Parsnip: what is it and what are its benefits

Parsnips and Carrots

Consuming carrot is an excellent idea if we want to improve the functioning of our intestinal transit because this vegetable contains very high levels of fiber . But there is another vegetable that is very similar and also has many benefits for our body: parsnip.

In fact, this vegetable is very similar to the carrot and has some common properties, although its flavor is somewhat more powerful. And it can provide us with many more vitamins.

If you want to know why you should eat parsnips instead of carrots, we encourage you to continue reading. We are going to tell you all the benefits it has.

Parsnip: what is it and what are its benefits

Parsnip is a vegetable similar to carrot but with a more pronounced flavor. Aesthetically, this vegetable also bears certain similarities to the carrot, although it is paler on the outside and has a whitish hue on the inside.

Its flavor is sweeter , bordering on aniseed but it also has a spicy point, which is why it is ideal for giving a special touch to our dishes. It can also be used in multiple recipes such as purees or creams, sauces or even to make hummus.

Regarding its benefits , we should know that parsnip has a very high level of vitamin C , which helps us delay the aging of our body by acting as an antioxidant. But this vitamin also helps us keep our immune system in perfect working order , thus protecting us from contracting certain diseases or respiratory infections.

In addition, this vegetable also contains potassium , one of the minerals that helps us improve our blood pressure and control the appearance of kidney stones.

Differences Between Parsnips and Carrots

The truth is that both are tubers that belong to the Apiaceae family, hence their resemblance. Plus, either one is low in calories and high in antioxidants and fiber.

However, the first difference is that carrots have a lower glycemic index and also fewer calories. Something that could make us think that it is a better option but it is not.

Parsnip is a better choice because:

  • It has more minerals. Among them potassium, iron, magnesium, zinc, copper and phosphorus. It also has less sodium than carrots, which protects us from possible hypertension .
  • It is rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B1, vitamin B5 and vitamin K. However, carrots also have many other vitamins that are beneficial to our body.
  • Its folic acid index is higher. Specifically, it has 252.6% more than carrots, something that helps us protect our brain from possible dementias and other types of diseases.
  • More fiber . In addition to having more quantity, they also have more carbohydrates and are more protein , so they can help us stay satiated in case we are dieting.

As you can see, parsnip can have many advantages if you incorporate it into your diet, but this does not mean that you leave carrots aside. The ideal is that you combine both to be able to take advantage of all the benefits they offer you and thus improve the functioning of your body.

Either of the two can help you prevent diabetes and the onset of some heart diseases that can endanger your health, so we encourage you to start looking at recipes to incorporate them into your daily life.

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