Ripening Avocado – 6 Good Ways!


When you are going to buy a bag of avocados, it is wise to buy them in different stages of ripening. One or two that you can eat right away, a few that are a little harder and a few that are hard. This way you avoid having to stress an avocado to become ripe or to be stressed yourself because you want avocados and they are still hard. That’s really annoying. If you want to make avocado ripe, here are some tips. These 6 ways ensure that the ripening process goes a little faster so that you can still eat your avocado that is soft.

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1. Ripen Avocado With Fruit In Bag

If you put ripe fruit in a plastic bag and you add an unripe avocado, you can make the avocado ripe. Some types of ripe fruit release the hormone ethylene, which causes other fruits to ripen faster. Tomatoes, banana, apples and passion fruit are an example of this.

It depends on the ripeness of the avocado how long it takes to ripen. Make sure that the other fruit, which is already quite ripe, also ripens faster and that these are also faster on the menu.

2. Ripening Avocado In A Paper Bag

Just put an avocado in a paper bag and wait a day. You will see that this action will ripen the avocado. An avocado also releases ethylene, which remains in the bag, causing the avocado to ripen itself.

3. Avocado Tight Wrapping Foil

Avocado wrapped tightly in foil also seems to aid in the ripening process. The ethylene also plays a role here. This speeds up the ripening process because it cannot disappear into the air but stays close to the avocado itself.

4. Ripening Avocado In The Oven

If you want to make an avocado ripe, you can fold aluminum foil around the avocado and place it in the oven, which has been heated to 90 degrees. Place baking paper on the oven tray and the wrapped avocado on top. Then let the avocado sit for between 10 and 50 minutes to ripen it.

It depends on the avocado how hard and unripe it is. The harder the avocado, the longer it needs to be in the oven to ripen and become soft. You can estimate approximately how long the avocado needs to be in the oven, otherwise take a skewer and poke the avocado briefly to see if it is soft.

5. Leave Avocado Out of Fridge

As with many fruits and vegetables, these will ripen less hard when you put them in the fridge. So leave your avocado out of the fridge when you want to make the avocado ripe. Place nicely on the fruit bowl in the living room, with other fruit and your avocado will ripen nicely.

6. Ripening Avocado In The Microwave

Another way to make your avocado ripe: Use the microwave. Poke some holes in the avocado and put it in a microwave dish. Run at full power for 20 seconds and you’ve made your avocado rich. Whether it benefits the taste is another matter. You can use this avocado in a smoothie.

The best avocados are those that have been allowed to ripen quietly on the shell or have been bought ripe at the store. So the real tip is buy ripe avocados or be patient when they ripen on the shell and eat when ripe without stressing the avocados.

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