Avocado: The fashionable fruit in Spain that helps you with hypertension


Avocado is one of the essential foods to incorporate into our daily diet. This fruit contains antioxidants , anti- inflammatory properties and also regulates blood sugar levels.

In addition, its great contribution of potassium and magnesium make it ideal for caring for cardiovascular health.  These are just some of the reasons why it is important that we incorporate it into our diet, but if you want to know more reasons , we advise you to continue reading.

10 reasons why you should eat avocado

As you have just seen, avocado has multiple benefits for our body. We can even use avocado as a natural remedy for certain diseases or improve the appearance of our skin.

But, if you want to know all the ways in which this fruit can help you, we will tell you in detail below. Here are 10 reasons why you should start using avocado.

1. Good for hypertension

Avocado regulates glucose levels in our body and provides good fats. This means that we can have high levels of hypertension at bay. Avoiding, in turn, possible heart problems in the future.

2. Helps control weight

Avocado contains high levels of fiber which produce satiety in the body and also help our intestinal transit work better. In this way, fluid retention and the annoying swelling that we sometimes suffer are avoided, causing us not to lose weight as much as we would like.

3. Prevents some types of cancer

Although it is not yet fully proven, there seems to be a correlation between avocado consumption and the non-appearance of some types of cancer. Among them breast or prostate cancer. In addition, it is a fruit from which you can take advantage of all its parts. Consuming it in salads, alone or even making a tea with the avocado bone.

4. You can use it as a cosmetic

Due to its multiple vitamins and antioxidants , avocado is one of the best remedies that exist when making natural masks for both hair and skin. In this way you also avoid resorting to chemical products when caring for your face. What will be reflected in the appearance of your skin.

5. Ideal food during pregnancy

This fruit also contains high levels of folic acid making it ideal during pregnancy. Or even if you’re thinking about getting pregnant , you could also start incorporating it into your diet.

6. Delays aging

Avocado contains vitamins from groups A, C, D, K, B and E. Which makes it a star fruit if we want to improve our health in general. But, in addition, vitamins C and E are two powerful antioxidants that help our body stay young. This is precisely what causes a delay in aging.

7. Improves heart function

As we have seen above, avocado has many beneficial properties for our heart and blood system. Reducing blood sugar levels, lowering the level of fat or improving circulation are aspects that will finally have the benefit of improving the functioning of our heart.

8. It is good for the eyes

In addition to all the vitamins and nutrients that we have seen, avocado is rich in lutein . A great antioxidant that improves our vision and prevents macular degeneration , among other things.

9. Helps lower cholesterol

Avocado is rich in oleic acid , a type of fatty acid that helps our body by raising good cholesterol while bad cholesterol levels go down. In this way we are more protected against heart disease.

10. Improve the appearance of your hair and skin

Last but not least, avocado helps us improve the appearance of our hair and skin. All this thanks to the nutrients and antioxidants that we have been seeing throughout this article.

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