What Is Good For The Flu?

What Is Good For The Flu?

Although a runny nose, which is the most prominent feature of flu and cold, is not given much importance by many people, it can be a harbinger of much larger diseases in the future. The most common winter what better means runny nose fluwhat is good for the flu, what is good for the flu and fatigue, what is good for cough and flufever and flu, what good comes with questions such as information we give an answer can spend the winter in the nose with drift.

What is the flu?

Influenza, which is one of the most common diseases in winter and seasonal transitions, is a contagious disease. The causative agent of my disease, which can result in death if no precautions are taken, is the virus called influenzaThe flu, a viral infection, starts suddenly.

The disease, which has symptoms such as fever over 39 degrees, severe headache, muscle and joint pain, dry cough, weakness, chills, can collapse the immune system. It has a fatal effect especially for children, the elderly, pregnant and lactating women, and those with chronic diseases such as heart, kidney, lung and diabetes. Influenza, which becomes contagious in the first 3 days, is a disease that should not be taken antipyretic and antibiotics without consulting a doctor.

How is the flu transmitted?

The disease is easily transmitted by the use of dishes, towels, clothes and other personal belongings of the person with the flu by someone else. In addition to this, even being in the same environment with the person who has the flu is enough. When the sick person sneezes or coughs, water droplets are dispersed into the air. Each water droplet contains the flu virus. People who are not sick with breathing take the flu virus into their bodies.

Handshake, kissing, all close contact that requires contact, spread the flu virus. The disease, which can easily spread from person to person, can affect thousands of people in a short time. The incidence of influenza increases especially in areas where people are in groups such as schools, workplaces, buses and minibusses.

How do we protect ourselves from the flu?

In order to protect against the flu, it may be beneficial to get the flu vaccine during vaccination periods. With the vaccine, our body becomes immune to the virus that causes the disease and can perform stronger throughout the year. Flu vaccines do not provide 100% protection against the flu, but have a high prevention ability and can prevent the transmission of the flu virus by 50%.

Staying away from people with the flu, not using their personal belongings, using masks in public transport and public living areas can be a precaution against the transmission of flu.

In addition, getting your sleep, applying for a nutrition program with high vitamin and mineral content can increase your body resistance. Washing your hands frequently and following the hygiene rules can also prevent the transmission of flu. As long as you take good care of yourself and take the necessary precautions, you will be less likely to be affected by the flu.

Natural Remedies for Flu

There is no clear cure for the flu. When you experience flu symptoms, you should go to the doctor without wasting time and act in accordance with his recommendations and medications. Using the medications given by your doctor in a timely manner and in appropriate doses, and resting will help you get rid of the flu in a shorter time. In addition, herbal treatment methods also make you feel better.

Although it is ignored by many people, one of every 100,000 people dies in flu cases. Since it is a serious disease, it must be treated.

Antibiotics are the most commonly used drugs in influenza infections. Are antibiotics good for the flu? Since it is a viral disease, antibiotics used in its treatment are useless. The severity of the disease may increase and people may experience the severe flu.

The answer to the question of what is good for severe flu is antiviral drugs used with the recommendation of the doctor, adequate and balanced nutrition, rest and plenty of water consumption. One of the frequently asked questions in the treatment of flu is whether a bath is good for the flu. Baths in the form of steam baths or saunas can be good for flu, as they raise the body temperature and remove toxic substances from the body. Afterward, it is important to protect the body well and not to be cold.

Another question about flu treatment is what is good for the flu, is herbal treatment possible? Herbal drinks and foods taken with the doctor’s recommendation can increase body resistance. Foods that are good for the flu are foods that contain plenty of vitamin C. Consuming vegetables and fruits in season contributes to strengthening your immune system.

Water takes first place among the drinks that are good for the flu. Drinking plenty of water is an important habit that is good for the flu. With water consumption, you can reduce the effects of the flu and shorten your recovery time. You can prepare hot teas by making use of medicinal plants in your home facilities. If you add honey to the teas you have prepared, your throat will soften and your cough will be relieved. As a solution to the flu, if you drink these healing teas without sleeping at night, you can have a more comfortable sleep.

Sage, green tea, mint lemon tea, echinacea tea, linden, ginger-honey-lemon tea, rosehip tea are among the teas you can choose. You can also add useful spices such as cinnamon, black pepper and turmeric to the teas you prepare.

If you ask what is best for the flu, we would like to emphasize the importance of a correct and balanced diet. Avoiding junk food consumption keeps your body’s resistance to flu and various diseases alive. One of the most effective solutions to the flu is to rest. You should also make sure that the air in the room you rest in is clean.

What is good for the flu, which is constantly asked, is also discussed by İbrahim Saracoğluİbrahim Saraçoğlu’s special onion cure can also be used as an alternative method in the treatment of flu. You can discover the effect of onion against flu by consuming onion juice and feel the benefits of onions for flu.

What Is Good For The Flu? Things That Are Good For The Flu

For sore throat, which is one of the symptoms of the flu, English carbonate may be good. When you add 1 teaspoon of English carbonate to 1 glass of water and drink it, your sore throat will be relieved. Influenza virus especially obstructs the upper respiratory tract. You can meet your moisture needs with dried chamomile, which is effective in opening the upper respiratory tract.

You can put a few dried daisies in warm water and hang them on the stove or heater you use at home. Evaporating chamomile water provides the moisture balance of the house and prevents nasal congestion.

What is good for a flu cough with annoying symptomsIn order to prevent the dry and tickling cough that comes with the flu, you can prepare a mixture of honey and ginger and consume 2 teaspoons in the morning and evening.

You can avoid dusty and dirty environments to get rid of tears in the flu, and you can rest your eyes by increasing your sleep hours. You can put a few drops of the tea you drink on a clean cotton ball and keep it in your eyes.

Brew yourself a wonderful tea with a vanilla stick, cinnamon bark, rosehip, orange peel, linden and sage. The smell of this tea solves your breathing problem due to flu and also increases body resistance. The natural solution, which is frequently asked, is to consume the foods you have prepared at home and to avoid ready-made foods.

What Is Good For The Flu During Pregnancy?

The entire structure of the body changes during pregnancy. Changes such as the body’s production and consumption of oxygen, the amount of blood pumped by the heart, and the heart’s rhythm rate affect the body’s immune system. This increases the risk of contracting infectious diseases. Pregnant women need to dress tight and pay attention to their diet during the cold winter months when flu is common. It is inconvenient for those who have the flu to go to the doctor’s control and use antibiotics unless the doctor recommends it. Do not trust the drug recommendations that are good for the flu, unless the doctor recommends it.

So, what’s good for the flu while pregnant? The most effective treatment for the flu is inpatient rest . It is important to adequately ventilate the house and maintain its temperature. Drink plenty of water and pay attention to nutrition. If there is no appetite, fruit should be consumed to meet the calorie requirement.

What is good for flu sore throat in pregnant women? Lozenges can be used to prevent sore throat. In addition to the lozenge, you can gargle with a pinch of sage in hot water.

Salt water may be helpful for nasal congestion.

Vegetables and fruits containing high vitamin C can be consumed to increase body resistance.

What is good for flu and cough? Honey thrown into warm milk can be drunk for coughing. Warm lemon water and apple juice can also be good for a cough. Influenza is a serious problem for babies as well as pregnant women.

So, let’s answer the question of what is good for the flu for babies. Breastfed babies should be breastfed more frequently and apple juice and vegetable soups should be added to their complementary foods. Care should be taken to take plenty of water, and vegetable soups should be given using carrots, spinach, lemons, and other vegetables.

Healing Recipes for Influenza Good Medicine

The most common question asked by those who suffer from flu, which is a common disease during the winter months, is what is good for the fluWhat is good for the flu The recipes that you can easily prepare at home can strengthen your immune system.

1) Keeps You Full, Softens Your Stomach For Chicken Broth Soup:

In order to fight the cold side of the winter season, chicken broth soup, which strengthens the immune system, helps us to regain our old strength when we catch the flu. The soup made using ingredients such as chicken, carrots, potatoes, onions, garlic, butter, peppers, parsley and vermicelli is sufficient even as a single meal due to its high nutritional value. 

2) For Warming Flu Tea:

It offers a wonderful taste with lemon, apple, orange, cinnamon, quince, clove and honey, which are included in the content of flu tea, which strengthens the immune system against the flu. Flu tea, which is the exact answer to the question of whether vitamin C is good for the flu, fights germs with its high vitamin C content.

3) For Influenza Syrup That Lifts Bed Mattresses:

You can prepare a natural cough syrup consisting of ginger, lemon and honey for cough, which is one of the most important symptoms of the flu. Flu syrup, which has the feature of keeping it intact in the refrigerator for up to 1 month, increases body resistance due to the antioxidants in its content.

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