What is Siyez Wheat? Where Does It Grow? Benefits, Features

What is Siyez Wheat

Siyez Wheat: Genetically Conserved, Ancestor of Wheat

The increase in GMO products in the world increases the importance given to genetically intact foods. Einkorn wheat, also known as hot spring or hazelnut wheat, is the most natural type of wheat that has not been genetically modified and grows in arid lands where it is impossible for hybrids to live.

Presidium, known as Noah’s flavors, is among the foods that are grown in a single region in the world and are about to disappear. Siyez wheat, which is so important, ensures the transfer of our cultural and natural heritage to future generations.

What is Siyez Wheat? What are its features?

  • Einkorn, the world’s oldest type of wheat, smells like history.
  • Einkorn, the ancestor of wheat, is one of the rare foodstuffs that have survived to the present day.
  • The story of einkorn wheat in relation to its name dates back to ancient times.
  • The wheat variety, whose history dates back to the Hittite civilization, was called zız at that time.
  • Over time, this name turns into the einkorn used today.
  • Einkorn wheat, whose scientific name is Triticum monococcum, is known as “Einkorn Wheat” in English.
  • The biggest reason why it has come so far is its tight husk structure.
  • Resistant to diseases and pests, wheat can grow in arid climatic conditions and poor soils. It is cold resistant.
  • It sprouts even in the most unproductive soil. In addition, einkorn, which is respectful to the craftsman, is not harvested by machine due to the different spike sizes. Einkorn wheat, which requires mastery to harvest, is a unique plant with its features.
  • The biological properties of einkorn, which is a very special type of wheat, are different from other wheat varieties.
  • Considering that the chromosome number of modern hybridized wheat species is increased up to 46, it is a wheat variety whose naturalness is not discussed with 2n=14 chromosome number.
  • It is ground without the use of chemical preservatives. Due to this feature, it can be stored longer than other flours.

Where Does Siyez Wheat Grow?

  • Einkorn wheat is grown in Morocco, France, the Balkans and Turkey. In Turkey, it is seen in Kastamonu province and especially in İhsangazi, Devrekani and Seyçiler regions.
  • Siyez wheat is known as wheat that is not planted much due to its low productivity and shell structure.
  • The product, which has been replaced by the new generation of genetically modified wheat, has come to the fore in recent years with the increasing trend towards organic nutrition.
  • Wheat grown even on the most unproductive soils does not need irrigation, spraying and fertilization.
  • The annual production of einkorn wheat in Kastamonu, which draws attention with these features that delight environmentalists, reaches 150 – 200 thousand tons.
  • Einkorn wheat, whose orders are received without being harvested in the domestic and foreign markets, regains its former value.

What are the benefits of einkorn wheat?

  • Einkorn wheat, which is rich in fiber, works the intestines and slows down the release of insulin as it prolongs the digestion time. It is a suitable food for diabetics and those who have problems such as constipation, as well as those who are on a diet.
  • Siyez wheat, which can grow in all conditions, is used for a long time without molding when stored under suitable conditions.
  • The amount of fat in its content consists of unsaturated fatty acids. This positively affects cardiovascular health, and also helps to lower cholesterol.
  • It is rich in folic acid. It is especially important for the health of women and babies during pregnancy and lactation.
  • Einkorn wheat, which does not lose its nutritional value, can also be used in infant feeding since it is a whole grain processing compared to many other wheat varieties during the production phase.
  • Of course, this supplement can be made after breastfeeding, as long as experts recommend.
  • Phytic acid found in cereals, in general, slows down mineral absorption and inhibits the development of children in particular. The phytic acid in einkorn wheat is low compared to other wheats.
  • Another remarkable feature of einkorn wheat is its resistance to radiation. Some countries have einkorn wheat in their military stocks against nuclear attacks.
  • The answer to the question of whether there is gluten in einkorn wheat is not directly no, but einkorn wheat is a wheat variety with low gluten content. Due to this feature, it creates less bloating in the stomach and intestines after consumption.
  • The answer to the question of whether einkorn wheat causes allergies depends on whether the person has a gluten allergy or celiac disease.
  • Since it contains a small amount of gluten, allergic reactions may occur in people with resistance to this issue.
  • It increases body resistance with its high antioxidant content. Antioxidants reduce the risk of cancer formation in cells. It has a protective effect against colon and stomach cancer.
  • Einkorn wheat also nourishes the skin and helps reduce wrinkles.
  • Einkorn, also known as an ancestral seed, is far from negative information about GMO foods and is among the sources that have not been genetically modified.

Einkorn Wheat Calories and Nutritional Value

  • While the content of einkorn wheat is nutritious, it is a type that does not lose its benefits when it is turned into flour.
  • Einkorn wheat, which has more oil than other wheat, contains lutein, which is important for eye health. 100 grams of einkorn wheat contains 10 grams of fiber.
  • The richness of the fiber ratio is a factor that lowers the glycemic index.
  • 1 cup of einkorn wheat, which is about 80 grams, has 270 calories.
  • It contains about 8 grams of protein. The food containing B vitamins, vitamin E, and vitamin K is also rich in sodium, potassium, calcium, and iron. It also contains selenium and folic acid.
  • Einkorn, which is among the functional foods, is an antioxidant due to its carotenoid, tocopherol, and phenolic content.
  • Einkorn wheat, which is more nutritious than other types of wheat, is recommended by nutritionists because of its low carbohydrate and high protein content.

Where is Siyez Wheat Sold, How Much Is The Price?

  • Due to its hard structure, einkorn bulgur and flour are available in all markets selling organic products.
  • You can find flour and bulgur made with einkorn wheat from organic aisles of big shopping malls, bakeries, and companies selling online.
  • You can also buy einkorn wheat seeds and grow them yourself.
  • The increase in organic nutrition enthusiasts ensures the sale of einkorn wheat bread in almost every market.
  • Bread making and fermentation process are also important in order to fully benefit from the beneficial content of einkorn wheat bread. It would be helpful to get information from the bakery on this subject as well.
  • Einkorn wheat, which has become bulgur or flour, is a food that has preserved its place for 10 thousand years with its taste and benefits.
  • Despite its difficult preparation, the price of einkorn wheat seeds varies between 12 – 15 liras.
  • 1 kilogram of einkorn bulgur costs between 35 and 40 liras, and 1 kilogram of einkorn flour costs between 25 and 35 liras.
  • Of course, these figures differ according to the production cost, packaging process and quality.
  • The price of einkorn flour and the price of einkorn wheat also differ according to the brand. When the logistics cost is added to the prices, there may be an increase.

Recipes You Can Prepare With Einkorn Flour

The processing of this wheat is laborious and difficult. Ears of different sizes are collected separately and ground in stone mills with traditional methods.

After the einkorn wheat is collected, it is sorted one by one. It is boiled in large pots. It is dried after it is thoroughly mixed with the water in the boiling process. Then, the bulgur is crushed in stone mills and thus flour is formed. Einkorn wheat, which has minimum loss of nutritional value because it is boiled with its shell, makes you feel its different aroma in the first bite. It has a slightly harder texture than the usual bulgur.

You can prepare alternative bulgur pilaf with einkorn bulgur and add chicken, chickpeas or green lentils to increase its nutritional value. You should definitely try the pastries with einkorn wheat flour, which has a unique aroma and taste. Making bread with einkorn flour is also attracting great attention, especially during the pandemic process, as bread making at home has increased.

1) Let’s Protect Siyez: Siyez Flour Bread

Those who say they want to feel the traces of the past on their palate can prepare bread with einkorn flour. It can be safely consumed at every meal as a healthy and organic nutrient, as well as the taste of einkorn flour bread prepared using milk, water, olive oil, yeast, salt and sugar. 

2) This Recipe Can Be Spread From Hand to Hand, Practical Bun with Einkorn

Those who say they are looking for a healthy snack alternative and snack recipe for my children and family can prepare pastries using einkorn flour. Olives and cheddar put into the pastry, which is prepared using eggs, oil, baking powder, yogurt, and some white flour with einkorn flour, increase both the flavor and nutritional value. The pastry, which you can feel even while smelling einkorn flour, is a healthy alternative for breakfast and snacks.

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