Olive Oil Soap: The Secret of Natural Skin Care!

Olive Oil Soap

Olive oil, which draws attention with its usefulness in all areas of life, is the guest of our agenda today in the form of soap. It was known that olive oil was beneficial and sacred for humanity centuries ago. Olive oil, which has a high vitamin value, has a life-prolonging effect when used in food. Olive oil, which is frequently preferred in the field of cosmetics, will add beauty to your beauty when used in shampoos and soaps.

Benefits of Olive Oil Soap

  • Nourishes Hair
  • Eliminates Pimples
  • Heals Irritation
  • Natural Moisturizer
  • Allows Skin to Breathe, Cleans Pores
  • Makes Hair Grow Faster
  • Delays Signs of Aging

Known as the oil of immortality , olive oil is now used in many fields. Cosmetics, food, textiles and more! If we have a natural miracle like olive oil; We should also know how to benefit from this oil, right? If you are not satisfied with the products you bought with tons of money, now it’s time to try olive oil soap! Your healing from the Aegean coast of our fertile country; olive oil soap is in  these lines with all its aspects!

When you find natural olive oil soap around you, definitely buy it. Because this soap has such benefits that; will make the chemical products used in skin and hair care a thing of the past. Let’s get to know olive oil soap a little more closely, which removes skin stains and ends hair loss? What are the benefits of olive oil soap for the skin ? What are the benefits of olive oil soap for hair ? We answer all questions one by one. Here is your natural care product: Olive oil soap!

7 Benefits of Olive Oil Soap for Skin and Hair Care

1) Nourishes Hair

  • Olive oil soap benefits have been used for centuries as it is so much for hair.
  • Olive oil contains a strong amount of vitamin E. Vitamin E is also a vitamin that hair needs.
  • Thanks to olive oil soap, the paleness of your hair disappears.
  • If you have dry and shed hair, you can have silky hair by using olive oil soap.
  • Wounds on the scalp are also treated with olive oil soap.
  • If you think that olive oil soap will cause dandruff, it will also eliminate the problem of dandruff as it will nourish the scalp.

2) Eliminates Pimples

  • The only answer to the question of what are the benefits of olive oil soap is not about the hair, this type of soap is good for the whole skin.
  • Olive oil soap, which repairs skin cells, creates an effect that cleans acne-prone skin.
  • If your skin is very prone to acne; We recommend using olive oil soap.
  • Olive oil soap, which contains antioxidant substances, supports the removal of substances that damage the skin and the breathing of the skin.
  • Olive oil soap will be your anti-acne care product!
  • If you want to double the effects of this soap and refresh with a fresh scent, you can also try the laurel version. Among the benefits of olive oil laurel soap , there is an acne drying effect.

3) Heals Irritation

  • Olive oil soap, which has cell regenerative properties, heals skin damage.
  • Olive oil soap, which is useful enough to eliminate skin problems such as redness and itching, will make even people with sensitive skin comfortable.
  • Thanks to the naturally produced olive oil soap, your skin will look better.

4) Natural Moisturizer

  • If you feel like the glow of your face is fading a little, the benefits of olive oil soap on your face will make you smile.
  • You need vitamin E to keep the skin soft and moist; Vitamin E is also included in natural olive oil soap.
  • Olive oil soap, which is definitely recommended to be used by those living in cold and dry places, keeps the skin moist all day long.
  • Since moist skin will be healthier, it will not allow skin problems.
  • Thanks to the benefits of olive oil soap, many people will get rid of dry skin.

5) Allows Skin to Breathe, Cleans Pores

  • The main feature of olive oil soap about the benefits of the skin is that it is purifying from the bottom.
  • To have a healthy skin, the pores need to breathe and be cleaned.
  • Olive oil soap is one of the substances that allow the skin to breathe.
  • It cleans the pores and prevents the formation of inflammation.
  • As your skin breathes, cells regenerate faster.
  • Thanks to olive oil soap, your skin and scalp will feel more alive.
  • On a breathing skin, blackheads and inflammations will not occur.

6) Makes Hair Grow Faster

  • Hair extension is a topic that many people are curious about. In researches, you always come across olive oil products.
  • Among the benefits of real olive oil soap , there is also vitality to the hair, while also feeding the roots and accelerating the elongation of the strands.
  • Thanks to olive oil soap containing vitamins E and C , faster growth occurs as the scalp will breathe. For this reason, you should not have to worry about whether the olive oil soap will shed hair.
  • While the hair grows in a healthy way; starts to get stronger.
  • Instead of using chemical products, you can use natural olive oil soap.

7) Delays Signs of Aging

  • The benefits of natural olive oil soap are endless! The miracle of olive also delays aging.
  • It is known that people do not show their real age in regions where olive oil soap is used frequently.
  • This beneficial soap, which makes the skin look young, also increases the quality of life of people.
  • Olive oil soap, which creates a healthier appearance by renewing the skin texture, is the secret of youth, especially for the Mediterranean people.
  • Olive oil soap has a secret power that prevents wrinkles around the eyes and sagging on the lips.

Benefits of Washing Hair with Olive Oil Soap

Shampoo and hair care products containing olive oil are very popular. When you want to benefit from this popular information, you can wash your hair with natural olive oil soap. If olive oil soap is used for hair care during the shower; The benefits it will bring you will be:

  • Your scalp will breathe and stay healthier.
  • Hair grows stronger than before.
  • Problems such as dandruff and shedding are eliminated.
  • The color of the hair is preserved and the whitening is delayed.
  • Shine and color come to pale-looking hair.
  • To answer your question, does olive oil soap shed hair dye? We can say that the paint does not flow completely. It will easily clean the remaining dye residues on the hair after the first dyeing.
  • If you want to go back to my old hair color and you use olive oil soap for this purpose; The last color you dyed will remain on your hair.
  • There may be situations that you do not want specific to your hair type and scalp regarding the benefits of olive oil soap for the hair . For this, you can try different alternatives such as olive oil soap with laurel for the needs of your hair.

How to Apply Olive Oil Soap to the Skin?

  • The benefits of olive oil soap to the body provide a rejuvenation from head to toe!
  • It is recommended to wash your face regularly during the day to apply olive oil soap to the skin .
  • A piece of olive oil soap is taken and lathered with some.
  • The foaming soap is applied to the entire surface of the skin and left for 5 minutes.
  • Afterwards, the skin is washed with cold water and if your skin is very dry, it is moistened with natural olive oil cream.
  • If you clean your skin with olive oil soap every morning, you can soon notice the cleanliness on your skin.
  • Olive oil soap is suitable for your skin as its pH value is between 5 and 7 .

How to Make Olive Oil Soap?


  • 1.5 liters of olive oil
  • 1.5 liters of water
  • plastic container
  • 250 grams of caustic
  • Wooden spoon

Preparation of:

  • First, caustic is added to the plastic container. Pour the water over it and mix all the ingredients.
  • Natural olive oil is added little by little into the melted water .
  • It is recommended to do the mixing with a wooden spoon .
  • The added ingredients will have the consistency of pudding and after getting this consistency, it is poured into soap molds.
  • Soap molds are left to dry for an average of 1 week .
  • At the end of the last 1 week, it is carefully removed from the molds and becomes ready for use.

How to Identify Genuine Olive Oil Soap?

  • It reveals the quality of natural olive oil by its smell. When you smell it, a slight throat-burning odor is formed and passes after the instant effect.
  • The color of genuine olive oil soap is also a color from cream to green. Very dark green soaps are prepared with chemical products.
  • If the soap has an intense perfume smell; This shows that the soap is not natural.
  • Olive oil is an oil with high economic value. For this reason, the products obtained from olive oil are also somewhat expensive.
  • If you have purchased olive oil soap in very low numbers; You may have a little doubt that this product is natural.

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