Back Arm Exercises: 5 Easy Exercises with Pictures

Back Arm Exercises

Back Arm Exercises: No Professional Equipment! Due to inactivity and irregular sports, sagging and lubrication may occur in the back-facing parts of your arms. In order to prevent this lubrication, it is recommended to do rear arm movements in your sports program. If you’re going to the gym, your fitness coach will give you back-arm strengthening exercises. You can burn the fat accumulated in the back arm by applying these moves at home without going to the gym.

The hind arms, called the triceps, make up almost two-thirds of the total arm size. In this part, both fat is collected and there are muscles. Unless you exercise, fat accumulates and a saggy and swollen appearance occurs on the back arms. The best way to destroy this look is to try exercises that work the hindquarters.

You can do back arm exercises regularly to see yourself better in clothes. The back arm movements, which help the arm part to be tighter and more collected, can be easily performed at home. In this article, you will also be your sports guide with the names of the rear arm movements and application techniques. For those who want to give their body a more fit look, step-by-step back arm movements at home are waiting for you in these lines.

5 Easy and Illustrated Back Arm Exercises at Home

1) Tricep Extension

  • The tricep extension movement, which is applied as a warm-up movement in gyms, helps to warm up the back arms.
  • A thick and durable rope is required for this movement. If you wish, you can try it by stretching a thick rope to the tree in the garden environment.
  • This movement, which is applied in the halls by pulling the weight lifting rope up and down, can be easily tried at home.
  • Use a flexible rope and stretch it to an object such as a pole or tree. Then pull the rope towards you first, then lift it with strength from your upper arms.
  • It is recommended to try in sets, resting 1 minute between each set.
hind arm movements

2) Underhand Kickback

  • You can use dumbbells or two equal-weight water-filled bottles at home to try this move.
  • First, stand up and lean forward a little.
  • Be sure to keep your back straight as you bend over. Since you will be lifting weights, a sudden movement should not hurt your back.
  • Drop the weight in your hand on the ground and lift the weight off the ground without breaking your back.
  • By trying it in sets, you can help tighten the back arms with regular practice.
hind arm movements

3) Bodyweight Dips

  • You can easily do this exercise at home using body weight.
  • The kitchen counter, bed or sofa can equip you for this move.
  • Turn your back to a stable place and support your hands from your chair or bed.
  • Without letting go of your hands, fix your feet on the ground and slowly sit up and stand up.
  • After every 10 moves, rest for a few seconds and repeat.
back arm exercises

4) Crab Walk

  • You can do the crab walk whenever you want at home to make the hind arms look tighter and the fat is burned.
  • Lie on your back on the floor to try this move that works both legs and forearms. In this position, raise your hands and feet.
  • Lift your hips up so that only your hands and feet touch the ground.
  • Take short walks with the help of hands and feet.
  • Thanks to this movement, the fat in the back arms will be burned and muscle formation will begin.
back arm exercises

5) Push Up

  • Push up is the easiest move that does not require any equipment.
  • In the most summary form, you can make the back arms work by doing push-ups.
  • Lie facedown on a flat surface or pilates mat.
  • Lift yourself up by first using your hands and then your feet, but your hands and feet should remain stable.
  • With your hands shoulder-width apart, lower and raise yourself from this position.
  • Create sets that suit you and rest between each set. Remember that it is important to be effective, not quick, while performing the movements.

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