What is Plank Movement? How To Make It At Home?

Plank Movement

Plank movement is one of the most effective movements based on body weight and does not require any equipment. This movement, which can be done at home by adhering to certain time periods without consuming intense energy and power, gives strength to the muscles and bones when done with regular repetitions. ‌

‌What is Plank Movement?

Plank exercise is based on sports that use body weight and are based on ‌body control, such as yoga and ‌pilates. The plank movement, which affects many parts of the body, benefits the body in many ways, from increasing body resistance to relieving pain in the back area, from burning calories to increasing muscle mass ratio. One of the important things to note about this exercise is that it should not be left in the plank position for a long time, as it can carry the body.

Like all other sports, repetitions are sufficient in a determined manner and in accordance with the body’s capacity. Because this seemingly simple movement is famous for starting to force the body within seconds. As in other types of sports, plank also affects psychological processes positively. As the body gets stronger and the vitality increases, the happiness hormone is secreted more and this affects the reduction of emotional states such as stress and anxiety. ‌

As you plank, the body gains resistance, the need for energy burning also increases; This increases the mobility and increases the time to do sports, which positively affects the slimming process.

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How to Make a Plank at Home

In order for the ‌plank exercise that can be done in living spaces to be effective and comfortable, it is recommended to work on the ‌pilates mat and wear sports shoes. ‌Plank stance for beginners consists of several sets of shorter duration; As the body condition increases, this time and the number of sets increase in direct proportion. ‌

In order to do the plank movement at home, it is necessary to have knowledge about the ‌plank stance and ‌plank positions:

  • Side ‌‌plank
  • Moving ‌plank
  • The ‌plank on one elbow is one of the most preferred ‌plank positions.

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Plank Movement

  1. Standing face down on the mat, as if doing push-ups,
  2. Toes and elbows are on the floor,
  3. The body is in a straight line and the legs are shoulder-width apart.
  4. The elbows, forearms and the tips of the toes touch the floor.
  5. Abdominal muscles are tightened and waited for a minimum of 15 to 20 seconds.

If this posture is repeated in several sets at intervals, the efficiency will be equally high. While doing plank, it is important to focus on the abdominal muscles during the stance and not to load the waist.

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What Are the Benefits of Plank? What Does It Do?

  • Plank exercises with body weight are very beneficial for the body. But in order to get efficiency, it is necessary to do this exercise regularly. It is especially useful for those who do not have the opportunity to go to the gym, do not move much, and work in an office setting.
  • Working the muscles without putting extra weight on the spine, gives strength to the upper part of the spine and reduces back pain.
  • It provides calorie burning and has a positive effect on the functioning of metabolism even during sleep.
  • The general posture of the body changes and makes it possible to stand more upright as it works the abdomen, chest, neck and back regions.
  • Since it works the muscle tissue in many parts of the body, it increases the quality of life by giving the body condition and flexibility.
  • Plank exercise provides a very functional list of results when done with regular repetitions. ‌
  • Plank is very effective in terms of burning calories and increasing body resistance. In addition, losing weight and keeping the weight constant at a certain rate, optimizing the muscle, tissue and fat mass in the body, strengthening the muscles and bones, improving the posture of the body, increasing the quality of life and feeling mentally and physically well are among the benefits of the plank movement.

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What Muscles Does the Plank Work?

Balancing the body on the arms and legs and using body weight for this essentially affects the whole body:

  • Since the plank is a type of exercise centered on the abdominal muscles, it allows the abdominal region to work.
  • The exercise targets the muscles in the ‌core area. This means the work of the abdomen, waist and hip regions.
  • Flat, lateral and diagonal abdominal muscles work throughout the exercise.
  • Getting strength from the arm activates the shoulders and arm muscles, while getting support from the toes works the whole leg, including the hip area.
  • A straight stance affects both the back and neck, and naturally the muscles, joints and tissues in these areas are working during the plank. ‌
  • The biceps and chest muscles are also used throughout the exercise.

Due to the fact that all these areas are subject to exercise, body resistance and conditioning increase altogether; the body gains flexibility; The working rhythm of the internal organs is regulated. Regular exercise has a positive effect on many aspects of life.

Exercising and doing sports leads the person to regulate eating and drinking. The upright sitting and standing positions contribute to both the external appearance and the more correct functioning of the internal organs. This will be effective in eliminating many problems that may occur in later ages.

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How Many Calories Does Plank Burn? Does it weaken?

“Does Plank burn fat?” and “How many calories does Plank burn?” It is one of the most common questions about exercise. The answer to the first of these questions will be “yes” and the second will be “it depends”.

Plank is very effective in burning calories and fat. Values ​​vary according to body structure and exercise duration; which means there will be differences in the amount of calories burned. At the same time, weight, body mass index and working speed of metabolism also cause differences in calorie burning. Therefore, there is no clear answer to how many calories are burned while doing plank.

But if we ignore all other variables and give an average value based on weight and time only, we can say that a person weighing 60 kg will burn approximately 42 calories with a 2-minute ‌plank movement.

Weight loss with only ‌plank” is not very possible, especially for beginners. ‌‌Plank is more effective in terms of weight loss if it is included in regular sports activities. The results are much more positive when combined with ‌plank exercise, regular ‌cardio and effective nutrition program at the end of sports or between sets. The reason why the plank stance alone does not have an intense effect on weight loss is that this sport is based on condition, posture and position.

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How Long Should Plank Be Made?

Although it is very useful in terms of ‌Plank ‌fitness, it is a sport that must be done within the framework of a certain plan and order. Since it is necessary not to force the body, it is important that beginners and those with low fitness do not do the intense ‌plank exercise. It is preferred to do this exercise depending on the person’s height, weight and body fat / muscle mass index.

In the beginner level ‌plank exercise done in a 30-day period, it is generally recommended to ‌plank for 20 seconds on the first day. This period continues to increase depending on body development. There are rest days at certain intervals in the sets.

A full day of rest takes place every four or six days. The reason for this is to prevent the strain of the tissues and to allow the body to rest. At this point, it should be noted that those with weight problems should apply ‌plank” accompanied by an expert. Lifting the body weight incorrectly, that is, by using the waist region rather than the abdominal muscles, can cause physical problems.

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