What should not eat when hungry?

What should not eat when hungry

Did you know that while hungry there are foods you are not allowed to eat because they easily lead to “fatal” poisonings? If not, let’s take a look at the following foods and drinks!

Assorted fruits and vegetables

1. Sweet potato

Eating sweet potatoes on an empty stomach can make your stomach hurt.

Eating sweet potatoes on an empty stomach can cause heartburn and stomach pain because sweet potatoes stimulate gastric juice to secrete more acidic substances. For people with stomach pain, it is also advised not to eat sweet potatoes often.

2. Oranges, tangerines, lemons

In oranges, tangerines, and lemons contain a lot of acids, so eating on an empty stomach will cause stomach damage because of increased acid in the stomach. In addition, after eating you will have the phenomenon of belching or even vomiting.

3. Persimmons

In persimmons there is a lot of resin, tain that not everyone knows, when hungry, eating persimmons will cause these substances to combine with acid in the stomach, causing nausea and leading to stomach ulcers.

4. Tomatoes

Like persimmons, tomatoes have a lot of acid along with plastic, if eaten on an empty stomach will cause stomach pain and ulcers. In addition, plastic substances combined with acid in the stomach will create hard blocks that are difficult to dissolve, very dangerous to health.

5. Banana pepper

Some beliefs, when hungry, eating bananas and peppers will help the body to load more sugar, quickly restore health, but that concept can cause your body to destroy the balance of calcium and magnesium, which will increase, causing inhibition of the heart. circuit.

6. Fresh lychee and sugarcane

Eating lychee on an empty stomach can cause a sudden spike in blood sugar

These are two foods that contain high amounts of sugar, which if eaten on an empty stomach can cause sudden high blood sugar levels.

7. Dried Jujube

Dried jujube also contains a lot of tannic, so if eaten on an empty stomach, it will form lumps in the stomach.

8. Pineapple

Eating pineapple when hungry will cause stomach damage and reduce the nutritional composition of pineapple absorbed into the body.


1. Cold drinks

Eating cold food on an empty stomach will lead to stomach pain, damage to internal organs, menstrual disorders in women, so it is best not to eat cold food when hungry.

2. Yogurt

Although yogurt is very good for the digestive system, beautifying the skin, however, if eaten on an empty stomach, it will put you at risk of stomach pain.

3. Milk and soy milk

When you are hungry, your body will not only not be able to absorb all the protein in milk, but it will also make you feel hungrier after drinking it.

4. Wine

Never drink alcohol on an empty stomach.

Alcohol is a very harmful drink for health, especially when hungry, it can cause you to have gastritis, low blood sugar, coma, even death.

5. Special tea

Drinking tea on an empty stomach makes the stomach growl, prone to drunkenness, dizziness leading to the risk of stomach ulcers later. Ideally, only drink tea after the body is not hungry.

Spiced food

1. Garlic

Garlic contains a lot of allicin, which stimulates the lining of the stomach and intestines, so if eaten on an empty stomach, it will cause stomach pain and poor digestion.

2. Sugar

If the stomach is hungry, eating foods containing a lot of sugar will cause blood sugar to rise suddenly, leading to disease that is not beneficial to the body.

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