12 Natural Foods That Have a Calming Effect

12 Natural Foods That Have a Calming Effect

Healthy Foods to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Today’s living conditions are getting harder and harder with its rapid change and competitive environment. This causes stress for many people. The reflection of stress in each of us is very different. While some tend to eat in stressful times, others lose their appetite.

Calming Foods

  • Dark chocolate
  • Avocado
  • Red Berries
  • Orange
  • Apple
  • Asparagus
  • Beet
  • Carrot
  • Cashew Nuts
  • Egg
  • Green tea
  • Chamomile Tea

While some people see different bursts of emotion, others pull themselves into their shells. Others meditate or engage in various activities to calm down.

This article seems to delight those who have an appetite, especially when they are stressed! Because today’s topic is calming foods. Did you know that certain foods naturally calm a person by reducing stress? Let’s get into the details without wasting time!

Here are calming foods and their properties!

12 Natural Foods That Have a Calming Effect

1) Dark Chocolate

  • Many people unconsciously turn to chocolate when they are stressed.
  • Dark chocolate is known to have a blood pressure-lowering effect.
  • Also, dark chocolate contains plenty of polyphenols and flavonoids. Both of these substances are powerful antioxidants.
  • Thanks to all these features, dark chocolate helps the person to calm down by reducing stress.

2) Avocado

  • When it comes to calming fruit, avocado takes the first place.
  • Because avocado contains more folate and glutathione than other fruits.
  • In addition, this fruit is very rich in lutein, beta-carotene, and vitamin E.
  • All these ingredients are enough to make the avocado a stress-resistant fruit.

3) Red Berries

  • Fruits with a red color such as blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries are rich in antioxidants.
  • These fruits are also a good source of vitamin C.
  • Thanks to these properties, red fruits reduce cortisol in the body.
  • As cortisol levels rise, we feel more stressed, and as cortisol levels fall, we feel less stressed.

4) Orange

  • Orange is a good source of vitamin C.
  • This fruit, which is indispensable for the winter months, reduces the cortisol level thanks to its high vitamin C content.
  • Thus, it reduces the stress in the body.

5) Apple

  • Thanks to the phosphorus, antioxidants and organic acids it contains, apples have positive effects on the muscle and nervous system.
  • Eating an apple before going to sleep reduces the feeling of fatigue.
  • It also helps the person to sleep much more comfortably.

6) Asparagus

  • Asparagus, which is a folate-rich food, controls the hormones that cause stress thanks to the components it contains.
  • If you are going through a stressful period, we recommend that you make more room for asparagus in your diet.

7) Beets

  • Beetroot, a member of the red-colored vegetables, contains plenty of B vitamins.
  • Thanks to this feature, beetroot helps the person to calm down by reducing stress.
  • You can boil the beetroot and consume it or add it to your salads. If you wish, you can squeeze the juice in the vegetable juicer and drink the juice.

8) Carrot

  • Carrot, which is a vegetable rich in vitamin B6, stimulates the nervous system positively thanks to this feature.
  • You can add this calming vegetable to your meals or salads.
  • If you wish, you can consume it raw or squeeze and drink the juice.

9) Cashew Nuts

  • Cashew nuts are an ideal food especially for those who are in the weight loss process in terms of the amount of fat and protein they contain.
  • Cashews are also a good source of zinc.
  • Studies have shown that there is a link between low zinc levels and depression and anxiety.
  • Therefore, we can say that keeping the zinc level high keeps the person away from depression and anxiety.

10) Egg

  • Eggs are known to be a high-protein food.
  • Thanks to this feature, it gives energy to the body.
  • Relieves feelings of tension and fatigue.

11) Green Tea

  • Green tea contains an amino acid called theanine.
  • This substance stimulates the brain and nervous system.
  • By giving energy to the body, it prevents the person from feeling tired and tense.
  • Experts argue that 2 cups of green tea a day will be enough to both calm down and increase mental activity.

12) Chamomile Tea

  • When asked about calming natural methods, the first suggestion is usually chamomile tea.
  • In a study of 57 people with generalized anxiety conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, participants who consumed chamomile tea had a significant reduction in anxiety symptoms.
  • During periods when you feel stressed and nervous, you can consume chamomile tea, provided that it is one cup per day.

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