What is Oxygenated Water? Uses and Benefits

Oxygenated Water

Multi-Purpose Oxygenated Water and Its Use

Chemical products are often not preferred because they are harmful to human health. Oxygenated water, which is in the group of chemical products, is quite far from these products. In this article we have prepared about oxygenated water, which is popular and preferred with its many uses, we will answer whatever you wonder. With oxygenated water, you will experience comfort in many areas from cleaning your home to skin care.

Here are the unknown uses of oxygenated water!

What is Oxygenated Water?

Oxygenated water is a solution that has not left its place in medicine cabinets for many years. First aid kits and emergency response cabinets always contain oxygenated water. If we express it by its name in chemistry, “Hydrogen peroxide” is quite different from the known water. Its chemical equivalent is H2O2. Its density is higher compared to ordinary water. If we take the density of water as 1; The density of oxygenated water is observed as 1.465.

It has a light blue structure that can be seen with the eye. It can become quite dangerous when used purely. You will also learn here that the oxygenated water you buy from outside is sold by lightening. Oxygenated water degrades many compounds in its environment and turns it into another compound. It is so effective that; It can interfere with even the smallest organism.

We mentioned the difference with normal water, “What happens if you drink oxygenated water?” you might think. By saying be careful; Let’s leave a very important sentence here. Drinking oxygenated water directly can create serious hazards. You should not drink oxygenated water without any control and knowledge. Drinking oxygenated water, which can be dangerous even in direct contact with the skin, is just as dangerous.

Oxygenated water is a substance that does not harm. The only dangerous aspect is that it becomes flammable when in contact with heat. For this reason, it is necessary to stay away from heat while using it. In terms of skin care, it can cause irritation on sensitive skin.

What Does Oxygenated Water Do? How to use?

1) Oxygenated Water Hair Lightening Process

Oxygenated water is used in almost every field with its germ-killing feature. For this reason, you can do many things with oxygenated water in skin care and general cleaning. When we examine the usage areas, we can obtain the following results:

The effect of oxygenated water, whose name we often hear in the field of hair care, is quite large in this field. Oxygen water hair removal technique is generally applied by hairdressers. Mix one measure of pure water and one measure of oxygenated water in a spray can and shake well. Apply the product in your hand to your hair. After waiting for a while, wash your hair. If you are applying to lighten your hair color; At the end of a couple of applications, you can see that your hair is open without wearing out.

Oxygenated water will lighten the beard color as well as lighten the color of your hair. You can also try the application we have just recommended for beard.

2) Dental Care

Oxygenated water is preferred as mouthwash in gingival and dental disorders. The teeth whitening products you buy from the markets often contain hydrogen peroxide. Oxygenated water will be a great support for you in whitening your teeth, gingivitis and dental care. Mix one measure of oxygenated water with one measure of pure water. Gargle regularly from this mixture every morning. In a short time, you can see that your teeth are bright and white.

3) Nail Care

If you are seeing yellow spots on your nails for various reasons, some oxygenated water is all you need. When you do nail care with oxygenated water; You can use oxygenated water mixed with water with the help of a cotton ball like nail polish remover. Or, you can soak your nails for 5 minutes in a mixture prepared with a glass of pure water and a glass of oxygenated water. After this application, it will be healthier to apply coconut oil or moisturizer to your nails.

4) Pimples and Skin Care

Oxygenated water will enter your life to eliminate your acne complaints. To eliminate the acne that is frequently seen and bothers you; First of all, clean your skin with pure water. Then pour a drop or two of oxygenated water onto the wet and dehydrated cotton. Cleanse your skin with this cotton. Oxygenated water will break the microbes formed on your face in this application and will destroy your acne. If your skin is very sensitive, this application may cause irritation on your face.

5) Ear Care

Oxygenated water helps you get rid of earwax. Mix one measure of oxygenated water with one measure of pure water. Add this water to the ear drops container. Drop it into your ear and then change the direction of your ear. Soothe the inside of your ear with the help of a cotton swab. With this application, oxygenated water; It helps to open the dirt in the ear and relax your ear.

6) To Eliminate Inflammations

Oxygenated water has a structure that destroys microbes. If you have inflammation in any part of your body; You can destroy this inflammation with oxygenated water. Get the same amount of a mixture of oxygenated water and pure water as you need to do. Apply this mixture to the inflamed area with a cotton ball and clean that area. After a few applications, you will notice that the microbes in the applied area have disappeared.

7) Fighting Molds

Mold is among the unwanted things in a home. If mold has occurred in a part of your room; Mix some oxygenated water in the spray bottle. Then spray this spray on the moldy wall or floor. After waiting a minute or two, clean the area with a cloth. Cleaning with one or two oxygenated water will be sufficient for the molds to disappear.

8) Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning does not end with oxygenated water! We offer an ideal solution to remove stains on your carpet. Mix some dish soap with oxygenated water and apply it to the stain on your carpet and try to wipe it with a cloth. After cleaning, dry your carpet with towel paper.

9) Foot Care

Oxygenated water also helps you in the health of your feet. For fungi and wounds on the feet, dressing with oxygenated water is a good method. “Does the oxygenated water burn the wound?” When you think about it, we suggest you thin it a bit with water. In direct contact with the skin, it causes irritation in some people. For this reason, you can make the necessary intervention with the help of a wet cloth.

What are the Benefits of Oxygenated Water?

  • Oxygenated water creates a more hygienic environment by destroying microbes in home, kitchen and bathroom cleaning.
  • It protects your oral health by helping you with oral care.
  • It makes your nails look cleaner when you prefer it for nail care.
  • When you use it for skin care purposes, it eliminates inflammations on your skin. At the same time, oxygenated water is also effective in skin whitening. It is preferred for darkening in the armpit area.
  • “Is oxygenated water good for skin blemishes?” Let’s answer the question by expressing that it destroys acne. When applied to acne, it cleans your skin from acne scars.
  • When you want the white laundry to be clearer and cleaner, add some oxygenated water to the detergent tank; It makes your laundry cleaner.
  • Oxygenated water will have a purifying effect for vegetables and fruits bought from the market and market environments. If you keep the products you will use in pure water with one or two drops of oxygenated water, you will consume foods that are free from the drugs on them.
  • You can see its bactericidal feature in the cleaning of sinks and toilets. When you add oxygenated water to your cleaning water and apply it, you may notice that these places are more hygienic.
  • The pollution of the aquarium, which is a frequent complaint of fish keepers; It will end with oxygenated water. Aquariums and lanterns cleaned with oxygenated water will get a cleaner look and will get dirty later.

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