livers is always more lively and brighter. He advises you not to miss lemon, garlic and parsley in your life. Thanks to the diuretic feature of parsley, you can remove harmful substances accumulated in the body and relax your liver. In addition, Saraçoğlu states that water consumption is an indispensable factor for the liver.

Liver detox should also be supported by Maranki views. Ahmet Maranki believes that the liver should be cleaned periodically. The quality of food sent to the intestines affects the health of your liver. It recommends consuming artichoke, which is preferred for liver cleansing all over the world. You will clean your liver with the healing hidden in the stem of the artichoke. You can grind the dried artichoke stem and add it to your tea and drinking water. Thus, you can easily eliminate waste materials and toxins accumulated in your liver.

How to Do Liver Detox?

In order to cleanse the liver and make it work better, herbs and natural foods are used for detoxification. A more efficient liver detox is made when foods that support bile secretion and activate blood circulation are preferred.

Meals with fresh fruits and vegetables, consuming freshly squeezed fruit juices and benefiting from folic acid are effective for liver detox. Individuals with fatty liver, working in dusty and polluted air environments, chronic liver patients, hepatitis B carriers, and those working in environments with chemical substances can apply liver detox.

Liver detox is not recommended during pregnancy, in young children, in people with allergic reactions and in those with cirrhosis.

What Are the Benefits of Liver Detox?

  • When you give importance to liver detox, your risk of developing liver diseases will disappear.
  • When you consume the foods included in the liver detox, you will prevent fatty liver.
  • If you are taking medication for chronic diseases, it will be faster to get rid of the leftovers from your body.
  • In those who have the habit of alcohol, it removes the harmful substances from the body and makes the liver work more easily.
  • Since your digestive and excretory system will be regulated, constipation problems will also disappear.
  • By removing the germs in the body, you can have a healthy and clean body system.
  • The appetite disturbance caused by liver problems will disappear and you will regain your eating habits.
  • Your blood flow will be regulated and you will feel more vigorous.

Liver Detox Diet

It is useful to know the foods you need to consume in order to clean your liver and restore its health. Liver-friendly cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts are among the vegetables you should consume. You should also pay attention to consuming lemon water to remove toxins from the body. Avocado, which is a powerful toxin, should be among the fruits you prefer during the liver detox process.

You can eliminate heavy metals accumulated in your liver by consuming coriander in your meals. Your spice that will renew the cells in your liver should be turmeric. You can clean your liver by consuming red beet, parsley, cucumber in your salads. In addition, you need to make peace with celery, which is not preferred because of its smell. Because celery is among the vegetables that clean your liver by throwing toxins.

To remove fatty liver caused by drugs, thistle will be your herbal remedy. Liver detox will gain even more health with artichoke. Artichoke will protect your liver by removing toxins. You can consume fennel, which regulates the secretion of liver bile, as a tea. If you like herbal teas, you can include echinacea tea in your list for your liver health.

If possible, you should use garlic in every meal. It protects you from stomach cancer with its anti-cancer feature. It is also used for treatment in heavy metal poisoning. It also eliminates the risk of inflammation in your body.

You will need to pay attention to a few nutrients when applying a liver cleansing detox. Very salty foods, high-fat meats and meals, alcoholic beverages should be on your prohibited list. In particular, you should stay away from fried types. If the oil you will use in meals is natural olive oil, you can eat healthy and protect your liver. You should also be careful not to become dehydrated. You should also pay attention to water consumption during the detox period.

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