Face Yoga: Benefits and Harms

Face Yoga

Yoga is an Indian philosophy of body and mind. The body cooperates with the mind and feeds the soul. While the soul is satisfied, the body also relaxes. Originating in India, this philosophy is an effective and beneficial practice for both the body and the mind. Yoga is done by going through certain stages. At the end of these stages, the person becomes free by enlightening his soul and is purified from all negative effects.

There is another aspect of yoga. This aspect has become quite popular in skin care. The type of yoga called face yoga is effective for your skin. In terms of its benefits for facial muscles, face yoga is practiced by Zeynep Şensoy and many other famous names. Face yoga, known as the secret of youth, was also recommended by Ayşe Tolga to her fans. Face yoga with a few small movements is effective in the cheekbone and many areas.

Every detail you want to learn about face yoga movements, which is defined as the most popular exercise of the last period, is with you now. Celebrities who do face yoga and their advice can help you with this. If you are ready to meet face yoga, here is the information that will guide you!

face yoga moves

What is Face Yoga?

Facial exercises to make the face look younger are called “facial yoga”. This application, which accelerates blood circulation, renews the cells around the face and makes you look more alive. The movements made to work about 40 muscles on the face at the same time are expressed under the name of face yoga. It is also stated that people who do facial yoga get effective results.

With the advancing age, the muscles and cells in the face also age. Many cosmetic products are sold to preserve the vitality of the cells and to keep the muscles always vigorous. Face yoga will help you in this regard. You can strengthen your muscles with face yoga that you can practice without any expense. The main purpose of face yoga is to keep the facial muscles alive and strengthen them.

Many people’s concerns such as crow’s feet, wrinkles around the eyes, sagging cheeks and looking old can be eliminated with face yoga. These facial rejuvenating exercises, which are common all over the world, are a health secret that is rapidly spreading in our country.

how to do face yoga

How is Face Yoga Done?

In order to benefit from face yoga, you need to dedicate an average of 15 minutes to these movements during the day. You can witness wonderful changes on your face with facial yoga movements done in a very short time:

  • Lip Contour: Face yoga can be applied to certain points of the face. If your goal is lip augmentation with face yoga, first moisturize your lips with a moisturizer. Then think of it as having water in the mouth and try to gargle with air. You can expel the air in the mouth to the right and left. Another method would be to go in front of the mirror and send yourself loving kisses. You can strengthen the lip contour with these movements that you will try for about 1 minute. Another move you will apply on your lips will be to remove the letter “o”. You can blow air out by saying the letter O. Thus, your cheek and lip contours will be worked.
  • Eyelids: When face yoga is applied for the eye area, it strengthens the eyelids and prevents the formation of wrinkles. For this, stretch your eyebrows upwards with your palms and try to look down at the same time. Repeat the 1- 2 minute application daily.
  • Cheek Circumference: Regularly practiced face yoga can prevent unwanted situations such as cheek sagging. For this purpose, we can recommend inflating the balloon. To deflate the balloon you are inflating, hold it close to your lips and blow against the air as the air comes out. Thus, you will work your cheek muscles. You can try this move regularly by inflating the balloon 10 times.
  • Cheek Plumping: If you are trying face yoga to have a cheek plumping effect, you should not neglect your daily exercises. Sagging cheeks are stretched over time and your cheekbones become fuller.
  • Cheek Sagging: To prevent cheek sagging, you can try the move called Chinese mustache. For this move, create and connect the number 2 with your fingers. Stretch the right and left cheeks with this movement. Hold for about 10 seconds with each stretch.

Face Yoga Movements Pictorial Lectures

You can use the following images to practice facial yoga movements more permanently:

1) With the fish face expression you have made, you will work out your cheekbones as well as your lip muscles. This way you can wait 10 seconds. There will be no harm in applying it 10 times in total.

face yoga moves with pictures

2) With this gesture, you will say the letter “o”. As your cheeks are stretched, your lip muscles will also be active.

face yoga practitioners

3) With the balloon inflating movement, you both do breathing exercises and invigorate your cheek muscles. You can try this fun and easy move to have a more lively face.

face yoga

4) The kiss gesture is suitable to be tried in front of the mirror. This movement, which you will apply by taking a moment and kissing yourself in front of the mirror, helps to tighten the cheeks and gather the muscles.

face yoga moves

5) It is very easy to collect the sagging cheeks with the method of air in the mouth. This move, which you can try at every spare time, will soon remove the sagging around the cheeks.

face yoga benefits

6) As Ayşe Tolga expresses in the image, the index fingers are fixed on the eyebrows and the thumbs are fixed on the lip. The places where the fingers are slightly stretched. You can stretch your face for about 10 seconds.

face yoga

Before After Face Yoga

If you’re thinking about how effective face yoga can be, we can’t help but show you these wonderful changes. These changes, which are achieved with regularly applied face yoga exercises, will make you look younger than your age. You should not be too late to eliminate skin problems such as wrinkles and sagging!

1) As can be seen in the image, facial yoga equalizes the skin and gives it an aesthetic fullness.

face yoga before after

2) If you have patience for a while and do face yoga, you can prevent sagging around the lower cheeks. Can you see the change in the image?

before and after face yoga

Face Yoga Benefits and Harms

To express the changes and innovations that facial yoga will create on your face:

  • Face yoga accelerates blood circulation.
  • As the blood circulation accelerates, the sleepiness disappears.
  • Compared to plastic surgeries performed at great expense, facial yoga is inexpensive and more practical.
  • It prevents wrinkles and sagging due to aging.
  • The sagging of the cheeks of people who gain or lose weight disappear when face yoga is done regularly.
  • Your skin will always stay new and vibrant as it will activate the skin cells.
  • If you do it regularly for a long time, your face will look thinner and proportional.
  • Trying for a few days and taking a break for a few days will tire your facial muscles. You have to be patient and determined for this exercise.

No one among those who have tried it so far has encountered the harms of face yoga. If you apply it irregularly, you can exacerbate the sagging. Therefore, being determined will give more effective results.

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