The unexpected uses of lemon water

How to Take a Pregnancy Test with Lemon? Of course, while there are many modern and precise methods today , there is no need to do a pregnancy test with lemon . Still, if you're wondering about the method or suddenly wondering if I'm pregnant, a wolf fell into your head and if you don't have time to go out, we can say that it wouldn't hurt to try. Because this test does not have any effect that can harm your health. The ingredients are very simple: 1 lemon and 1 clear plastic glass. It is important that the glass be transparent because you will need to observe while doing the test. Of course, since this glass will be thrown away after the test, it is better not to choose a glass glass that you normally use, just because it is transparent. First you have to urinate into the glass. Unfortunately, some difficulties can be experienced in urine tests performed in hospitals. If you have a Turkish style toilet, your job is easier, but your job in the toilet may be a little more difficult. It may be a little simpler to do the process by stepping your feet on the sides of the toilet. There are also those who say that having the first toilet in the morning gives more accurate results. After drinking plenty of water, you can understand the result of the test more easily. Now it's time for the most important part of the test: cut the lemon in half and squeeze some of the urine in the glass. Squeezing at least half a lemon will be good for observation. Make sure that the tiny lemon particles also fall into the glass. Now it's time for the excited wait: if lemon particles or small granules sink to the bottom, it is said that you are pregnant. If the particles remain on the surface, you are not pregnant. Is the Lemon Pregnancy Test Real or True? There are those who say that they took a pregnancy test with lemon and got the right result, and there are those who say that I got the wrong result. It's almost free to try, after all, all you need is a lemon and wait for your urine to come. A lemon pregnancy test is a real test, just like a pregnancy test with many other materials. After all, there are also those who take the test from the pharmacy and apply the test just for fun, just to see if it will give the correct result, as there is no harm to health. Since there is no scientific research on this subject, it is difficult to give precise information about the accuracy of the lemon test. For the most accurate and precise results, please apply to the nearest health institution. What Are the Symptoms of Pregnancy? Has anyone done a pregnancy test with lemon? Has Anyone Do a Pregnancy Test With Lemon? Today, there are still those who use lemon for pregnancy control. Few of these people really have difficulty in going to the hospital or cannot reach the test or live in places where traditional methods are common, while others try the lemon method just out of curiosity. Finally, let us remind you that if you are going to find out whether you are pregnant by natural means such as a pregnancy test with lemon, but with tests you will get at the hospital or from the pharmacy, for the most accurate result, your period, that is, your menstrual period should be at least 1 week late .

For a long time, lemons have been used for many different purposes from making nutritious drinks to deodorizing, cleansing, beautifying… Now, you will be even more surprised by the unexpected benefits of lemons.

Cure heartburn and constipation

Lemon is the “rectifier” of heartburn, nausea caused by problems from the stomach

Lemon is probably the “rectifier” of heartburn and nausea caused by problems in the stomach. Besides, if you use lemon as a daily drink, you can say goodbye to uncomfortable constipation.

In addition, when the stomach is bloated and indigestion, people often use a glass of lemon juice to help belch and purify the body again.

Lose weight fast

Instead of being miserable following a strict diet, you can have a cup of hot lemon water without sugar or low sugar in the morning, which can help you lose weight quickly. This also helps the body detox and produce hydration in the evening. Of course, you should also maintain a sports exercise regimen to enhance the strength and tone of your muscles.

Beauty for the skin

Lemon helps the skin become more even and bright

Although lemon is acidic, if you know how to combine it with other ingredients in a certain ratio, it can activate and help improve skin aging. This is because lemon contains antioxidants that help fade dark spots, brown spots on the skin, and fade wrinkles. You will be even more surprised to know that drinking lemon juice regularly can make the scars fade, and due to the detoxifying properties of lemon, the skin is also significantly improved, becoming even and bright. than.

Prevent high blood pressure

When you have high blood pressure, lemon juice has the ability to help you not immediately. It significantly improves the dizziness, drunkenness, and nausea caused by high blood pressure. That’s why you are recommended by doctors to use lemon juice when you have high blood pressure.


When you have a fever, the electrolyte process in the body is disturbed. At this time, a cup of fresh lemon juice will help you rehydrate effectively and help the body cool down. However, it should only be consumed in moderation and should not be overused.

Increases energy

Lemon gives you new energy

By supporting the digestive system, lemon water helps the body reduce discomfort caused by the stomach. The cool lemon scent also helps the human spirit to be refreshing and pleasant. When you come home from work tired, you use a glass of lemon water can help the body regain the spirit and ready to produce new energy.

Helps return to pH balance

Lemon is definitely sour. But once it reaches the body, the citric acid present in lemons is converted to an alkaline form during metabolism. Therefore, you can be assured of the pH balance in your body if you use lemon water.

Teeth cleaning

Lemon’s anti-inflammatory properties have convinced many dentists to use it as a protectant for their teeth. Not only that, lemon can also help your teeth become smelling fresh. Well, everyone will love to use lemon every day.

Treat sore throat

Antibiotics are indicated in many cases of pharyngitis. However, taking a lot of antibiotics can bring about consequences for the body’s immune system. There is a simple yet effective way to say goodbye to sore throat early. Accordingly, you use salted lemon and suck it in a day about 4 to 5 times, each time for 10-15 minutes. The combination of lemon and salt can help kill disease-causing bacteria and help you recover quickly.

Digestive system support

Many people believe that the acidity in lemons is one of the causes of gastritis. However, as mentioned, the citric acid in lemons has become alkaline when it enters the stomach. Therefore, it no longer has the effect of an acidic substance. In addition, citrus flavonol, an ingredient in lemons, can help the liver eliminate toxins, increasing the production of hydrochloric acid to support the digestive system to work better. In addition, vitamin C is also an agent that helps reduce ulcers in the stomach.

Improve immune system

Lemon juice strengthens the immune system

Of course! You know that lemons have a lot of vitamin C, an essential substance for the body to fight disease. In addition, vitamin C is also an effective assistant in helping you relieve stress and anxiety. That’s why you should use lemon juice when you feel down because of prolonged fatigue.


When your body is left acidic, it can lead to many worrisome medical conditions. To get back to equilibrium, you can add lemon juice. It will reduce the amount of uric acid in your joints.

Prevent cancer

The substances present in lemons can prevent the negative effects caused by free radicals. Therefore, it also helps the body fight against cancer. At the same time, the alkalizing ability of lemon juice can restrain the growth of cancer cells.

Reduce caffeine intake

If you have a caffeine substitute every morning, that means you have reduced your caffeine intake. That is possible if you have a glass of lemon water every morning. Similar to coffee or tea, you can stay awake and refreshed when you greet the day with a cup of fresh lemonade.

Although there are many great benefits but do not make the habit of using lemon water become insatiable. Use it in moderation and in accordance with your body. If you are under 56kg, every day should only use half a lemon and mix it with water and divide it into two times, use during the day. If over 56kg, you should use the whole fruit and mix it with water, drink it twice a day.

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