Calendula Plant: Oil, Cream and Benefits and Uses

Calendula Plant

What will become of our fondness for cosmetic products? We have come to buy a separate cabinet at home for various creams, lotions, perfumes and soaps. All from our love for ourselves! Good thing we’re getting it. Because we love ourselves very much. We receive it; What is good for our skin, what is it useful for, how much knowledge do we have?

Have you heard of the calendula plant, which is especially preferred in cosmetic products? Even if you don’t hear; A little bit of calendula is used in every product you buy. You did not know that the calendula flower provides the beauty of your skin. Calendula is one step away from us with creams, herbal teas, body lotions and care oils. It’s waiting for us to discover it.

Orange Beauty: What Is Calendula?

The calendula flower, which shows itself in every garden with its orange color , is a plant used in the field of medicine and cosmetics. It is a very hardy and vigorous plant. When it receives care and attention, it reaches up to half a meter in length. Favorite places: sandy, clayey and sunny soils. In fact, there is a mystery of nature in his love of the sun. If its leaves are closed in the first hours of the day; Most likely it will be rainy that day.

It competes with other flowers in terms of aesthetics and the benefits of calendula have also been a remarkable topic for skin care by İbrahim Saracoğlu. İbrahim Saraçoğlu recommends using creams obtained from flowers with the advice of an expert. Herbal creams used without consulting a doctor can sometimes have negative results.

Where and How Does the Natural Moisturizing Calendula Plant Grow?

Calendula, which has a strong and resistant structure, can grow anywhere with sun, clay soil and sandy land. It usually finds a place in the gardens and adds an aesthetic beauty to it. She is also aware of her beauty. Especially for its survival; It needs attention and care from March to autumn. Its colorful yellow to orange leaves, which open until autumn, grow regularly from the inside out. It is so organized; With this order and the color it has, it almost fascinates the beholders. Herb; It can reproduce with calendula seeds.

How is Calendula Oil Obtained? What Does It Do?

Calendula, which is an extremely effective flower, has also found its place in skin care oil products. If you have calendula plant in your garden, you can easily make calendula oil at home and get your share of the benefits.

First of all, you need to obtain genuine olive oil and calendula flowers. Then, you should pluck 20-25 calendula flowers and throw them into 1 liter of genuine olive oil. This mixture you get; You should put it in a sunny place. Now the queue is waiting. You should be patient for about 3 weeks and let this oil mix with each other. And don’t forget to shake your bottle every day. After 3 weeks; You can use it as a natural skin lotion. When you use it in the form of lotion; It will give your skin softness and shine. It will lighten the freckles as well as destroy your acne spots. Magical calendula cream is a cream approved by İbrahim Saracoğlu. Please consult your doctor for use on stains and wounds. You should seek the advice of a doctor to prevent otherwise.

Princess of Gardens: What Are the Benefits of Calendula?

Calendula, which is offered as herbal tea to tea lovers and as a healing cream to those who want cream; It is waiting for you ready and ready to show its benefits in the form of care oil. Let’s examine what are the benefits , what is the use of calendula :

  • It is very effective in healing wounds on the skin. Be sure to keep in mind for swelling, irritation, stains and wounds.
  • It has blood cleansing properties and can intervene immediately if there is a risk of Hepatitis ABC.
  • It is the best herbal remedy for kidney inflammation, vascular inflammation.
  • If you use it in the form of a cream, calendula can eliminate your athlete’s foot discomfort with regular use.
  • Fights stomach parasites; It makes your stomach healthy.
  • It is the best solution against warts on the skin. Calendula hand cream with moisturizing properties should definitely be in your bag.
  • Relieves duodenal ulcer.
  • If you use it regularly, calendula will solve your eczema problems.
  • Calendula juice obtained from the stems of the calendula plant; It is used for the treatment of warts and scabies.
  • Calendula, which is very beneficial for the skin, also shows its effect in skin blemishes and skin cancers.
  • In regular use, calendula cream has the feature of removing skin blemishes and age spots.
  • When you want to use it against open wounds and allergies; please consult your doctor.
  • The harms of calendula cream, which makes you love yourself with its benefits, are also possible. It can have dangerous consequences when you use it with chronic drugs and during pregnancy.

How to Use Calendula Cream?

  • The calendula cream you buy from the pharmacy will be good for you, like a pain reliever, when you have a headache. Apply by massaging your temples and feel the pain relief in a short time.
  • When you feel itchy on your skin, apply it by massaging the itchy area. Before long, your itching will subside.
  • Miracle calendula will also cure you in fungal problems. Wash the affected area first, then apply the cream. You will see that the fungus disappears with regular use. With the benefits of calendula cream, which is so effective, we hope that it will heal you as well.

Everything is for Health: What Is Calendula Soap Used For?

Would you like to see the benefits of calendula under this title, also with soap? After reading our article, you will start looking for calendula soap. Because this soap is the healthiest and most natural one among make-up removal methods.

When you use it regularly, neither stains nor acne will remain on your skin. Because, thanks to its antioxidant feature, it will remove the dead skin on your skin and your skin will be cleaner and livelier. It is known that soaps dry the skin, on the contrary, calendula soap moisturizes your skin while cleaning! If you have acne, blemishes, sun spots, age spots and itching on your skin, you have a valid reason to buy calendula soap. You should also prefer this soap to get rid of make-up.

For the Love of Herbal Tea: How to Brew Calendula Tea? What Is It Good For?

The health and happiness from herbal teas is indescribable, isn’t it? Let’s find healing with calendula tea this time . Connecting you get from your dry your hands or your calendula herb should be brewed with a cup of boiling water. To brew a healthy herbal tea; You can use herbal tea cups. It will be a healthy decision to drink the tea brewed for 10 minutes once a day.

When you drink the tea, first of all, you are helping to clean your blood. You can easily get rid of germs in the body with tea. You can also think of it as a kind of detox tea. You can eliminate intestinal, stomach and lung inflammations with calendula tea. The important thing is to consume this tea regularly.

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