Kitchen Layout Ideas to Make Your Kitchen Useful

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This article, which contains practical information for the kitchen layout, will help you a lot in organizing the kitchens, which are the most complex and busiest parts of the house. You may need to make some arrangements in order not to witness the kitchens that almost turn into a battlefield at every meal and sudden hunger. The fact that the items you will use are placed in groups and that the vegetables and fruits are in special storage boxes relieve the kitchen hassle to some extent. We have answered the question of how the kitchen layout should be on this page for those who have just married, those who go to student houses, and those who cannot find a solution to the mess in the kitchen.

Layout ideas that make work easier from drawers to countertops are now with you. Cooking is now more fun!

practical information for kitchen layout

1) Extra Space with Wall Shelf for Glasses

If the cabinets are very few and small and you cannot organize mugs and cups, you can make a small decorative product consisting of cups on your wall. The materials required for this will be a nail as durable as the number of cups and a wide board as you wish. Prepare the floor for your cups by mounting the board on the wall and nail the boards to the board for each cup. These nails will be hangers for mugs and mugs and will help you with the kitchen cabinet layout.

How should the kitchen layout be?

2) Protect Cake Molds

If you are good with the oven and you love making cakes, you will definitely have a cake mold in your home. You know how delicate paper patterns are. While there are many items in the kitchen, it is only a matter of time before these paper or silicone molds are worn out and crushed. We have a great idea to avoid this! You can prevent the cake molds from being damaged by placing them vertically in the jar.

How should the kitchen layout be?

3) Create Freshness in the Closet

Cabinets can usually consist of one or two shelves. This situation can sometimes tire you while cooking. If you add a shelf inside the cabinet, you can place different products separately. While pots are on one shelf, you can store their lids on the other. When you want to create a shelf in the cabinet, you can buy specially sold free standing shelves. For a longer-lasting shelf system, you can measure the carpenter and arrange a medium-height shelf.

kitchen layout illustrated

4) Evaluate the Hangers

You can use hangers for kitchen counter arrangement. It would be a good idea to organize the ladles, colanders or spoons in a drawer by creating a hanging system on the counter or in the cabinet. You can also choose silicone hangers for this. While the kitchen utensils suspended on the counter will add a different atmosphere to your kitchen, they will also make your work easier during cooking.

kitchenette layout

5) Arrange Pot Lids

If there are moments when you can’t find a place for the pot lids while creating a kitchen drawer layout, you can give freedom to the pot lids with this idea. You can’t even imagine that your job will be so simple with an apparatus. If you want, mount a thin apparatus inside the cabinet or stick it with a strong adhesive. Place the pot lids as in the image and continue to find and handle your work easily as soon as you search. Pot lids are more organized now!

kitchen layout

6) Extend Shelf Life with Latch

If you only use the pegs for hanging laundry, you can also dedicate a few pegs to the kitchen. You can close the mouth of the newly opened packaged products with a latch and prevent them from getting air. Thus, you extend the shelf life. It will be a good idea to try for pasta packages, snack packages and spice packages.

How should the kitchen layout be?

7) Sort Kitchen Supplies

If you have a very large cabinet, you can put the materials you will use in different areas. You can use special in-shelf organizers for this. If you want to organize all the jars on the same shelf, it may be a practical method to create your own shelf with a thick cardboard at this point. In this way, when you open the drawer, you will prevent the materials inside from shaking and spilling.

kitchen drawer layout

8) Fill in the Blanks

Some people may have some space in the sections usually reserved for the refrigerator. This space becomes an alternative for people with smaller refrigerators and a hidden compartment can be made. You can set up a rail system and hide small jars and spices in this compartment. This layout idea will be great for people who have a small kitchen.

kitchen cabinet layout

9) Use Storage Containers

When it comes to the kitchen, many materials are used. When you say spices, legumes, sugars, what you need will be storage containers. You can also use jars and store the products you will use. With the storage jars, you can create a regular system in the cabinet and use the materials you want easily.

kitchen counter layout

10) Don’t Throw Glass Bottles

After using the drinks you buy in a glass bottle, you can make the bottle more useful by not throwing it away. It can be used as oil or sauce by making small touches. You can store granular products in the cupboard in this bottle. Even after washing and drying large milk and juice bottles, you can use them as a jar of pulses and contribute to the home economy.

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