How to store macaroons?

How to store macaroons

How to store macaroons? Very trendy in recent years, macaroons have managed to make a place for themselves in the hearts of gourmets. It must be said that this little soft pastry has everything to please, hence the interest of keeping it well.

Macaroons are a rather fragile delicacy, not easy to keep them without damaging them! There is also the question of the shelf life: until when can they be consumed? And if not, can you freeze them?

How to store macaroons (without them softening)?

Macaroons keep well in the fridge. Be careful to pack them in an airtight and therefore waterproof box and do not place them in the coldest places (vendors often advise keeping them in the fruit and vegetable drawer).

To taste them, take them out 1 hour before tasting so that they have warmed up.

How long can macaroons be kept?

Regarding the conservation period, a distinction must be made between recipes with and without eggs.
Indeed macaroons, which do not contain any, can be kept in the fridge for up to 10 days, while those whose recipe is composed of eggs can only be kept for 4 or 5 days.

Can you freeze macaroons?

Nothing could be more practical than freezing the macaroons so that you always have some on hand! Know that you can do it without any problem. Anything can be frozen in the macaroon, from the shell to the ganache!

However, as with any storage in the refrigerator, it is best to place them in an airtight container.

While whole macaroons with their ganache can be frozen for between one and two months, unused shells can remain in the freezer for several months . Keep in mind that the longer a macaron is frozen, the more its flavors are likely to be altered.

How to properly thaw a macaron?

Thanks to their small size, macaroons defrost quickly. Therefore, it is enough to take them out 30 minutes to 1 hour before the moment of tasting, making sure to leave them at room temperature.

If you do not consume all your macaroons after taking them out of the freezer, know that you absolutely must not refreeze them. Always opt for the fridge, even if it forces you to consume them in the following days. Indeed, you should never re-freeze defrosted macaroons.
Behind this ban often defied, however, there is a real health danger that should not be ignored. Whether macaroons or any other food, interrupting freezing promotes the proliferation of bacteria and the occurrence of serious food poisoning.


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