How to Clean a Toaster

How to Clean a Toaster

The remains of bread and other food that are stuck inside your toaster can affect its performance, eliminate them like this.

Surely you have noticed how with the passage of time and various uses, your toaster loses power and accumulates remains and crumbs inside, solving this is quite simple because you only have to thoroughly clean your toaster and it will be like new, if you want to learn do it step by step here we will teach you how. 

Disconnect and remove the tray

The first thing you should do is check if your toaster has a removable tray at the base, this is usually a tray that can be removed to clean and eliminate all those food residues that fall when the bread is toasting , you should also check that the toaster is completely disconnected to avoid any accident in the kitchen. 

Brush inside

Once you have removed the tray from your toaster , turn it over on a piece of paper or a cloth and shake slightly so that the bread crumbs trapped in the toaster fall out, you can gently brush the inside with a toothbrush that you no longer use and in this way you will detach all the residues stuck to the interior of this appliance . 

For burnt or very stuck residues

If there are still remains of stuck or charred food inside the toaster , you can easily remove them by slightly moistening the toothbrush you are using to clean your appliance in a solution of water with a little bicarbonate , after using this method you will have to pass a thin damp cloth inside to remove all moisture and you will need to do this very carefully.

Final touches

Finally, return your toaster to its normal orientation and clean the outside with a damp cloth and a little surface cleaner to remove any grease or dirt that your appliance has on top, rearrange the tray where the bread crumbs are collected and reconnect to verify that there is no damage, so it will be like new.

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