The secret to frying delicious crispy potatoes

Garnish Mashed Potatoes Recipe

French fries are a family favorite. But when made at home, mom is often criticized because the potatoes are soft, not crispy like in the stores. If you don’t know how to get the secret, come here to see how other mothers make crispy potatoes!

Choose to buy main ingredients

The main ingredient for French fries is of course potatoes. Therefore, you should choose carefully to get delicious potatoes. Only then, your dish can reach the perfect level.

Should choose carefully to get delicious potatoes.

To choose a good potato, you should pay attention to both the shape and color of the potato:

– About shape: You use your hand to hold the potato, if the potato is firm, the skin is smooth and not wrinkled, not soft, it means that the potato is still fresh and has a lot of nutrition. To make the fries more eye-catching, choose equal-sized ones.

– About color: If you observe any tubers that are greenish or have sprouts, you should not choose them because they contain toxins that are not good for health. The tubers that are dark yellow will have a fleshy and sweet taste. Slightly white tubers will not taste good.

Prepare more ingredients and seasoning

– A little sea salt

– Some butter

– 1 liter of cooking oil

Preliminary treatment

Prepare potatoes before frying.

– Potatoes are washed to remove all soil before peeling.

Slice the potatoes lengthwise into long pieces about 1.5 cm thick.

– Bring the sliced ​​potatoes to a pot of boiling water, if the potatoes are slightly discolored, take them out. Note, this step only makes the potatoes slightly cooked on the outside, not completely cooked.

– Use a dry towel to absorb all of the potatoes that have just been removed. Then, put this potato in a tray and put it in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.


– Put oil in a pan, bring to a boil about 180 degrees Celsius.

– Add the potatoes from the refrigerator into the hot oil pan. Test the boiling point of the oil by slowly dropping a few pieces of potato in, if you see foam around each piece, you can use it to fry the rest of the potatoes.

– When the fries have cooked to the surface, remove all the potatoes with a sieve and stir until the oil is drained. Next, you leave the potatoes outside until cool.

– While waiting for the potatoes to cool, turn on the stove to bring the oil to a boil again before adding all the cooled potatoes to fry a second time. This time, you fry with high heat and very hot oil. After about 5 minutes, the potatoes turn yellow and can be picked out.

– Place the potatoes in a basket lined with absorbent paper towels to absorb the oil.

Perfect french fries.

If you want a slightly salty taste, you can sprinkle a little more sea salt on the outside of the potatoes. If you want the sweet potatoes to smell like butter, you have to let the butter melt first. After you have just removed the potatoes from the pan, use a deep tray to stir the butter until butter is coated around each potato before placing on a plate and serving hot.

With this method, your husband and children will surely praise you all for having a delicious, crispy, golden fried potato that is no different from high-end restaurants.

When done successfully, don’t forget to give us feedback so that housewives can have more delicious cooking tips!

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