Want to eat delicious hot pot must know how

Want to eat delicious hot pot

The cold weather is perfect for hot dishes. Hot pot would probably be a more ideal choice. However, if you want to eat delicious hot pot, you also need to know-how.

Do not put many ingredients in the hot pot at the same time

Do not put many ingredients in the hot pot at the same time when eating.

Called hot pot means you have to eat many types of ingredients at the same time. However, that combination has to be really ingenious. If you put fresh seafood in the pot along with raw meats, animal organs, and starchy potatoes, your hot pot will become a dish of mixed flavors. Moreover, you are also at risk of catching parasites that damage the digestive system.

The best way, you should wait for each type of ingredient to fully cook before adding another. Thus, your hot pot is both sweet and delicious, while ensuring food safety.

Do not overcook ingredients

The subtlety of eating hot pot lies in the freshness of the ingredients and their ripeness. Therefore, you will spoil the dish if you dip the ingredients too much. On the contrary, if you just lightly dip the boiling hot pot water, you only partially cook the raw food. This puts you at risk for a parasitic infection that can lead to diarrhea or vomiting.

You can watch for about 5 minutes for thinly sliced ​​fish, 10 minutes for meat and animal organs, 15 minutes for shellfish to make it more delicious. As for vegetables, you just need to dip them to be able to eat them. With mushrooms, you need more time, about 10 minutes to make them fully cooked.

Put the vegetables in last

Vegetables should be added last when using a hot pot.

Vegetables do not need to be overcooked because when boiling for a long time, the vitamins in vegetables will be easily lost. In addition, if the vegetables are soft, the dish will lose its taste. Therefore, vegetables will be the last ingredient you add after the other fresh ingredients are cooked.

Do not eat too much vermicelli, pho, noodles when enjoying a hot pot

Normally, a hot pot cannot be without vermicelli, pho or noodles. But if you choose to eat hot pot like other noodle dishes, you will definitely never enjoy the essence of hot pot. Therefore, enjoy the ingredients slowly to enjoy the freshness of the dish before your stomach is too full for vermicelli or noodles.

Change the broth when the hot pot has boiled for a long time

Replace the broth when the hot pot has boiled for too long.

Because of the peculiarity of the way of eating, after only a while when adding other ingredients, you will see that the hot pot becomes clear and the taste of the water will also be sharp. Therefore, if you want to prolong the meal together with your family, you should change the broth if you see that the hot pot has become cloudy. Besides, this method will also help you avoid harmful health risks because if you cook for a long time, the amount of nitric will break down vitamins and saturate fats.

Moderation in eating

To use a delicious hot pot you should eat in moderation.

Hot pot is a favorite dish of many people. However, the dish only becomes the most delicious when you crave and hungry enough. Therefore, before eating hot pot, you should not snack and drink a lot of water. You should only eat hot pot once a week and each meal should be about enough servings. Once you have let yourself be bored to the point of fear of a certain dish, it proves that you are not really a gourmet.

In order not to feel full while enjoying the hot pot, you should rest for a while before continuing to use it. Do not eat in a hurry and continuously because that will make the stomach work hard, cause abdominal pain and make less secretion of gastric juice, affecting the ability to digest and absorb food.

Hopefully, the above sharing will help you and your family know how to fully enjoy the fresh and sweet taste of hot pot.

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