Tips for making delicious fried onions in the right way

fried onions

With some dishes, fried onions help add flavor and create a feeling of deliciousness. The following tips will help you make your own delicious and standard fried onions to make the dish more perfect, while ensuring safety and hygiene.


Red onion and cooking oil


You should choose dry onions that are brown, firm and not damaged, deep, or rotten. Peel onions and wash and dry.

Cut onions into thin slices, so that onions do not sting your eyes, you can put them in the freezer for about 30 minutes before slicing. On the other hand, before cutting onions, you wash the knife thoroughly, after cutting 3-4 bulbs, you continue to wash the knife and proceed to chop onions to avoid burning eyes.

Then bring the onions out to dry, so choose a sunny location, if there is no sunlight, find a cool place to dry the onions overnight for the onion to dry again.

Next, put the oil in the pan. Put all the sliced ​​fried onions in, you must cover the onion with oil and maintain the heat to medium or low. You can also add ½ teaspoon of sugar for extra flavor. In the process of making fried onions, if you want to stir them, you should stir them gently to avoid them being crushed. When the onion is slightly yellow, use a racket to remove the oil to absorb the oil. For those who are not familiar, you will inevitably pick up onions when the onions are not yet ripe or overcooked because the onions in the pan are yellow, but when taken out to cool, the onions will turn dark yellow.

If you want to store onions, wait until the onions have cooled down before putting them in an airtight container. Make your own fried onions, you will be more assured of the quality than when you buy them from the store. To fry onions perfectly, you should remember not to let the fire be too high or else the onion will taste burnt and should not be taken out until the onion is completely golden, if it is too yellow, it will have a bitter taste. Always place the cooked onions on absorbent paper to remove excess oil.

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