Black Carrot: Benefits of Black Carrot

Black Carrot
  • Black carrot, which is used as the raw material of turnip juice, carries antioxidant and anthocyanin substances and has positive effects on health.
  • The leaves of the black carrot, also known as the turnip carrot, are segmented.
  • The flowers of the black carrot, which is consumed as a winter vegetable, are small and white in color.
  • Black carrot, which is grated and used in salads, has a unique aroma and flavor. In addition, pickled black carrots are also used in food.
  • Vinegar obtained from black carrots, when drunk on an empty stomach in the morning, gives vitality and vitality for the whole day. Black carrot vinegar can be used in salads and sauces.
  • Anthocyanin is the pigment that gives black carrots its distinctive black color. More than 28 times the amount of anthocyanin contained in the known orange carrot is found in black carrots. Anthocyanin, a water-soluble pigment, is a very powerful antioxidant and attracts attention with its structure that prevents the growth of cancer cells.
  • Carrot, which comes in five varieties, black, orange, red, yellow and white, brings color to the tables.
  • Black carrot, the least known type of carrot, is used to make turnip juice.
  • Black carrot, which is appreciated for its interesting color to salads, is also used in our country’s celery dessert.
  • Carrot, which is seen as a black miracle due to its positive effects on health, is used for coloring organic products due to its natural coloring effect.

What are the Benefits of Black Carrot?

  • It plays an important role in maintaining eye health.
  • Black carrot, which has a stomach protective feature, is supportive in diseases such as gastritis and ulcers.
  • One of the most remarkable benefits of black carrots is its appetite-enhancing effect.
  • Due to its high antioxidant content, it has an anti-wrinkle effect, especially on the skin.
  • It prevents mental fatigue. It is effective in eliminating inflammation in the body and reducing fever.
  • Black carrot juice attracts as much attention as the carrot itself with its benefits. Consumption of black carrot juice in the morning on an empty stomach invigorates the body and provides vitality throughout the day.
  • Consumption of black carrots during pregnancy is recommended because it contains vitamins and minerals that the baby and mother need. Even red carrots have the effect of increasing breast milk. So, are black carrots given to babies? Babies can consume black carrot puree or soup from the 6th month when they switch to supplementary food.
  • With its high antioxidant content, it makes the skin look brighter and better.
  • Black carrot is supportive and preventive in the treatment of all types of cancer, especially lung cancer. Black carrot extract obtained from black carrots plays an important role in cleansing the lungs.
  • Due to its antioxidant properties, black carrot detox helps to remove excess edema accumulated in the body.

What is Black Carrot?

  • Although the carrot, which belongs to the parsley family, is known as a fruit, it is referred to as a vegetable in plant science.
  • The root part of the edible vegetable is a biennial crop plant with a herbaceous structure. Black carrot, whose roots can go down to a depth of 1 meter in soils suitable for cultivation, is removed from the soil when it matures and cleaning is carried out.
  • Almost 85% of black carrot, which is a rich source of vitamins and minerals, consists of water.
  • Black carrot, which originates from the Middle East and Far East countries, is also grown in our country.
  • Black carrot, which was used only in the production of turnip juice in the past, is used as an organic food dye, in the production of baby food, in the coloring of organic products and dragee pills, thanks to its unique color pigments.
  • Red carrot, which has become popular in recent years to be used as an organic colorant due to the fact that it does not contain an allergen substance harmful to health, is beginning to take its place on the tables more often with the increasing inclination towards organic nutrition.

What are the Nutritional Values ​​of Black Carrots?

  • A portion of black carrot, which is a high source of vitamins and minerals, comes in approximately 100-150 grams.
  • 1 serving of carrots has approximately 51.6 calories.
  • 1 serving of red carrot, which has low-calorie content, contains between 3-3.5 grams of fiber.
  • Due to its high fiber and low-calorie content, it is among the vegetables that can be safely consumed by those with weight problems.
  • Red carrot, which is a food rich in vitamin K, vitamin A, and vitamin C, also contains copper, selenium, zinc, calcium, magnesium, and potassium.
  • The most important feature that distinguishes black carrots from other types of carrots is the anthocyanidin substance that gives it its color.
  • Vinegar made from black carrots has been used in kitchens since ancient times.

Where Does Black Carrot Grow?

  • Where do black carrots grow, which attracts attention with its benefits? Red carrot, which likes sandy and soft soils, is widely grown in the Central Anatolian Region of Turkey and especially in Konya.
  • Black carrot cultivation is carried out in high quantities in Konya’s Ereğli district. Even the carrots grown here are exported abroad.
  • So, how to grow black carrots? Black carrot production, which provides maximum efficiency in low temperatures and high humidity soils, is done by sowing seeds.
  • Black carrot seeds are sown manually or by machine. Red carrots, which need to be watered regularly according to the rainfall, are harvested in October and November when the winter season begins.
  • Originating from the Middle East, the red carrot is thought to originate in Syria or Turkey. Where do black carrots grow? Black carrot, which is grown in countries such as Syria, Iraq, Iran, Morocco, Algeria, Libya and Sudan, is also grown in western countries.
  • In our country, black carrot cultivation is carried out mainly in Ereğli, Ankara Beypazarı, South Marmara and Antakya.
  • Red carrot, a winter vegetable that loves cool climates, is an organic vegetable that is recommended to be consumed fresh.

How to Consume Black Carrots?

  • Since black carrot is a plant that grows under the ground, it should be washed with plenty of water before consumption. To get the maximum benefit from red carrots, it is recommended to be consumed raw.
  • When consumed as black carrot juice, the sugar rate is slightly higher. Black carrot juice is also very beneficial for babies.
  • How to make black carrot juice for babies? 1 black carrot, 1 small pear and half a lemon are put into the juicer and the juice is extracted. This beverage, which is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals for your baby, can be given between meals.
  • Black carrots can be consumed by making pickles and used in meals by making black carrot soup.
  • By using the juice of the carrot, black carrot concentrate can be stored for a longer time and can be diluted and used whenever desired.

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