How many calories in fruits

How many calories in fruits

Fruits are good for you, but sometimes it can be nice to know how many calories in fruits. For example, if you want to pay more attention to your eating habits, or if you follow a certain diet to lose some pounds. This makes it easier to see which fruit you can take if you really want to be responsible.

Fruits are healthy

There is no doubt about it: fruits are healthy. It contains vitamins, minerals and fiber. What exactly is in it depends on the type of fruit. It is therefore wise to alternate in the fruit you eat. This way you can be sure that you are getting all kinds of good substances. The standard is two pieces of fruit per day. If you have smaller fruit, such as raspberries or red currants, keep about 100 grams. One serving of fruit contains about 30% of the vitamin C you need every day. Some fruits also contain Vitamin A, such as mango and passion fruit. Other fruits contain a lot of potassium, such as bananas.

Fruit sugars good for you?

The calories in fruit are largely determined by fruit sugars. This is the sugar in fruit. The sugar in fruit is different from sugar such as in candy or soft drinks. Too much fruit sugar is not good, but it can’t hurt to get some of it inside. People who warn against the sugar with certain fruits are therefore somewhat right, but it will not be harmful to an extent. You need the vitamins anyway, so it is even advisable not to eat fruit.

Don’t count calories

It is often recommended to count calories. After all, there are many diets that focus on the number of calories you consume in a day. Calories don’t always mean something, though. Fruit, for example, is very healthy, but can contain a lot of calories. And that while, for example, a licorice contains much fewer calories than a piece of fruit. See the list in this article mainly as a guideline.

How many calories in fruits

In the table below you can see how many calories certain types of fruit contain. This way you know approximately what the fruit contains and you may be able to make choices more easily. The number of calories may not always be correct, because it purely depends on the size of the fruit. The table is in alphabetical order, behind it you will find the number of calories. Some fruits are underlined. By clicking here you can read how you can lose weight with this fruit.

Type of fruit Calories
Strawberries – 5 pieces 25
Pineapple – 1 slice 50
Apple 65
Banana 114
Grapes – 10 pieces 30
Raspberries – 100 grams 32
Grapefruit 45
Cherries – 10 pieces 20
Kiwi 30
Lychee 7
Mandarine 23
Melon – 1 slice 20
Necatarine 27
pear 61
Peach 40
Plums – 3 pieces 51
Redcurrants – 100 grams 24
Raisins – 20 grams 54
Orange 56

To fall off?

Do you want to lose weight? Then of course you can eat some fruit. Don’t overdo it and limit yourself to about two pieces of fruit a day. This way you have healthy snacks and you also get all the necessary vitamins. When you eat healthy, some fruit one day really can’t hurt!

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