Prepare Your Body for Fasting in 6 Steps

Prepare Your Body for Fasting in 6 Steps

Tips for Your Body Days Before Ramadan

While fasting in Ramadan, our metabolism will slow down as our bodies will starve for a long time. For this reason, we must be very careful about what we eat while fasting. Before Ramadan, we can prepare our bodies for Ramadan by accelerating our metabolism. The benefits of fasting are many, but it is also important to prepare well before fasting to reap the benefits.

The rate of preference of the diet, which is called the fasting diet among the people, has started to increase because it is healthy outside the month of Ramadan. In this period when the benefits of fasting are better understood, fasting will be a good opportunity to be more peaceful both physically and spiritually in Ramadan.

How do we prepare the body for fasting before the 30-day fasting periodWhat can be done to stay hungry for long hours, endure thirst and change the diet more easily? Here are effective recommendations to prepare your body for fasting before Ramadan!

1) Consuming Plenty of Water

  • When we are going to fast, we have to increase water consumption in sahur and iftar, Ramadan. You can calculate your ideal daily water consumption need by calculating from 40 ml per kilogram.
  • For example, if you have 60 kg, you need to consume 60*4 = 2.4 liters of water per day.
  • If you don’t like the taste of water or you forget to drink water, you can make it flavored. You can chop your favorite fruit and add cinnamon.

2) Eating Regularly

  • The more regularly you eat, the more balanced your blood sugar and insulin levels will be, and your metabolism will work faster.
  • The more balanced we have before the start of fasting, the higher our rate of benefiting from fasting can be.

3) Eating a Variety

  • One of the foundations of a healthy diet is a varied diet.
  • If you eat the same things every day, you will not get different vitamins and minerals in your body and your metabolism will start to slow down.
  • Fasting diet list, that is, everything you add to the healthy eating list while fasting is actually the food that should be for life.
  • By diversifying your diet before fasting, you make your body more resistant to hunger.

4) Increasing Fiber

  • Eating plenty of fiber protects you especially from colon cancer, balances blood sugar, and reduces constipation.
  • Our gut is our second brain, the better we take care of it, the faster our metabolism will work.

5) Reducing Salt Consumption

  • 1 gram of salt is 200 ml in your body. causes water accumulation.
  • Excess salt consumption causes hypertension.

6) Eliminating Sugar From Your Life

  • If you add only 2 cubes of sugar to your tea and drink 5 glasses a day, you get an extra 160 calories per day. This makes 7000 calories in approximately 40 days and is stored as 1 kg of fat in you.
  • Moreover, since it is a simple carbohydrate, it is stored directly in the belly area.
  • Not to mention the decay of your teeth…
  • What comes to mind when fasting is mentioned? Many of us will respond to this as desserts for iftar, but reducing sugar as much as possible in general is important for our health.
  • To gain this habit, you can evaluate the pre-Ramadan and of course the month of Ramadan.

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