What are the Benefits of Thyme Tea?

Thyme Tea

Thyme, also known as Cretan thyme or Anzer tea, is a medicinal herb with a woody stem and thin branches that can grow up to about 40 centimeters. The branches, leaves, flower buds, and roots of the thyme, which belongs to the Ballıbabagiller plant family, are used. Thyme, which grows in almost every region of Turkey, is a plant native to the Mediterranean.

Rich in vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin K, thyme also contains iron, calcium, potassium, zinc, copper, and sodium. It is used as a natural treatment among people due to its volatile fatty acid components with antioxidant properties.

Adding flavor to dishes with its unique aroma, thyme is consumed as a spice, especially in meat and vegetable dishes. It adds flavor to the taste of the dishes by adding it to the sauces of meat and fish dishes and soups. Thyme leaves, which are also widely consumed in salad dressings, are also used as tea by drying their buds.

Applying thyme to wounds as an ointment and adding the oil obtained from thyme to bathwater due to its soothing effect on the skin are some of the other uses of thyme.

What are the Benefits of Thyme Tea?

  • The essential oils in its content provide relief from headaches. It removes gas and edema in the body.
  • By helping to regulate the digestive system, it is good for indigestion and useful for cough.
  • Thyme, which has strong antioxidant effects, relieves brain fatigue and relaxes the body.
  • It is beneficial for joint disorders such as rheumatism and is useful for colds such as colds and flu.
  • When the vitamins and minerals in its content are drunk in the morning, it provides vitality and vitality to the body throughout the day.
  • When the skin is washed with thyme juice, it provides a disinfecting effect and heals skin problems such as acne and pimples. Among the benefits of thyme tea on the skin, it can be counted as tightening the pores and reducing the effects of aging.
  • If the cotton pads soaked in warm thyme water are left on the eyes for about ten minutes, the puffiness and tired appearance in and around the eyes will disappear.
  • Thyme tea is recommended by İbrahim Saracoğlu as a cure. Saraçoğlu, who recommends using thyme water obtained by boiling 1 glass of water and 4 teaspoons of thyme for 7-8 minutes, as a mouthwash in the morning, says that this cure has miraculous effects on tooth and gum diseases.

Does Thyme Tea Make You Weak?

The antioxidant effect of the essential fatty acids in the content of the thyme plant removes toxins and edema from the body. Toxins accumulated in the body prevent the body from performing its vital functions. It leads to conditions such as fatigue, weakness, reluctance, and exhaustion.

Consumption of thyme tea increases the metabolic rate by removing toxins from the body and helps to weaken by rejuvenating the body. It also accelerates toxin removal and fat burning. Thyme tea, which regulates the digestive system, helps the intestines work fast and supports the expenditure of extra calories.

Those who lose weight with thyme tea consume thyme tea on an empty stomach in the morning, accelerating their blood circulation and thus increasing their metabolic rate. With thyme tea, which is a good diuretic, slimming can be achieved with a healthy diet and exercise.

What Is Thyme Tea Good For?

What is thyme tea, which is widely used in our country, good for? Thyme tea is an effective herb on the stomach and intestines.

Is thyme tea good for the stomach? Thyme tea, which regulates the digestive system, is good for diseases such as gastritis and ulcers.

The most curious questions about the use of thyme tea in the menstrual period are whether thyme tea brings menstruation and is thyme tea good for menstrual painThyme tea is an expectorant herb. Thyme tea, which has positive effects on painful menstrual bleeding processes, balances menstrual bleeding and also offers natural solutions for menstrual pains.

Thyme tea, which is used to relieve cramps and pain experienced before the menstrual period, has been used by many women for centuries due to its vasodilating effect. It is effective in regulating cholesterol and blood sugar. Thyme tea gargle in tonsillitis relieves sore throats.

Thyme tea is a plant that should be used by blood pressure patients without consulting a doctor. It has the temporary effect of lowering high blood pressure. May interact with medications used for blood pressure.

Well, is thyme tea given to babies? Thyme baths can be given to weak, pale, and weak children. However, it is absolutely necessary to consult a doctor in order to give thyme tea to babies and to have them take a bath.

What are the harms of thyme tea?

Does thyme tea cause miscarriage? Thyme tea is an herb used for miscarriage during pregnancy due to its blood-opening effect. Since thyme tea is harmful to pregnant women when consumed excessively, it is inconvenient to use during pregnancy.

Oregano oil made from thyme should be used externally. Drinking thyme oil can inhibit the functioning of the thyroid glands. Applying thyme oil to the skin may cause allergies in some sensitive individuals. The benefits of thyme tea emerge when used regularly. If it is not used consciously, it does not provide any benefit if it is consumed a lot one day and not drunk the next day.

When thyme tea is consumed in the menstrual cycle, it has an increasing effect on menstrual bleeding. It is not suitable to be consumed with drugs that prevent blood clotting. It is not recommended to consume thyme juice without consulting a doctor in drug use. High consumption of thyme juice can cause stomach problems.

Considering the benefits and harms of thyme tea, it should be used in certain measures. Regular consumption of a cup of thyme tea a day is beneficial.

How to Make Thyme Tea?

Thyme tea can be prepared using fresh or thyme herb. The woody branches of the plant are used for fresh thyme herb tea.

Thyme leaves extracted from thyme branches are washed and finely chopped. It is poured into boiling water and left to infuse for 5-10 minutes. In thyme tea made using dried thyme, the brewing time is 15 minutes. Thyme is thrown into the boiling water. For a healthy thyme tea recipe, thyme should not be boiled with water. Vitamins and minerals of thyme tea prepared in this way are destroyed. A standard thyme tea practice is 1 tablespoon of dried thyme and 1 large glass of boiled water. In order not to lose the vitamin and mineral values ​​of the thyme plant, it is much healthier to cool the boiled water for 5-6 minutes.

Where Is Thyme Tea Sold?

While thyme can be grown as an amateur in gardens, dried thyme tea can be found as instant tea in large shopping malls, herbalists, stores selling organic products, and neighborhood markets. Fresh thyme is sold in markets and grocery stores in late summer. In dried thyme, care is taken that the leaves are not stained and that they preserve their green color.

Thyme tea can be easily found in the form of instant tea in herbalists and large markets. It can also be purchased from websites. If thyme tea is to be prepared at homefresh thyme herbs can be found in street markets at the end of the summer season.

How to Dry Thyme Tea?

Cultivated as a garden herb, thyme is also found on roadsides, barren soils, and sandy lands and is harvested in summer. It is recommended to collect the thyme, which is harvested early in June when the flowering period is completed in October.

The thyme plant, which is cut from the body part at a height of 3-5 centimeters from the soil, should be dried in a dry environment that does not exceed 35 degrees and does not receive sunlight. The important thing to note when drying thyme is that it should not be washed. The color of the thyme in contact with water fades and the desired green color cannot be obtained.

Dried thyme can be stored in airtight glass jars for up to 6 months in cool places out of the sun. Fresh thyme can be stored in the refrigerator in a damp towel for up to 1 week.

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