Harvest blessing in blueberries

How to plant blueberries

Harvest abundance has started in the fields consisting of blueberry saplings distributed by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality with the help of Tarım AŞ in order to ensure rural development . President Aktaş, who participated in the harvest in Orhaneli, said that their support to the countryside will continue uninterrupted.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which is with the farmers in every field, especially with the quality seedlings, sapling distribution and equipment support, with the aim of ensuring rural development in Turkey, does not leave the farmers alone in the harvest. distributed in order to make Bursa a leader in berry fruits.As the saplings began to bear fruit, the harvest commencement ceremony was held in the Çivili District of Orhaneli. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş as well as Orhaneli Mayor Ali Aykurt, Uludağ Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters’ Association Chairman Senih Yazgan, Deputy Agriculture Provincial Director Erdoğan Ceylan, council members, muhtars and producers attended the ceremony.


Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that their support to the countryside continues through the Rural Services Department, Agriculture and Landscape Inc., HAGEL and BUSKİ. Stating that they provided significant support especially for berry fruits, President Aktaş said, “In 2019, we delivered 36,300 blueberry and raspberry saplings to our producers. With the distribution of 1,515,807 saplings to date, our total support has exceeded 8 million 822 thousand TL. With our 2022 grant sapling support project, we are planning to support our producers for approximately 2.5 million blueberry, raspberry, aronia and strawberry seedlings. Our goal is to bring a total of 5 million saplings together with our producers in 2023. We carried out our sapling support project with a 50 percent grant for 3 years. In 2022, we increased our grant support to 60 percent,” he said.

He reminded that they continue their investments in every field with the aim of stopping migration and even starting reverse migration in the mountain districts of Bursa that give the most immigrants, and that there will be an important movement in the region throughout the year with the youth camp they have made in Göynükbelen Noting that mountain districts will develop through agriculture, animal husbandry and eco-tourism, Mayor Aktaş said, “The next process needs to be well planned. We will ensure that the population does not leave here, but rather increase the population here. Significant infrastructure investment has been made regarding natural gas. We have finished the Karagöz Recreation Area, fine details remain. We also have a rafting course, investments in Keles Kocayayla, Harmancık and Büyükorhan. Agriculture is one of our main topics for this region. I wish the harvest to be fruitful,” he said.


Uludağ Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters’ Association Chairman of the Board Senih Yazgan reminded that blueberries are among the most expensive product groups in the world, both fresh and frozen, and said that they are doing their best for the export of the product. Noting that quality and production and calibration in accordance with standards is very important, Yazgan said, “I believe that our exporters, who will be able to take these products to national markets in the worst case, and then to international markets after certification, will be in the race. Take care of this valuable product. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this effort, especially our Metropolitan Mayor, who brought this work here.”
Orhaneli Mayor Ali Aykurt reminded that when he took office in 2014, there was only a 500 square meter blueberry orchard in the district, but with the support of the Metropolitan Municipality, very important developments were experienced in this area.
Deputy Director of Agriculture Provincial Director Erdoğan Ceylan emphasized that there is 4200 decares of blueberry cultivation and 2300 tons of production in Turkey, while Bursa ranks first with 2300 decares of planting and 861 tons of production. Ceylan wished the producers a fruitful season.
Agriculture and Landscape Inc. Selahattin Külcü, Chairman of the Board of Directors and member of the assembly, also reminded that he is a farmer and explained the importance of becoming a cooperative. Külcü noted that being united rather than individual rackets, especially at the point of marketing, will further increase the value of the product.
After the speeches, President Aktaş and the protocol members participated in the blueberry harvest in the garden.

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