Proper diet for a pear-shaped figure


  • What is most characteristic of this body type?
  • Health Risks of a Pear Body
  • Essential highlights for the pear-type diet
  • Key points of the pear-type diet
  • Foods to avoid

Each woman has a different type of body shape, which has led to the division of types and naming according to their characteristic external marks. To make the name easy, they are named with one term characterizing the most remarkable thing in the figure. One of these types is called a pear shape .

What is most characteristic of this body type?

Even if it sounds strange, the pear type is most liked by men for a female body shape. This type is represented by a thin waist , well-shaped hips and defined thighs. This body type is ideal for wear and birth.

The body shape known as the hourglass, which is the benchmark for the female body, is a variation of the pear type. The pear is distinguished from the hourglass by the smaller upper body and bust at the expense of mass accumulation in the lower part and thighs.

Health Risks of a Pear Body

Although there is an accumulation of flesh in the lower part of the body, the health risks are significantly less with the pear type than with the apple type. Ladies with a pear-shaped body may suffer more often from osteoporosis, cellulite , varicose veins, early menopause, eating disorders .

In these ladies, the health risks after menopause resemble those of apple-type ladies because of the decrease in estrogen in the body, they suffer from cardiovascular diseases and those of the reproductive system.

Essential highlights for the pear-type diet

The pear-shaped diet should be oriented towards the prevention of osteoporosis, which is the most serious health risk. The fat in the hips and thighs, where it has been accumulating for years, must be melted. Along with this, the condition of the skin will also improve, because cellulite will be removed.

Key points of the pear-type diet

Acquisition of complex carbohydrates – for this purpose black bread is consumed, and quinoa , vegetables and legumes should be the main ingredients of the dishes. Fruits are recommended as a main dessert or an ingredient in desserts.

Healthy fats – this second recommendation means that a handful of nuts a day is a good idea, and salmon , with coconut oil for example, will boost the slow metabolism characteristic of this body type.

The perfect combination of foods is equal parts complex carbohydrates and proteins and some good fats to go with them. For the prevention of osteoporosis, it is good to add calcium to food, but fiber should be avoided. Among the fruits, oranges, apples and pears will be the most convenient option.

Foods to avoid

These are animal fats and fatty meats. They will increase the fat deposits in the problem areas and burden the legs even more. Cheese, butter, cream, whole milk, mayonnaise should be added to the avoided foods. Pickles, fried and excessively salty foods are also not suitable.


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