What are the Benefits of Blackcurrant?


Blackcurrant, which was first grown in Belgium and France, contains a distinctive aroma with its unique sour tasteCurrant, which has been used in Chinese public health for almost a thousand years , naturally grows in the high parts of Eastern, Central and Northern Anatolia in Turkey.

In recent years, interest in foods containing high antioxidant components, minerals and vitamins has been increasing rapidly all over the world. There are 150 different types of blackcurrant, which is in the group of berry fruits The fruit, which has a cute appearance with its cluster-shaped small grains, contains a sour taste. It has red, black, yellow and white colors . Currant, which has a round and very bright color and a translucent skin, is a fruit variety with plenty of benefits.

What is Blackcurrant? What are the types?

Currant, which has long clusters and tiny grains, is a deciduous plant with a length of 1-1.5 meters. The currant tree, which is in the form of a bush, can adapt to almost all climates and grows in any soil. Due to these features, blackcurrant, which is widely grown in our country, is produced in a wide area.

The fruit, which contains high levels of vitamin C, also contains vitamins A, B2 and B. 100 grams of blackcurrant, which is very rich in antioxidant components, is 56 calories. There are varieties of Yellow Currant, Black Currant, Large Red Currant, Small Red Currant and White Currant. Large red currant is usually consumed because it is large and juicy. In addition, current syrup is made with red currant.

What are the Benefits of Blackcurrant?

What is the use of blackcurrant , which attracts attention with its cute appearance and bright colors?

  • Currant seeds, which have an appetizing effect, come to the rescue of those who have weight gain problems. The soluble fibers in its content regulate the digestive system and treat indigestion. Increases bowel movements, passes the problem of gas and bloating.
  • It plays a role in the regulation of liver functions. Especially in the treatment of hepatitis, which is a liver disease, blackcurrant is a very effective fruit.
  • Blackcurrant, which shows antioxidant properties with its high vitamin C content, helps the body fight against diseases by strengthening the immune system.
  • Blackcurrant has positive effects on diabetes. It keeps the blood sugar level in balance.
  • It plays an important role in the regulation of kidney functions. It prevents the formation of kidney stones and facilitates the reduction of kidney stones.
  • Currant, which has an antipyretic effect, reduces menstrual pain experienced during the menstrual period.
  • Currant, which has a diuretic effect, ensures the removal of excess water from the body.
  • Blackcurrant oil obtained from currant delays the effects of aging by moisturizing the skin and provides shine by nourishing the hair roots.

Where Is Red Currant Grown in Turkey?

Blackcurrant grows in almost all regions of our country. The fringe-shaped roots of the currant, which has a dwarf bush-like appearance, do not go too deep. It is a weakly branched plant and the blackcurrant sapling, which does not like too moist and excessively dry soils , should be planted intermittently. Alpine Currant grows naturally on the Black Sea coast. Caucasian currant is found in Rize, black-fruited currant is found in Muş, and East Black Sea currant is found in its natural form in Eastern and Central Anatolia.

The most consumed and preferred red currant is a cultivated species. The currant tree, which bears fruit in summer, bears fruit in the year it is planted. In the past, gardens are being established for the red currant, which was grown as an intermediate agricultural product on the side of the field in the past. Blackcurrant, which can be grown in every inch of Anatolian soil, is mostly grown in Bursa. 80% of blackcurrant produced in Turkey originates from Bursa. Following Bursa, there are efforts to establish blackcurrant orchards in Uşak, Konya, Amasya, Tokat and Gümüşhane. How to propagate blackcurrant, which is quite easy to grow? In general, woodcutting is used in current propagation.

As soon as the currant leaves start to shed in autumn, 30-centimeter-sized cuttings are taken from one-year-old branches. Cuttings are planted by opening 25 to 30 cm deep slits in the soil. Rooted in early spring with planted cuttings. You can grow as many blackcurrants as you want by planting your rooted cuttings wherever you want.

Where to Buy Blackcurrant?

Blackcurrant, one of the most sought after flavors with its antioxidant content and distinctive sour flavor, is offered for sale in large shopping malls, organic stores and online stores. By purchasing currant seedlings, you can grow them in your own garden or in pots and have your own currant.

It can be sold as fresh as well as dried currants . Unlike ordinary fruits such as a strawberry, grape, apple, pear, it is not sold in markets. Since it is not a traditional fruit that is widely known and consumed in Turkey, it is generally preferred by those who are passionate about organic nutrition.

What are the prices of blackcurrant?

Blackcurrant, also known as Gooseberry, is generally consumed as a snack for snacks or breakfasts. Currant, which has a special aroma, is a fruit that is popularly used in salads, sauces, cake and cake decorations. Blackcurrant prices vary according to variety, size and brand.

Verita currants are domestic production, which are offered for sale in June and July, and are imported from Portugal, Chile and the Netherlands in other months. Fresh currants are generally offered for sale in airtight packaging. Frozen and dried currants can be seen in the markets every month of the year. The average price of 1 kilogram of fresh currant can vary between 250 lira and 500 lira.

How to Use Red Currant?

White-fruited currant has a sweeter aroma than red currant. For this reason, white currant is generally preferred in making jam and marmalade, appetizers, salads, cake and cookie decorations. Black currant juice draws attention with its high nutritional value. Tea can be brewed by drying currant leaves. Tea brewed using the leaves is especially preventive of the symptoms of rheumatism and gout.

Blackcurrant tea , which can also be used as a mouthwash, prevents mouth infections. Blackcurrant is mostly used in making sherbet . In addition to these, blackcurrant is used in making molasses, creams, liqueurs and candles with its black color . Blackcurrant, which is widely used in the food industry with its flavoring and coloring properties, is also used in making ice cream and fruit juice .

Red Currant Color Recipes

1) Crown the Most Delicious State of Red Color with Blackcurrant

Blackcurrant cake, which is a wonderful mixture of labneh cheese and blackcurrant, turns your tea hours into a feast with both its appearance and taste. You can prepare a pleasant surprise for your guests with the currant labneh cake that will blow your mind with the taste it leaves on the palate at the first bite. 

2) Princess Currant Meets Cranberry

Carrying the antioxidant effect of cranberry and currant, as well as its magnificent taste and aroma, the princess crown with blackcurrant turns your tea hours into a visual feast.

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