What Is a Guava Fruit? 6 Benefits That Will Surprise You

Guava Fruit

What Is a Guava Fruit?

  • Guava, whose homeland is Central America, is a tropical fruit that is a health store.
  • It is richer in vitamin C than citrus fruits.
  • The taste of guava is reminiscent of a mix of fruits such as pineapple, grapefruit, banana and pear.
  • The inner part of the guava fruit is very small, hard and light pink in color.
  • It is a fruit rich in vitamins A, B, C, copper, potassium and magnesium.

6 Benefits of Guava Fruit That Will Surprise You

1) Improves Vision Quality

  • You can get almost twice the amount of vitamin A you can get from carrots from guava fruit.
  • This feature helps protect your eye health.

2) Strengthens Muscle and Bone Structure

  • Guava fruit eliminates bone and muscle pain with its high magnesium content.
  • Consumption of 3 guava fruits a day strengthens your bones and muscles.

3) Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease

  • The antioxidant compounds, carotenoids, terpenoids, flavonoids found in the guava fruit help prevent brain-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

4) Keeps you full for a long time

  • Guava is a tropical fruit rich in fiber.
  • Thanks to the fibers in its content, you can feel full for a longer time.
  • It also helps your digestive system work and helps you lose weight.

5) Prevents Oily Skin

  • Thanks to its high content of vitamin C, it provides moisture balance and prevents oily skin.
  • It makes the skin look healthier.

6) Regulates Hormones

  • Thanks to the B vitamins in its content, the hormones work more regularly.
  • You may feel happier as the regular functioning of hormones will directly affect your mood.

What Are Guava Leaves Good For, How Are They Used?

The leaves are as full of medicinal miracles as the guava fruit. We have listed the therapeutic properties of guava leaves, which have many beneficial properties in terms of health:

1) For Diarrhea and Dysentery

  • The powerful components in guava leaves reduce the severity of diarrhea and dysentery, increasing your recovery speed.
  • To treat diarrhea, you can boil 30 grams of guava leaves with 1 handful of rice flour in 1 glass of water and drink it twice a week.

2) For Acne and Acne Skin

  • The antiseptic components found in guava leaves clean the dirt and bacteria from the skin.
  • To dry the acne, it will be enough to crush a few guava leaves and apply them to the problem areas of the skin.

3) To Prevent Cancer

  • The high amount of vitamin C, vitamin A and lycopene found in guava leavesIt reduces the risk of cancer such as breast and prostate.
  • As it reduces the risk of cancer, it also slows the spread of cancer cells in regular use.

4) To Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Guava leaves contain vitamins B3 and B6.
  • This, in turn, improves cerebral functions and helps the nervous systems of the brain to function more healthily.
  • It is also a good friend in your fight against diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Where Does the Guava Tree Grow?

  • The homeland of the guava tree is Mexico and Central American countries with a tropical climate.
  • The most suitable environment for the growth of the guava tree is placed with a warm climate.
  • Guava trees are tropical plant varieties that can grow 2-9 meters on average.
  • Pink guavas bloom twice a year, in autumn and spring.
  • They cannot grow in frosty climates.
  • Guava fruit usually begins to bear fruit two years after planting with effective fertilizer and care.

How to Eat Guava

  • You can cut the guava fruit into slices and consume it raw.
  • In India, it is divided into two and eaten by adding special spices.
  • It can also be a delicious choice for making delightful recipes such as cheesecake, bowl, and smoothie.

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