The safest way to treat melasma with egg whites

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How to treat melasma with egg white is probably a beauty method many women have tried. Although sometimes, we do not use this material for the purpose of treating melasma. Although it is so familiar, have you really understood the effectiveness and safety that this method brings? Let’s take a closer look at this issue. 

1. How do you usually apply melasma with egg whites?

1.1. About the use of current melasma treatment methods

Currently, products for anti-aging, care, beauty, and skin lightening are introduced and sold on the market in an extremely diverse and rich way. These products have come a long way to help women treat dark spots, pigmentation or roughness on the skin.

Despite the availability of conventional skin lightening and melasma products. However, more and more people are preferring home remedies for melasma.

One of the measures used by many women with the desire to reduce dark spots is to apply the treatment of melasma with egg whites.

1.2. About the home remedy for melasma with egg whites

Egg whites are often applied directly to the skin. Or, you mix it with some other ingredients to make a mask for your skin. This use is said to help provide skin-beautifying and brightening nutrients. As well as they help remove dark spots, acne makes the skin whiter, smoother.

Egg white itself is quite nutritious, when cooked, this is a healthy dish. The nutritional value of egg whites in food has been proven. And, applying egg white directly to the skin, there is little scientific evidence that it will bring about the divine effect in beauty as rumored. However, using egg whites for skincare is a folk remedy for skin lightening. However, many people do it and achieve certain results. Therefore, the method of improving melasma by egg white applied directly to the skin is used by the sisters. 

2. What are the potential risks of how to treat melasma with egg whites?

As mentioned above, egg whites contain a lot of nutrients. And it’s really nutritious when used as a cooked food in the diet.

In fact, how to treat melasma with egg whites may have certain risks. Compared to the benefits it can bring you, this is not necessarily the optimal method we use if we do not understand.

So how to use it safely? First of all, there are some dangers that the egg white treatment can cause. You also need to know these notes to make the use of egg whites safer.

2.1. Risk of allergies from melasma treatment with egg whites

It is obvious that you should not eat egg whites if you are allergic to it. Similarly, you should also not apply it to your face if you are allergic. Because, depending on your location and how allergic you are to eggs, you may experience itching. You may also develop a rash or hives. You may even have trouble breathing when you use egg whites on your face.

This is one of the biggest dangers from how to treat melasma with egg whites. Therefore, you should consider carefully before applying. 

2.2. Risk of Salmonella infection from melasma treatment with egg whites

Although not very common, salmonellosis (which causes Salmonella infection) can live in eggs. If you have this form of infection, you may experience severe gastrointestinal discomfort for up to 10 days. Symptoms may include diarrhea, nausea, and cramps.

Thus, to avoid the highest possible infection, you need to pay attention to the origin of the product. You need to check and make sure the eggs you use are clean eggs.

2.3. Risk of skin irritation when applying egg white on the face

Like any other substance used on the face, egg whites can also cause skin irritation. You may experience irritation even if you are not allergic or have an intolerance to the substance. This is a condition that any woman does not want to experience with her skin.

When you use melasma cream or cosmetic products, you are often advised to apply a small amount on the delicate skin of your hands first. That way, you will be able to check the possibility of skin irritation with this topical product or not. Similarly, with egg whites, you should do the same. Before using it on your face, you need to test the egg white on the skin of the wrist in the thinnest skin area. This helps you check for possible facial irritation. 

2.4. The risk of superinfection from the treatment of melasma with egg whites

It’s never a good idea to put raw foods on your skin, especially if you have any cuts or scrapes. Just like when you have any recent injuries. The same goes for egg whites, it can make you superinfected. This is also a risk from how to treat melasma with egg whites that you need to be aware of.

Make sure your facial skin doesn’t have any scratches or inflammatory acne before applying egg whites. Being so careful helps you avoid the risk of superinfection when doing this melasma treatment.

2.5. Risk of contaminating different areas of the home

Even though you may not notice it, egg whites can contaminate surfaces like sinks and kitchen counters. Or, the possibility of contamination from any area where it drips down from your face. Or even in the process of you blending the mask. In these cases, if you don’t clean them thoroughly, they can pose a risk of contaminated areas of the home.

If you use egg whites to treat melasma, be careful not to cause dirt. Also, make sure that after use, the floor or kitchen area around you has been cleared. 

2.6. Risk of causing allergies to others

The fact that you use egg whites for facial beauty or melasma treatment is likely to affect the health of other family members. Especially if they have a history of allergies. Because these mask droplets will be very difficult to see or identify if it drips onto a surface. This increases the risk that others are exposed to it without knowing what it is.

For the safety of others, also be careful when using egg whites. Make sure that before and after use, the area around you is also cleaned to avoid the egg whites getting stuck somewhere.

3. How effective is egg white to treat melasma?

How to treat melasma with egg whites is not always effective for all cases. Folk experience shows that egg whites are effective in some cases. Or when combined with other natural ingredients to treat melasma, it is effective for mild cases of melasma.

Thus, if you want to apply melasma at home with an egg white mask, combine this method with other ways. Especially, should be combined in the case of deep melasma. For example, you can combine the use of specialized melasma treatment cosmetics. Or, you can use a combination of safe skin whitening pills. Or products that have been clinically tested and proven to be effective. 

4. Use egg whites in your skincare routine safely

If you want to use egg white for skincare, use it safely. To do this, make sure:

  • Choose pasteurized organic eggs to reduce the risk of bacterial contamination.
  • Apply whites at the bathroom or sink for easy cleaning and disinfection after use. As well as to avoid these “living protein droplets” dripping around the house.
  • Wash your hands with antibacterial soap after applying egg white, or wear gloves when applying.
  • Wash your face as soon as you notice signs of itching, redness, or discomfort. 

How to treat melasma with egg white is quite popular. And, folk experience shows that this method is effective in some cases. If you also use egg white ingredients to improve melasma or take care of your skin, use it carefully. Thereby, you not only achieve effective skincare but also always ensure the accompanying safety factor.

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