Tropical Fruits 10 Different Fruits You Have Never Seen Before

Tropical Fruits 10 Different Fruits

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It is obvious that fruits are miraculous blessings both in terms of shape and taste. In fact, using fruits as the most delicious and healthiest snack is the most natural way of doing this. Even though we have a variety of colorful fruits in our own geography, the different fruits that grow in tropical climates are not unappealing.

Of course, there are tropical fruits that we have the chance to try, and that can even be found in every market now.¬†But we will make a fun list of tropical fruits that you will wonder about when you see them, that you will say ‚ÄúI wish I could try‚ÄĚ because of their colorful and quite different form in our opinion.¬†Now it’s up to you whether you want to improve your general culture with the names of tropical fruits or visit a tropical climate country with the first plane!

Here are 10 different tropical fruits that you will probably see for the first time in your life!

1) Pitaya

The fruit resembles a kiwi in appearance and draws a line in a much lighter form of kiwi with its taste: pitaya.¬†Also known as dragon fruit.¬†Although its appearance is compatible with its name, it has a cute and cute look inside.¬†The inner part, which is white in some species, may be red in some species.¬†When you think that this fruit, which grows on cactus-like trees, decorates the plates, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äč”I’ll give it a try” gets stronger.

2) Wheel of Fortune

Its original name is passion fruit.¬†In other words, those who give the word “passion” justice.¬†Apart from being a very good source of vitamin A, its taste is addictive in humans.¬†The liquid layer in it can be eaten either directly or by the spoonful. This fruit, which has a refreshing effect, is actually a plate of consumption in the summer months!

3) Snake Fruit

Before you ask, let’s say right away, the name of our next fruit is “snake fruit”.¬†But it is also called malacca fruit. The fact that its outer surface resembles the skin of a snake may cool you a little from consuming this fruit.¬†But with the edible part of 3 or 4 parts, which you encounter after peeling the skin, it can manage to fascinate you because it tastes a bit like pineapple.

4) Horned Melon

Since it is called “horned melon”, we continue with a fruit that is very obvious in our culture to be the material of jokes.¬†This fruit, whose original name is African cucumber, is ‚ÄúMy God, what you create!‚Ä̬†it’s like saying.¬†If we come to the taste of this fruit, which looks like a fairy tale world, the jelly-like and edible part is both refreshing and moderately sweet.

5) Star Fruit

A fruit that survives as carambola or star fruit.¬†In fact,¬†you understand at first glance¬†why¬†it is called¬†star fruit.¬†It’s hard to believe that this fruit, which gives a star shape when sliced, is from our world.¬†The taste of this fruit, which creates the feeling of making a fruit salad due to its appearance, is also delicious.¬†To describe this taste, we can say that it is a mixture of apple, pineapple and lemon.

6) lychee

At first glance, you can compare this fruit, whose original name is Lychee, to raspberry. However, after peeling the skin, a white, even transparent fruit emerges. This view creates a feeling of having come from the land of fairy leaching , is actually a type that grows in China. We understand very well that it was called the king fruit in the past. As for the taste, those who try it seem to agree that it is quite delicious.

7) Rambutan

Due to the fringes on its shell, the rambutan has a way of standing up and walking towards us at any moment.¬†Behind the peel, which peels off easily without the need for a knife, you come across a white fruit with a different structure, similar to an egg.¬†Another feature that probably won’t surprise you is that it tastes sour.

8) Mangosteen

We continue with the mangosteen, which looks like a pumpkin hidden in a hard and protected shell.¬†It is definitely one of the most different fruits we have ever seen.¬†The homeland of the fruit, which arouses curiosity about its taste, is the Malaya peninsula.¬†Maybe because it was called the ‚Äúqueen of fruits‚ÄĚ in the past, its sweet flavor makes an eater addicted to it.

9) Jack Fruit

A gigantic fruit known and known as jackfruit. You wouldn’t mind if we say a tropical fruit from the mulberry family because of its appearance.¬†But it is many times larger than an ordinary mulberry, and it is a kind that you can add to the list of the biggest fruits you have ever seen.¬†Although it does not have a very dominant and distinctive taste, it is a complete snack fruit with magic that makes you eat it as you eat.

10) Kumquat

We end our tropical adventure with fruit from the citrus family, which we often come across in our lands. The taste of kumquat fruit, which we can immediately understand that it is similar to an orange, tangerine or lemon, is also sour as we can imagine. Kumquat, which feels like a snack because it is eaten with its shells, is also very rich in vitamin C.

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