Weight Loss Workouts at Home: Quick, Easy and Effective! Illustrations

Weight Loss Workouts

Many people do exercises to lose weight. With outdoor exercises, the oxygen needed by the body is met more. However, for some reasons, you may have to do sports at home. Weight loss exercises at home will be more appropriate for you on days when you are tired from work, when you can not find the opportunity to go to the gym, when you cannot take your little baby out after birth. You can get rid of excess weight by taking a certain amount of time and exercising at home.

We have good news for those who want to lose weight, get thinner regionally, and wear clothes in smaller sizes. You can be closer to your dreams with the fast weight loss exercises that we will present to you now. Do you want exercise suggestions and motivation from us, and regular sports at home from you? If you want to wear your dream clothes comfortably, you should practice each exercise pattern regularly.

Here are the most economical and effective weight loss exercises with illustrated explanations!

Easy Weight Loss Workouts at Home

1) Before you start exercising at home, you need to activate the blood circulation in your body. For this, if you have a pilates ball at home, you can move for a few minutes by holding the ball in the waistline. Exercises without warming up can damage the structure of the muscles. Position the Pilates ball properly in the lumbar cavity and move yourself on the ball as if lying on your back. You can prepare your body for exercises that will move forward and backward 10 times.

weight loss exercises

2) Weight loss exercises will give productive results for men and women when done regularly. This movement, which you will perform by lying on your back, will work the arm and leg muscles. The legs remain in the air as in the image and try to touch the tips of the feet with the fingertips. While performing this movement, the position of your legs should not change. The only area going forward and back will be the arms, along with the shoulders. Since the abdominal muscles will also be stretched during the application, thinning may be seen in the abdominal region after a while.

exercises to lose weight

3) You can tighten your hip area by squatting. Get in front of a mirror. Open the right and left feet at shoulder level. Take a deep breath and squat up in sets. Do not keep your feet off the ground during take-off. Do not forget to put all your weight on your feet during the exercise. You should also keep your back straight. You should be careful not to bend over, to squat. You can evaluate your free time by doing 15 squat movements in each set.

fast weight loss exercises

4) With the “V” movement in the image, it will be very easy for you to work and tighten the abdominal muscles. First, lie face down on the floor and take a deep breath. With your hands and feet touching the ground, slowly pull your legs inward. While trying this movement, the hip area will rise upwards. Wait 30 seconds for each attempt. These weight loss exercises that can melt belly fat will be a suitable exercise for men and women.

fast weight loss exercises

5) With this exercise called Superman, you will activate the abdominal, hip and back muscles. You have to lie face down on the floor for this movement that you can apply very easily. At the same time, try to lift the arms and legs into the air. Hold for 30 seconds with arms and legs in the air. Then repeat this movement. You can do it 20 times in a session. It will be an ideal move for those who want to try weight loss exercises from the hips. With regular application, you can see that the hip area is tightened.

postpartum weight loss exercises

6) You can turn on your favorite music while doing the jumping movement, which is very easy and energy-consuming. In order to burn calories for a short time by jumping where you are, you must first wear comfortable clothes. Remove items that will prevent you from jumping. You can also work your arm muscles by joining your hands in the air while jumping on your place. It will be a very effective exercise for weight loss exercises from the arms and legs. You can take a 2-minute rest break for 3-minute jump sets and continue jumping again.

7) Although known as a military exercise, push-ups are a move that burns a lot of calories. Its suitability to be tried at home will be good news for those who want to exercise at home. While performing the push-up movement, your feet should remain stationary and only the shoulders and arms should move. Push-ups, which are a saving suggestion for upper region muscles, not only increase muscle ratio, but also accelerate fat burning. If you do 50 push-ups a day, you can burn an average of 100 calories.

exercises to lose weight

8) Would you like to train all your body muscles by jumping rope indoors, on the balcony, on the terrace or in the garden? All you need is rope. Jumping rope at a fast or slow tempo is effective for both upper and lower region muscles. Jumping rope exercise, which also protects heart health, loses a lot of calories in a short time. When you jump rope for about 10 minutes, you can burn around 140 calories.

height increase and weight loss exercises

9) This sit-up movement, applied on the carpet or on the pilates mat, is very effective for burning the fat in the belly area. You can destroy the fat collected around the abdomen and belly by doing sit-ups in a short time. If you make this movement a habit, you can notice the thinning in the abdomen after 10 days. Make sure that the feet and legs remain on the ground. Keeping the legs on the ground, support your head with your hands and squeeze the abdominal area.

hip weight loss exercises

10) Another effective exercise for people who complain about the excess in the abdominal area is with you. Get the position in the image on the ground. Open and close the right leg and left leg forward, respectively. Perform at a slow pace first, and then increase your speed for a few minutes. Your leg muscles will be strengthened with this movement, which is applied as if you were riding a bicycle on the ground. In addition, the burning of fat in the abdomen will accelerate. We recommend that you take care to practice this movement regularly, which does not pose any obstacle to try it at home.

weight loss exercises at home

11) This move, which is done with a slight change in the push-up position, will make you run on the ground. To try this sweaty and calorie-burning move, lie down on the floor and take the push-up position. Then the right knee to the left left elbow; If the left is you, try to make contact in turn, coinciding with the right elbow. You may find it difficult at first try. But then your body will adapt to this movement. You can try 5 times in each set.

exercise program for weight loss

12) You can easily try this exercise at home, which includes jumping by doing squats. If you want, jump from carpet to carpet, or draw a zone for yourself with the help of a shawl. Standing upright is important in this move. Jump from one area to the other area by crouching with both feet closed. You can feel the effect of this movement on your hips and legs after a few seconds.

weight loss exercises for legs

13) In this movement called plank, your goal will be to open your legs without moving your body. Plank, which will be effective for the inner leg muscles, can be applied alternately. Take your stance to open the right leg first. After trying 15 times, you can move on to the other leg. We recommend that you try this move on the carpet on the floor. You may slip and fall when you try it on the sofa or bed. You should not forget that you will keep the whole body stable and open your legs.

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