How to Cook and Marinate Entrecote?


Making use of the meat, milk and skin of bovine and ovine animals is a tradition originating from Central Asia. Animals have always been among the valuable creatures for society and this continues today. Every edible fleshy part of the slaughtered animal was used to add flavor to the dishes. Meat dishes always come to the fore in societies that love to eat meat.

For a healthy life, consumption of white meat and red meat is among the foods that must be consumed by doctors. In this article, we have included information about ribeye meat, which has an important place in meat consumption .

Entrecote cooking techniques have also been prepared for you to prepare delicious meals . The recipes of entrecote meat dishes that you can consume with pleasure are also listed with you.

What is Entrecote?

  • Entrecote is a name given to a special part of beef.
  • Entrecote is a piece of meat taken from the back of the calf and taken from a slightly oily area.
  • The back of the calf consists of three parts. They are neck, ribeye and tenderloin, respectively. “Where is your ribeye animal?” To those who will ask, we can answer that it is the medium fat and soft part of the back of the calf .
  • It is constantly mixed with the tenderloin. This confusion is quite normal since they are located in almost the same place. You can recognize the part of the calf that extends over the thoracic vertebrae to the back as the ribeye.

How to Marinate Entrecote?

The marinating process will be very important for your meat to be delicious and tender . To cook a good entrecote, we can recommend you to try the following marinating method:

  • Grate a large onion and squeeze the juice into the bowl where you will mix your meats. Add 1 or 2 cloves of crushed garlic and 1 tea glass of milk into the bowl. Add 1 tea glass of oil and make a mixture with some mustard.
  • Add thyme, pepper and salt according to your taste and mix your marinade. If possible, you should use fresh spices. Powdered spices can burn during cooking. Add your ribeye meats to the sauce you have prepared and mix well.
  • Take care that the container you use is closed, and if possible, make your preparations the night before. If you have little time, rest your meat in marinade for at least 2 hours.

4 Delicious Tips for Cooking Entrecote

  • In order for red meat to become delicious, it must be prepared with a good cooking method. This rule also applies to ribeye meat. If the entrecote is to be cooked on the grill , a medium heat flameless grill may do the trick. You can keep your meat on the grill until both surfaces are browned.
  • If your cooking preference will be in an entrecote pan , the type of your pan will be distinctive in this regard. You can get tastier results if you use steel or cast iron pans. Place your meat in your frying pan, which has been heated for about 10 minutes, and cook your meat with the entrecote sealing technique according to your taste. The longer your meat stays in the pan, the more intense the seal will be. You can cook both sides for 15 minutes for a well-done meat.
  • How to cook entrecote in the oven, the answer is very simple! The entrecote is also suitable for cooking in the oven. When the oven temperature is 180 degrees, you can prepare a delicious entrecote in about 30 minutes.
  • You can apply the marinade process, which flavors all cooking methods, to all your meats. The more carefully and correctly the entrecote resting process is done, the better the taste of the meat and the yield to be obtained without cooking.

How Many Calories in Entrecote? What is the Nutritional Value?

  • Entrecote is a meat with high nutritional value.
  • It is rich in potassium, magnesium and phosphorus.
  • When the ribeye is examined in terms of calories, a slice of about 100 grams of cooked ribeye contains 228 calories.
  • Entrecote is also very high in terms of protein content. A thin slice contains 23.96 grams of protein. It also contains 13.96 grams of fat.
  • It has 110 mg of cholesterol, 92 mg of sodium, 295 mg of potassium. It also contains 11 mg of calcium and 0.97 grams of iron.

What Are the Benefits of Entrecote?

  • Entrecote meets the protein you need. Proteins taken into your body protect your muscle and bone health and support cell regeneration.
  • It is especially recommended for anemia problems due to its iron content. As with all red meats, ribeye is the type of meat that will increase your blood rate.
  • Entrecote, which is high in vitamins, is especially effective for mental development. You can eliminate problems such as insomnia, fatigue and forgetfulness by consuming ribeye.
  • You can also eliminate physical fatigue seen in problems such as iron deficiency and anemia by consuming entrecote. It also protects dental health as it contains calcium.

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