Winter Cherry Storage in the Freezer

Winter Cherry Storage in the Freezer

Ingredients for the Recipe for Storing Cherries for the Winter in the Freezer

  • 14 kg of cherries
  • 1 pipette
  • 8 ziplock freezer bags
  • 20 medium freezer bags

Winter Cherry Storage Recipe in the Freezer

  1. First of all, to prepare the cherry sauce for cakes and desserts, let’s remove the seeds of 4 kg of washed and removed sour cherries with the seed extractor or with the help of a pipette, as in the image, by slowly turning the straw from the stem part and pushing it towards the other end.
  2. Let’s fill eight ziplock freezer bags equally, let’s lock it by removing the air inside.
  3. To prepare sour cherry juice, let’s remove the stalks of 10 kg of sour cherry and wash it well (it is not necessary to remove the seeds to prepare sour cherry juice), and drain the water thoroughly in a suitable strainer.
  4. For ten kilograms of cherries, let’s fill 20 freezer bags with cherries equally (there will be about half a kilo of cherries in each package), remove the air inside and close the bags tightly.
  5. Let’s put it in the freezer and keep it at -18 degrees. After freezing, I put the pitted cherries in a ziplock bag and the pitted ones in a regular bag so as not to mix them up. 🌹 Bon appetit 🌹

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