Laughter Flower: How to Plant Laughter Flower Seed?

Laughter Flower

Today, we will introduce you to the flower of laughter, which is one of the flowers that beautify the gardens and balconies. Laughter flower features and care is one of the most curious plants. It brings joy wherever it is with its colorful leaves. This special flower, which is known by many names such as night glory and morning glory, takes its place among the favorite plants of those who want to grow flowers at home.

The bindweed flower, which has almost 20 different species, is suitable for growing in pots or garden soil. Now is the time to get to know the flower that brings color to these homes.

What is the Laughter Flower?

  • This flower is actually a flower that you all know. It is known by different names such as night primrose, moon ivy, petunia.
  • Suitable for growing in the garden and in pots, bindweed has a structure that grows efficiently in a short time when it receives attention.
  • When you want to grow flowers as a hobby in the landscape area, at home, you can often hear the name bindweed.
  • Because this flower is a plant that is both very economical and very easy to care for.

The story of the flower of laughter belongs to very ancient times. Let’s make a short note to those who say why this flower is called bindweed:

  • “Long ago, in a far away land, there lived an unhappy king.
  • Near the palace where this king lived, there was a charming and lonely flower girl who lived in a cottage in her little garden.
  • The flower girl who makes a living with difficulty; She was a girl who was happy with what she had.
  • This little girl always smiles and makes those around her happy.
  • Their laughter was sometimes heard from the palace and everyone wondered why this girl was so happy.
  • The king, on the other hand, is surprised at the happiness of the girl, a little red. “What could be so funny in this world? ‘ she asked herself, because she wondered where the flower girl’s happiness came from.
  • There came a time when he got very angry. Actually, it was out of curiosity. The florist invited the girl to his presence.
  • The smiling and cute flower girl understood the situation when the angry king had called her and left her hut with a tiny package.
  • The king asked: “Tell me, little girl! Tell us what is it that makes you laugh out loud every day?”
  • The girl, a little frightened, replied: “My king, I cannot explain this to you in words.
  • You have to experience this situation and see it.” He said, and presented the little flower with a few seeds to the king.
  • Then days passed and the seeds were sown in the garden of the palace.
  • After a short time, the seeds germinated and grown.
  • As soon as the king woke up every morning, he would open his window and look at the garden.
  • The day has come, the plant has shown its first buds. A smile appeared on the king’s face. When his servant entered the room, he saw the face of the king and was very surprised. Because it was rare for the king to laugh.
  • After this incident, the name of the flower remained as bindweed.”

How to Plant Laughter Seeds

Optimum conditions are necessary for planting the seed of the laughter flower. These conditions are expressed as:

  • The temperature of the soil is between 16 and 22 degrees.
  • Seed sowing should be done in spring and summer.
  • There should be 3 cm spacing between each seed planted in the ground. If you sow seeds in the cold of winter; you can’t get results.
  • Seeds begin to sprout and bloom after a very short time.

How to Care for the Laughter Flower

The bindweed flower, which adorns the gardens and balconies, is one of the plants that is very easy to care for. If you want to grow bindweed at home; Now let’s explain the tricks to you.

  • Watering: Laughter flower does not like to stay too watery. The soil should be moistened in a controlled manner. It requires regular watering on dry days.
  • Positioning: The bindweed flower, which does not like direct sun, likes sun-exposed corners. For this reason, you can put the flower pot in the corners where the sunlight is well reflected.
  • Pot Selection: A large and deep pot in proportion to the branches of the plant will be ideal for bindweed.
  • Soil Selection: You can extend the life of bindweed by choosing mineral-rich and moist soils.
  • Spraying: If the bindweed is infested, you can use the pesticides recommended for potted plants.
  • Pruning: It is recommended to cut the dried branches so that the plant gives new branches.

What Are the Characteristics of the Laughter Flower?

  • As soon as the laughter loves its environment, it clings to the soil and begins to grow.
  • It is the flower of moist soils.
  • There are many colors of bindweed flower.
  • It is a potted plant that grows in ivy and has dozens of colorful flowers on each branch.
  • If you water this flower in the evening; You can see that the flowers will have bloomed the next day.
  • The bindweed flower, which finds a fertile area, can grow up to 4 meters.
  • The bindweed, which likes moderate sun and moderate water, is a flower that is prone to grow in pots.

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