A Cup of Coffee Has 40 Years of Memory Meaning

A Cup of Coffee Has 40 Years of Memory Meaning

A Cup of Coffee Has 40 Years of Memory

Where Does the Word Come From?

A cup of coffee, if you drink it alone, means pleasure and relaxation. Coffee drunk in a crowded environment is the symbol of conversation and sharing. When it comes to coffee, the smell first comes to the nose. Then a cup of steaming coffee comes to life in your eyes. Then you hear the pleasant voice of your loved ones. Isn’t it beautiful?

We are sure that there is no one who has not heard the proverb “A cup of coffee has 40 years of memory ! This saying is the most known and spoken proverb about coffee from past to present. What is the meaning of the proverb “A cup of coffee has forty years of memory”? Where and how was this proverb first used? Have you ever wondered about these?

Here is the meaning and story of “a cup of coffee has forty years of memory” …

A Cup of Coffee Has 40 Years of Memory What is the Meaning?

  • According to the TDK, that is, the Turkish Language Association; The phrase “A cup of coffee has 40 years of memory” means “it should never be forgotten, even if it is a small favor”.
  • Proverbs are idioms that have been accepted by people over time.
  • The saying “A cup of coffee has 40 years of memory” is a popular and often used proverb.
  • This saying, emphasizing that goodness should not be forgotten, reminds us that even a coffee treat is accepted as a favor and should never be forgotten. Because the favors that are remembered and reciprocated also lay the foundation of reliable friendships.
  • So, where does the story of a cup of coffee for forty years come from, have you ever wondered?
  • Let me tell you right away without making you wonder anymore! Because, like many of our proverbs, this idiom has a beautiful story that touches the heart.
  • Once upon a time, there was a man in Üsküdar, Istanbul, who made very good coffee and had a pleasant conversation with people. This person’s conversation was really enjoyable. The one who chatted with him once would want to chat again later.
  • People used to come to this reverend’s shop from far away places to buy coffee, and they would both get their coffee and chat with the coffee maker. The coffee shop also listened to the problems of the visitors and gave them advice.
  • One day, a janissary came to this shop. The Janissary said that he offered coffee to everyone inside, except for the captain of the Greek ship.
  • The coffee shop made coffee for everyone. Then he sat next to the captain of the Greek ship with two cups of coffee in his hand.
  • Realizing the situation, the janissary got very angry and said, “Didn’t I tell you not to give coffee to that Greek Greek?” she started shouting.
  • The coffee maker turned to the janissary and said, “This coffee is not yours, it’s my treat.”
  • Thereupon, the janissary could not say anything.
  • Years followed years. Exactly 40 years have passed and a rebellion has started on Samos Island. The Greeks in this region revolted.
  • Kahveci was taken prisoner by the Greeks during this rebellion period.
  • As it is known, captives were sold in the slave market in those years. The coffee shop was also sold to an old man in this slave market.
  • The old man took the coffee shop to a deserted place.
  • The coffee maker could not imagine what could happen to him and was very afraid.
  • When they came to the deserted place, the old man said to the coffee shop, “Do not be afraid! I won’t do you any harm. You offered me a coffee 40 years ago, remember? Here I am the captain of that Greek ship,” he said.
  • The Greek ship captain, who did not forget that little kindness and friendship 40 years ago, released the coffee shop.
  • This story has brought the saying that a cup of coffee has 40 years of memory to come to this day.
  • Don’t you think it’s a very touching and beautiful story?
  • Without forgetting; There is another very good word about coffee. what? Let’s say right now.
  • The heart wants neither coffee nor a coffee house. The heart wants to love, coffee is an excuse.
  • Let this be the subject of another article.

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