What are Mussels? How is it made?

What are Mussels

Mussels are among the popular foods that are accepted as a street flavor in almost many cities in our country. Mussels, which are indispensable for those who love seafood, adapt to various flavors and ice-cold drinksMussels, which are the favorite food of those who want to fill their stomach after the Çakır pleasure, those who take a city tour by tasting street delicacies and those who take a long rest on the beach, have been consumed frequently in many places in recent years.

What is it that those who have never eaten mussels before wonder; Now we will find answers to all of them on this page. We did not forget to add satisfying mussel recipes for those who want to create delicious tastes with mussels at home. Those who are curious about its taste and those who want to get information about what mussels are, our article that you will read carefully. You should read our article to the end to introduce this flavor from seafood!

What are Mussels?

  • Mussel is a sea product among invertebrates . It has a black hard shell.
  • These creatures, which can live in fresh waters and seas, are beneficial for health when consumed in season.
  • Mussels that reproduce by spawning live under rocks very close to the land.
  • The mussel, which has no feet and head, is a crustacean. It is also stated as a result of some studies that the mussel, which has a sexual reproductive system, is male and female.
  • Mussels are a species that can accumulate heavy metals. Therefore, frequent consumption may cause harm to the body.
  • It is recommended to separate the shells and gills for consumption of mussels. Mussels separated from the shells and gills are considered to be healthier.
  • To summarize, mussels; It is a delicious sea food that you can find among street delicacies and you will not be satisfied with one. You can see it in abundance at every corner while walking around the coastal provinces.

How is Mussel Made and Cleaned?

1) Cleaning Method

  • While cleaning the mussel, the mussel must be alive.
  • It is also important for the freshness of the mussels that are taken or collected to be closed.
  • There is a beard-like string on the outer part of the shell, pull this bearded part and clean it.
  • Wash all mussels in plenty of water and discard any material such as sand formed in the shell.
  • The most important answer to the question of how to clean mussels is that the mussel has been thoroughly washed.
  • Insert a knife from where you removed the beard and split it in half.
  • Remember to be careful when cutting the shell in half. Shells can cut your hand.
  • You should prepare salt water in a container and keep the cut mussel in this water.
  • The mussels remaining in the brine will remain as fresh as during cooking.

2) Stuffed Mussels

  • After the mussels are cleaned well, a special pilaf is prepared.
  • Allspice is among the indispensable spices of the stuffed rice ; Of course, you can adjust the spices according to your own taste.
  • After adding the stuffed rice little by little into the cleaned mussels, the shells are closed.
  • The stuffed mussels are boiled in a small amount of water and oil and are ready for consumption.

Is Mussels Haram or Halal?

There is a belief that some animals have menstruation. According to belief, it is not halal to consume menstruating creatures. The same is true for mussels. Many people accept the myth that mussels are menstruating as real and scientific information, but this issue is not as it seems.

  • Those who say that mussels are menstruating should first remember that this agenda consists of a legend.
  • The mussel, which does not have blood in its structure and is a mollusk, is a sexually reproducing creature and does not have the feature of menstruation.
  • Those who want to eat mussels but do not have clear information about this subject will think whether mussels are haramIt is halal to eat mussels.
  • Mussels become harmful when eaten too much; but there is no religious expression regarding its consumption as haram.

How to Eat Mussels

  • Mussels should not be consumed during the breeding period. If you want to eat mussels in April, this period may be dangerous for you, but be careful.
  • You can also impose a ban on eating for the November period. Mussels can poison people when consumed during the breeding period.
  • You can eat mussels as stuffed or fried. If you buy stuffed mussels from the stalls; These mussel varieties are boiled and suitable for consumption. You can consume the ingredients inside.
  • When you buy it from the fisherman to cook at home, you should definitely clean it well and consume it.
  • Squeezing lemon into the cooked mussel is also a detail of the eating manners of this food.

Benefits of Mussels – 5 Features You Didn’t Know

  • High Protein Value: When you eat only 1 plate of mussels, you get about 18 grams of protein. For this reason, mussels are one of the delicious and economical foods that meet your protein needs.
  • Balances Blood Sugar: Manganese, which is found in the structure of mussels, is successful in balancing blood sugar. When blood sugar is balanced, you can feel more full and vigorous.
  • Nourishes the Skin: The feature of mussels containing omega fatty acids is effective in skin health. The skin of those who consume mussels looks brighter and cleaner, as they get the beneficial oils.
  • Balances Thyroid Glands: Mussels contain selenium mineral. Selenium mineral also supports the regular functioning of the thyroid glands. When you consume mussels in moderation, you can stay away from thyroid diseases.
  • Gives Energy: Mussels have a high nutritional value. Since it contains beneficial minerals, it accelerates blood flow and gives energy to people when consumed.

Harms of Mussels – Pay Attention to This Information!

  • Mussel is a food that collects metals in the sea, which is dangerous as well as useful.
  • It is recommended to buy mussels from reliable counters in order not to experience mussel poisoning.
  • Mussels, which contain substances such as copper, lead and nickel, should be consumed in moderation.
  • When there is heavy metal accumulation in the body, dizziness and vomiting are seen first.
  • Vomiting and diarrhea due to mussel poisoning manifest themselves in a short time.
  • In order not to be adversely affected by the mussel; It is recommended that you eat little and concisely.

Is Mussels Consumed During Pregnancy?

  • Pregnancy is one of the periods when nutrition should be very sensitive.
  • In this process, some expectant mothers may want mussels. According to the opinions of obstetricians, mussel consumption during pregnancy is not nutritious.
  • It is also recognized as a risky food because it attracts metals from the sea.
  • Of course, it is not healthy to completely restrict pregnant women from eating mussels or to allow them unlimitedly.
  • If mussels are to be consumed, experts recommend mussels that you are sure of their cleanliness. Consuming at most 2 mussels a day is a healthy portion.
  • It will be better to consume in moderation so that the mussel, which attracts sea metals, does not affect the health of the mother and baby.
  • Pregnant women can consume 2 clean, fresh and reliable mussels. Consumption of more mussels will cause poisoning of the baby in the womb.

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