Evlek Mushroom: Where Does It Grow? When will it come out

Evlek Mushroom

Evelek Mushroom: Protein-Loaded Blue Stem Washes

With the arrival of the spring months, the mushroom season opens in the springs and pastures. No matter what type of fungus it is, first of all, it should be examined that it is in a safe area. Mushrooms have a poisoning risk and not all mushrooms are suitable for consumption.

Mushroom food, which has too many species to count, grows in different varieties from region to region. In this article, we will tell you about the evlek mushroom, which is known with names specific to each region.

For those who say how to make Evelek mushrooms, do not go to collect mushrooms without reading this article, where we have added the most detailed information. Now you can examine the criteria by which you can distinguish the Evlek mushroom from other mushrooms and the properties of this mushroom.

What is Evlek Mushroom?

  • Evlek mushroom is one of the protein storage mushroom species and is consumed very often, especially around Gümüşhane.
  • Another known name is a vascular fungus. Local people sometimes use the name “blue-stemmed caşar” .
  • Evlek mushroom, which is very different from the widely consumed cultivated mushroom, has a large and large structure.
  • This mushroom is rich in nutritional value. Especially protein and sodium values ​​are in ideal figures.
  • Evlek mushroom, one of the miracles of nature, grows spontaneously when it finds moist environments.
  • In the habitat of the Evlek mushroom, these mushrooms grow in clumps. It is a type of mushroom that is easy to collect.
  • The flesh is large, white, and juicy. Its taste and smell are; Mushroom lovers delight.

Where Does Evlek Mushroom Grow?

  • Evlek mushrooms are generally found in the springs and meadows of the Black Sea provinces.
  • The temperate and rainy plateaus are suitable lands for the growth of evlek mushrooms.
  • It is recommended to consume the evlek mushroom, which grows in areas far from the industrial center and city centers.
  • The higher you collect this mushroom; the lower the risk of poisoning.
  • Evlek mushroom, which grows in the most suitable natural environments, awaits mushroom lovers in the Black Sea plateaus.
  • Evlek mushrooms collected in the provinces of Gümüşhane, Artvin and Sinop are sent to the surrounding provinces.
  • Farmers, who specially grow the Evlek mushroom, safely send this mushroom to anyone who wishes.
  • Evlek mushroom, which is consumed very frequently in Asian, European, North African and Australian countries, is included in various recipes.
  • Evlek mushrooms are also grown in other humid locations in Turkey, especially in the Black Sea Region.

When Does Evlek Mushroom Come Out?

  • Mushrooms are usually collected in the spring. Mushrooms start to grow in the humid air that emerges with the breaking of the winter cold.
  • Mushrooms do not grow well in very hot climates. Evlek mushroom behaves just like the family it belongs to.
  • Evlek mushroom emerges and gathers after the late summer and late winter rains.
  • We would like to warn you about picking evlek mushrooms. Because, like every mushroom, Evlek mushroom is also affected by the grass around it.
  • When collecting Evlek mushrooms, do not forget to wander on clean lands.

Can Evelek Mushrooms be Eaten?

  • We have good news for those who are wondering whether to eat evelek mushroom, which is one of the numerous mushroom varieties. Evlek mushroom is suitable for consumption.
  • When buying Evlek mushroom; It is recommended to buy from trusted vendors.
  • You need to wash and clean the Evlek mushroom very well. You should definitely cut off whatever is bothering you on its outer surface.
  • If you see a lot of insects while collecting Evlek mushroom; You can give up collecting mushrooms and move on to other groups.
  • In order to avoid possible poisoning, you should be careful when collecting the evelek mushroom.
  • Never collect mushrooms that are dark in color or that start to mold.
  • You can prepare delicious omelets for breakfast with Evelek mushrooms.
  • If you wish, you can use evlek mushrooms while cooking mushroom saute.
  • You can double the flavor of the pizza thanks to the evlek mushroom that adapts to the pizzas.
  • Those who want to prepare mushroom soup can try evlek mushrooms in their recipe!

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