Benefits of strawberries for dogs

Benefits of strawberries for dogs

The best “friend” of man is the dog and everyone knows it, that is why it is the first option when it comes to having pets. Taking care of them is paramount to show our love and protection. Their health relies on food , because they cannot eat all kinds of food and avoid dehydration , so they require nutrients , vitamins and minerals for their proper development. Specialists highlight strawberries as one of the fruits and vegetables allowed for dogs and other animals , because they have positive effects since they are not toxic and have properties and the appropriate amount of sugar for good canine nutrition .

Strawberries are a super food for people and also for dogs thanks to their fiber content , allowing for good digestion, as well as Omega 3 , ideal for skin and fur care . It should be noted that this fruit is a natural source of micronutrients such as potassium , magnesium and folic acid , with protective effects against obesity, heart disease and control of high cholesterol.

Benefits of strawberries for dogs

Most dogs have a good taste for food, some more than others they appreciate fruits, especially strawberries. A low percentage considers them unpleasant, it may be because of their acid touch , for a small group they are out of the range because it causes allergies. Despite all these differences, the great nutritional value of this food for marbles cannot be denied. Strawberries are not toxic to animals, on the contrary, they contain beneficial benefits for the health of dogs.

In people, the consumption of strawberries implies an improvement in the quality of life , they are healthier and the body reflects positive changes. The same happens in dogs, this fruit is presented as a suitable option to safeguard their digestive and cardiovascular systems and control their weight. They can be offered as a reward for good behavior or simply given as part of a snack. Canine nutrition is vital to prolong the life of the pet and the strawberry, being 100% natural, is part of its diet, however, under no circumstances can its intake exceed one sixth of its diet.

Keep in mind the following benefits that strawberries bring to your dog and dare to include it in the list of their favorite snack:

  • It acts as an ally in the fight against arthritis and joint problems.
  • Allows you to have a stronger immune system.
  • Eating strawberries helps regulate blood sugar levels in dogs.
  • Promotes eye health .
  • Reduces the risk of cancer.
  • Its calcium content allows you to maintain healthier and stronger teeth.
  • They have an important contribution of natural hydration.
  • It keeps your weight under control as it is composed of few calories .
  • Delays cell aging thanks to antioxidant and mineral components.
  • The immune system of canines is strengthened by the consumption of strawberries due to the vitamin C that accompanies this fruit.

strawberries in moderation

Although strawberries provide important benefits to dogs, there is a recommendation that cannot be left out. This is the amount that the dog should eat per day since the excess produces great consequences. Be aware that introducing a new food to your pet ‘s diet abruptly can cause digestive upset. Strawberries are ideal as a snack or reward, but not as a food substitute.

According to specialists, 20 grams of strawberries are perfect for small breed dogs and puppies. In larger or adult canines, a maximum of 100 grams is recommended. Do not forget to clean the fruit well and chop it into suitable pieces before serving. If your dog is diabetic you should consult your doctor first. Just as it differs between people who can’t eat strawberries , the same thing happens with dogs.

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