Useful fruit cutting tools you should have in your kitchen

Strawberry Jam

The following fruit cutters will help you prepare fruit plates or smoothies for your family quickly and safely.

Strawberry pulp removal tool

Shaped like a strawberry, the strawberry seed remover helps you quickly and easily remove the stem from the fruit. Moreover, the compact design fits comfortably in your hand, making your operation more compact. Thus, with this tool you will not spend much effort to make strawberry smoothie or strawberry cake for the whole family.

Apple and pear cutter

Being able to cut fruits such as apples and pears into equal pieces and easily remove the core is the effect of the pear and apple cutter. This tool is designed with a sturdy plastic case and the cutting skin is made of stainless steel. Simple to use, just press down on an apple or pear and you have a beautiful fruit plate right away.

Butter cutting tools

Avocado is a delicious fruit and is considered a panacea for the skin, so it is loved by many women. However, when ripe avocados are removed from the shell, they easily stick to the hands. The avocado cutter helps to separate the flesh and the avocado skin easily without dirtying hands, which is very convenient for housewives. Housewives just need to cut an avocado in half and use this tool to gently press it.

Pineapple peeler

Peeling pineapple with dozens of eyes on each fruit can be very laborious. However, with a pineapple peeler, it only takes about 1 minute for everything to be in place. The simple way is to cut the two ends of the pineapple and place them in the rotary tool. The rotating motion causes the pineapple eyes to be cleaned beautifully.

Knife/mold banana cutter

If you use a banana cutter, you will get thick banana slices. If you use a six-blade banana knife, you will get thinner banana slices. With the knife and banana cutter now you don’t need to use a knife to cut each banana slice when you want to process them anymore.

Tomato cutter

Tomatoes will be difficult to cut into thin slices when ripe if the housewife is not skillful and the knife is not sharp. This tool will help you quickly get the desired tomato slices. The steel blade mounted in a sturdy plastic frame quickly gives you even thin slices of tomato.

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