Mullet Fish: Every Thing You Need To Know

Mullet Fish

Mullet Fish; The seas and lakes of our country are home to different sea creatures. If these creatures living in fresh water and salt water do not pose any risk to health, they become the crown of delicious fish dishes. Now we want to focus on a very special and delicious fish with you.

Let’s get to know the mullet, which lives in a wide area from Van to the Mediterranean , together. After getting to know each other, let’s taste them with delicious recipes. If you are ready, the mullet is with you with all its curious aspects!

Mullet Fish Characteristics and Types

  • The mullet, a fish species of the Mugilidae family, is a scaly fish with an average length of 40 cm.
  • This fish, which generally likes to live in polluted and mixed waters, is specially hunted for caviar.
  • Mullet caviar is a delicious food with high economic value.
  • It consumes algae, tiny sea creatures and invertebrates to maintain its vitality.
  • It is frequently found in the Mediterranean, Atlantic, Channel and North Seas.
  • There are several types of mullet that have the same flavor as sea bass . The most famous of these species is Pearl Mullet, the pearl of Lake Van.
  • Other types are classified as royal mullet, yellow-eared mullet, golden mullet, blue mullet, ball mullet, Russian mullet.
  • In winter and spring, mullet consumption is healthy and beneficial. In other months, the mullet enters the spawning period.
  • Autumn and winter, which are determined as the mullet season , are the best times to get omega 3 fatty acids.

Mullet Hunting – How to Catch? What are the tricks?

  • If you are going to hunt mullet, you can get productive results with the bottom fishing rod. First of all, you should prepare a mullet feed such as bread crumbs . You must bait the area where you will cast the fishing line. Thus, the mullets will approach the area. The tricks of catching mullet is to collect the mullet with bread in the area.
  • The mullet is a fish that can absorb the food by sucking it. For this reason , you can attach the dough slightly inclined to the needle tip .
  • The feature of the fishing line you will use in the fishing line can also affect your hunt. It is recommended to use 0.20 or 0.25 fishing line .
  • The needle you prefer should be of the short machete cross type. If you hunt within these criteria, you can catch many mullets.
  • You can apply one more method while hunting for mullet. Mullet fishing with the Cyprus team , that is, with multiple fishing rods, can end in a pleasant way.
  • Bottom fishing line or multi fishing mullet set will meet your needs.

How to Clean Mullet?

  • When cleaning the mullet, you must first remove the scales from the skin .
  • By making an incision under the abdomen, the internal organs are removed .
  • It is healthier to take out the gills and organs during cleaning . When you look inside the fish, you should only see the meat.
  • You can prepare the fish for consumption after you take the pieces of black meat in the last process .

How to Cook Mullet?

You will have many options to experience a delicious fish feast with mullet . If you are wondering if you can eat mullet , you can give the answer yourself after the methods we suggested!

1) Baking Method

After you cut the mullet in half and make it a thin meat, you can add the spices you want and put it in the oven. Thus, you can consume fish in a healthy way without losing its nutritional value.

2) Grilled Mullet

You can cut the mullet into slices or in half and cook it on the grill. We think that mullet sautéed with the desired spices will also be delicious and healthy on the grill. Grilled mullet is an effortless and low-calorie meal.

3) Sauteed Mullet

You can cut the meat of the mullet into cubes and saute it with your favorite vegetables. Thus, you can get a different taste at the fish table.

4) Stir-fried Mullet

You can consume the cleaned mullet by frying it in a granite or cast iron pan . Since this cooking method will require some oil, we advise those on a diet to think twice.

Mullet Calories and Nutritional Values

If you want to get information about the nutritional value and calories of mullet that you can consume frequently in winter and autumn months , you can remember the following numbers.

  • 1 mullet: 410 calories
  • 100 grams of mullet: 117 calories

If the mullet nutritional value table is:

  • 67.72 grams of Protein
  • 13.27 grams Fat
  • 171.5mg Cholesterol
  • 227.5 mg Sodium
  • 1249.5 mg Potassium
  • 143.5mg Calcium
  • 430.5 iu of vitamin A
  • 4.2mg of vitamin C
  • 3.57 Iron

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