What types of food packaging to use for the environment

food packaging to use for the environment

The environment has worried specialists who study its care and maintenance for years. One of the objectives in the fight against climate change is to eliminate plastic and polluting elements . In this sense, they began to develop organic food containers that help take care of the environment and maintain the freshness of all types of food.

Just over 60% of the plastic containers manufactured worldwide are used for food. Hence the greater interest in replacing them and avoiding further contamination , since they are non-degradable products and affect human health after excessive use. Lifestyle change starts with using more sustainable food packaging.

What types of food packaging to use for the environment

Plastic food containers abound in the market and pollution, in some places, is increasing. Due to the effects they cause on the environment and health, people have fought to reduce their use and increase recycling by promoting organic food packaging.

Currently there are various types of biodegradable packaging to maintain the freshness of food and help care for the environment. Here we present the five most popular.

1.Kraft cardboard

Kraft cardboard comes from wood fiber, it is a resistant material. Ideal for takeaway food containers, as they usually have different weights. They weigh between 20 and 120 grams. They are usually brown, but you can get them in other colors. This material helps to take care of the environment since it is biodegradable.

2. Stainless steel

resistant, durable and suitable material for storing food is stainless steel . It is an excellent option in storage containers since it is reusable and recyclable . This alternative includes lunch boxes made of this material, although most use silicone on the edges to prevent any type of leak.

3. Sugar cane

Products with a similar appearance to cardboard or paper come from the fibers of sugar cane . This material is dried, crushed and then mixed with other biodegradable substances to make kitchen utensils. The result is products resistant to high temperatures.

4. Glass

Glass is a reusable , durable and recyclable material with multiple uses in daily life. It is of great help to store food and drinks , even those that are transportable. Portable glass containers rarely have glass lids because they are prone to leaks. Therefore, their lids are usually made of plastic with a pressure closure, as well as hermetic stainless steel lids.

5. Polylactic Acid

Polylactic acid is a transparent bioplastic material made from corn sugars and natural amino acids from plants. Manufacturing this type of packaging does not require much energy. It is recommended to use it in cold foods since it does not resist high temperatures.

Why is it important to use organic food packaging?

The importance of using organic food packaging is the replacement of polluting plastics as far as possible. The interest in caring for the environment has reached fast food chains, which is why many include biodegradable containers to serve food.

Supermarkets have also opted not only for containers, but also for ecological bags for the packaging of products and food. With this, packaging alternatives for the environment are becoming more and more widespread. It can even be used in everyday life at the time of a party, replacing common trays, cutlery and glasses with ecological products.

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