7 Amazing Benefits of Fresh Beans You Didn’t Know

Benefits of Fresh Beans

Green beans, which are consumed at least twice a week during the summer season, are a very popular vegetable in terms of their health effects. Green beans, which are easily consumed due to their low-calorie content, are frequently consumed in our country with the arrival of the spring season.

For the most delicious tables, in order to prevent diseases, we would like to announce the benefits of the popular vegetable green beans to those who want to flavor their meals. In these lines, with the benefits of green beans that you will not miss from your table, summer and winter!


  • The Benefits of Fresh Beans – 7 Great Reasons to Eat More
  • 1) Nutritional Supplement for Pregnancy Period
  • 2) Eases Digestion
  • 3) Suitable for Diet, Low Calorie
  • 4) Soothe the Nerves
  • 5) Strengthens Muscle and Bone Structure
  • 6) Protects Eye Health
  • 7) Ideal Nutrition for Skin and Hair Care
  • Fresh Beans Calories and Nutritional Information
  • What Are the Types of Fresh Beans?
  • How Many Minutes Do Fresh Beans Cook in Pressure Cooker?
  • How to Cultivate Fresh Beans?
  • Fresh Beans Price 2019
  • 12 Delicious Dishes Prepared with Fresh Beans

The Benefits of Fresh Beans – 7 Great Reasons to Eat More

1) Nutritional Supplement for Pregnancy Period

  • Green beans, one of the sources of folic acid, are effective in protecting the health of the fetus during pregnancy.
  • Folic acid and iron, which should be taken by people of all ages, can be taken from beans most during pregnancy.
  • In addition, mothers who say whether green beans cause gas can stay away from all types of beans during breastfeeding. Green beans also cause some gas formation.

2) Eases Digestion

  • Green beans are a fibrous vegetable and have a protective role against stomach diseases thanks to their fiber.
  • Fibrous vegetables facilitate digestion.
  • Easily digested foods are filtered without tiring the stomach.
  • You can protect your gut health by consuming green beans at regular intervals.

3) Suitable for Diet, Low Calorie

  • Green beans are a low-calorie It is included in the list of diet dishes with its roast and food.
  • When you want to prepare delicious and satisfying meals in diet meals, you can cook green beans. Don’t worry about whether green beans increase sugar, green beans balance blood sugar.
  • When fresh green beans take their place on your table, which is equipped with healthy foods, there will be a pleasant smell in the kitchen. Fresh beans will be your source of fiber and vitamins!

4) Soothe the Nerves

  • In order to stay away from tension and stress, foods containing folic acid should be consumed during the day. One of these foods is green beans.
  • The nervous system of people who consume green beans is taken under control and they get away from stress.
  • Green beans are one of the foods that help release serotonin.

5) Strengthens Muscle and Bone Structure

  • Green beans contain vitamin K. Vitamin K is the key to bone health.
  • Those who want to have strong muscle and bone structure will add green beans to their meals, protecting the bone health of the people. Since green beans contain protein, it allows you to have a strong body.
  • Consumption of green beans by growing children will prevent future bone diseases.

6) Protects Eye Health

  • Green beans, which you prefer to stay away from eye diseases, will protect eye health with lutein in its structure.
  • Those who want to have strong eyesight should consume green beans regularly.
  • In order to take early precautions against eye diseases that may occur in advanced ages, fresh bean consumption should be given importance from childhood.

7) Ideal Nutrition for Skin and Hair Care

  • Green beans, which contain vitamins A and C, are a vegetable that provides the magic touch to your skin.
  • Greenbeans, which create the effect of renewing your skin when cooked with olive oil, are loved for adding health to the hair.
  • If you want to take care of yourself with natural ways and healthy eating, do not miss the green beans from the plates.

Fresh Beans Calories and Nutritional Information

Green beans are very low in calories and are suitable for consumption in the summer heat. Let’s express the calories and vitamins you will get when you consume green beans as follows:

  • 1 piece (13 g) green beans: 4 kcal
  • 1 medium serving (150 g) green beans: 47 kcal
  • 1 medium bowl (110 g) green beans: 34 kcal
  • 1 kilo (1000 g) green beans: 310 kcal

Nutritional values ​​in 1 serving of green beans:

  • 46 grams of Carbs
  • 75 grams of Protein
  • 33 grams Fat
  • 05 grams of Fiber
  • 9mg Sodium
  • 5 mg Potassium
  • 5mg Calcium
  • 1035 iu of vitamin A
  • 24mg of vitamin C
  • 95 grams of Iron

What Are the Types of Fresh Beans?

Several types of green beans are grown in Turkey and many countries. The most common types of green beans are known by the following names:

  • Ayşekadin Beans
  • Pollen Beans
  • Sofia Beans
  • Sitting Beans
  • Bush Beans
  • Gina
  • branch
  • bourdondina

How Many Minutes Do Fresh Beans Cook in Pressure Cooker?

You can use the pressure cooker to cook the green beans softly and deliciously.
Do not forget the following tricks when cooking in the pressure cooker:

  • Green beans should be cooked in a pressure cooker over low heat.
  • A cooking time of 15 minutes is sufficient for green beans.
  • After 15 minutes, the beans may begin to melt.

How to Cultivate Fresh Beans?

Green beans are one of the vegetables that many people can grow in their garden. When the growing conditions are provided, high yields are obtained at harvest time. The following information will make your job even easier when growing green beans:

  • Since the bean has a short harvest time, it can be grown in hot and cold climates.
  • Dwarf beans are suitable for horticultural cultivation as they produce on vines close to the ground.
  • Permeable soils, lands rich in organic matter, mild weather conditions are suitable for bean cultivation.
  • When you want to grow from seed or seedling, you should be careful not to leave it without water. Try not to rot the beans that get too much water.

Fresh Beans Price

Green beans are sold at slightly higher numbers before the season starts. When you come from the end of spring to summer, it is noticed that the tags fall.

  • You can buy green beans for 5 TL per kilo during the summer months.
  • The selling price may differ in cities. For this reason, the labels of the beans will vary between 5 and 10 TL.

12 Delicious Dishes Prepared with Fresh Beans

The most delicious recipes of green beans, which are consumed with pleasure in summer and winter, are here for you now! All the recipes will create a feast in your home!

1) Timeless Flavor: Delicious Fresh Bean Dish

Even after years, some dishes never go out of style; Here, the green bean dish is one of those dishes. The green bean dish, which is a favorite dish in many homes with its preparation and taste, will create delicious smells in your home!

2) Pictured: Making Winter Fresh Beans for the Freezer

A wonderful recipe to benefit from the flavor of green beans for 4 seasons! If the rush for winter preparation has begun, this recipe with a step-by-step photo from the organic garden, making fresh beans for the freezer with just the tricks you need! 

3) Delicious Green Bean Salad Recipe for Summer Tables

Green bean salad, which is tried and loved by many, deserves to be at the top of the list of refreshing tastes. This salad recipe, which is prepared with low calories and intense flavor, is a suggestion that will delight those on a diet!

4) Canned Winter Fresh Beans for Winter Preparations

Canned green beans are a food that is prepared in many homes during the summer months and consumed for healing purposes on winter days. Green beans, which are abundant in summer days, are always with you in canned form so that they can be consumed!

5) The Special Flavor of the Black Sea Cuisine, Fresh Bean Pickles

Pickled green beans, which are consumed at every meal in the Black Sea cuisine, create a delicious taste when roasted with butter and onions. You should take a look at the recipe for making pickled green beans, the most special ingredient of this taste!

6) A Taste You Can’t Get Enough: Fresh Beans with Olive Oil

Green beans with olive oil, which goes well with rice, are here in this recipe in its lightest form. You can examine the secrets of flavor in our recipe to enjoy this meal, which has a very low fat content, at any meal you wish. Fresh Beans with Olive Oil

7) A Complete Protein Store: Fresh Bean Roasted Eggs

Would you add eggs to refried beans? If you have never tried it before, you can get a new flavor with this recipe. You can click on our recipe to try the fried green beans with egg right away!

8) Refreshing Treat: Fresh Bean Salad with Yogurt

The ingredients we can add to the green beans are unlimited! Now it takes its place on the plates with yogurt. When you want to prepare a fresh salad, we suggest you try the green bean salad with yogurt!

9) Evening’s Menu: Fresh Beans with Potatoes

We color the green beans a little more and this time we add potatoes to the pot. Green beans, which combine deliciously with potatoes, are prepared to whet the appetite for a hearty dinner!

10) Fresh Bean Dible from Local Flavors

Fresh bean dip, which is frequently consumed in Giresun cuisine, will be cooked in every home with this recipe. Recommended for those who like different and local dishes, fresh bean dip is in this recipe in its easiest form! Bean dips will be a hit for dinner!

11) Fresh Bean Meal With Meat That Keeps You Full for a Long Time

The taste of cubed beef and fresh beans, cooked as soft as Turkish delight, turned into a delicious home-cooked meal! If you are wondering how to cook green beans with meat, you should definitely visit this recipe. 

12) Pistachio Style Appetizing Fresh Green Bean Dish

Fresh bean dish, one of the pearls of the gastronomic paradise Antep cuisine, is here! This recipe, which will whet your appetite with cubed meat, onions, pepper paste and hot peppers, is a great choice for a green bean dish!

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