Things that invalidate the fast: 10 Situations – Question and Answer

Things that invalidate the fast

When the month of Ramadan comes, fasting and sharing this excitement becomes a sweet rush. While preparing the meticulous and fruitful iftar tables, you may be worried about situations that break the fast from time to time. Water splashing on your lips while cooking, a small cut you experience while chopping vegetables, and many more! Things that break the fast are a subject that is constantly emphasized during the days of Ramadan and is on the agenda every year. In order to avoid any mishaps, you should get detailed information about the situations that invalidate the fast . Our article, where you can find this information, will bring you a more peaceful and worry-free Ramadan!

It is worth remembering that the month of Ramadan will begin on April 2, 2022. From this date on, states and movements become more sensitive. People make some changes in their daily life. The month of fasting, which is the symbol of unity and solidarity, passes with both sweet rushes and some worries. These concerns are the details that break the fast.

A more peaceful month of Ramadan will be waiting for you after you get comfortable with the situations that break the fast. Those who want to use perfume, those who will give blood, those who have coughing fits, those who will take a shower on hot Ramadan days, we find one and one answer to the questions about the things that break the fast in your minds. Let’s see what kind of situations can break the fast?

Things that invalidate the fast: 10 Situations – Question and Answer

What are the conditions that invalidate the fast? When the month of Ramadan begins, there are some issues that are widely worried about the Islamic world. We think that if the situations that invalidate the fast are briefly read in substance, we can easily eliminate the worries. For this reason, we have prepared a question-and-answer explanatory article about things that break the fast in men and women , such as brushing teeth, chewing gum, vomiting, giving blood, applying cream or using perfume .

We have listed the things that break the fast for you!

1) Does Brushing Teeth Invalidate Fasting?

  • It is known that people who fast during the month of Ramadan experience discomfort from bad breath due to lack of water and food. It is possible to remove this bad breath by brushing teeth. There is no harm in brushing the teeth of a fasting person.
  • There is a fine line to pay attention to, and that is that toothpaste or water does not go into the throat. If water or paste gets into your throat while brushing your teeth, your fast will be broken and you have to make up for it. It is better to brush your teeth after eating at sahur, just in case.

2) Do Ear, Nose, Eye Drops Invalidate Fasting?

  • In order to protect eye health, you should continue the medications you use during Ramadan. You can also use the eye drops given by your doctor against eye inflammation or dryness while fasting.
  • Do ear drops, nose drops and eye drops break the fast are questions answered by the Diyanet.
  • Since all of the drops do not have the purpose of flowing through the throat and reaching the stomach and eating and drinking, the fast does not break, but it is recommended that it is better not to use it, especially since there is a possibility of nasal drops to reach the stomach from the nose.
  • Since eye drops do not mean food and are found around the eyes, they do not break the fast.
  • According to the statement of experts, fasting people can use eye medications and drops regularly. It is recommended to pay attention to eye health during Ramadan.

3) Does giving blood invalidate the fast?

  • Considering the hadiths and verses, it is understood that donating blood does not invalidate the fast.
  • There is a hadith regarding this situation, “There are three things that do not break the fast: having blood drawn, vomiting, and having an infection” (Tirmidhi, “Savm”, 24).
  • When it comes to donating blood in Ramadan, you can easily donate blood.
  • Blood to be given on an empty stomach will show clearer values. For this reason, you can go to the hospital or health center and have a blood test while you are fasting.
  • Fasting does not prevent this situation.

4) Does vomiting invalidate the fast?

  • Vomiting of fasting people is also a thought-provoking but subtle detail. Vomiting against one’s own will does not invalidate the fast.
  • Likewise, gastric juice rising from the stomach will not invalidate the fast.
  • If a person tries to vomit voluntarily, this is among the factors that invalidate the fast.
  • Vomiting during pregnancy is not a good condition for health anyway. Fasting during pregnancy is not recommended. It will affect the health of mother and baby. Pregnancy vomiting is another issue.

5) Does Swallowing Sputum Invalidate Fasting?

  • Sputum, which is a substance secreted by the body itself, affects the person’s speech and breathing from time to time. It can also cause some difficulties in fasting.
  • Sputum experienced in infectious diseases can also affect the person badly.
  • Inflammation in the throat tract brings constant sputum and vomiting. In the meantime , many people think that sputum breaks the fast .
  • There are different views of the sects on this issue.
  • According to the Hanafi school, swallowing phlegm does not invalidate the fast because it is the body’s own secretion. According to the Shafi’i madhhab, phlegm swallowed knowingly and willingly invalidates the fast. It is necessary to make up for the broken fast on such days.

6) Does Perfume – Cream – Cologne Break the Fast?

  • Perfume, cream and cologne, which have a place in personal care, are the items on the agenda in Ramadan. Many people may wonder if these products will invalidate the fast and hesitate to use them.
  • Especially , does applying cream break the fast is a question that comes to the fore every Ramadan. When this subject is considered in detail, it is normal to ask questions such as does applying cream to the face invalidate the fast, does applying cream to the hand invalidate the fast, or does applying cream to the wound invalidate the fast?
  • According to the opinions of experts; Since substances such as cologne, cream and perfume are not food products, they do not break the fast.
  • However, it is recommended to use a small amount to be more sensitive to such products during Ramadan. It is added that it is permissible to smell odorous substances.
  • When you want to use perfume and cologne while fasting, you can spray it on the clothes so that it does not get into the throat. Thus, a more secure solution is found.

7) Does Nose Bleeding Invalidate Fasting?

  • Let’s clarify this issue for those who are wondering if nosebleeds due to high blood pressure or hitting break the fast.
  • The blood that goes from the nasal passage to the nasal passage invalidates the fast.
  • Your fast is not at risk unless the bleeding in the nose goes to the stomach.
  • It is worth remembering that prolonged bleeding should be taken seriously and it would be better to go to the doctor.

8) Taking a Shower – Does Taking a Bath Break the Fast?

  • When we think about the things that break the fast, we usually think of food, but there are also situations that break the fast.
  • Taking a shower on hot Ramadan days will relax the body. Those who fast are somewhat hesitant about this issue. I wonder if water gets into my throat during the shower? Does the smell of shampoo break the fast? Many more worries…
  • Experts state that taking a shower while fasting during Ramadan is a little more sensitive.
  • There is no harm in taking a shower as long as water is not leaked from the ears, nose and mouth.
  • If you are going to make wudu while taking a shower, do not inhale deeply; Make sure you remove all the water.
  • You can sit more cleanly at the iftar table by getting rid of sweat and dust.
  • It should only be remembered that; The water that gets into the ear, mouth and nasal passage will break the fast.

9) Does Chewing Gum Break the Fast?

  • There is another question about fasting that has not changed for years. Whether the gum breaks the fast or not. There are dozens of opinions on this question.
  • Diyanet, on the other hand, did not want anyone to be confused and put the last point on this issue:  All chewing gums on the market contain flavorings and additives. Such chewing gums will definitely break the fast.
  • Kenger gum is recommended for those who want to chew gum while fasting . Kenger gum does not contain flavorings and additives.
  • When you chew Kenger gum, your fast will not be broken. You can purchase Kenger gum online or through organic shops.

10) Does Dyeing Hair Invalidate Fasting?

  • Another question frequently asked by fasting people is the effect of dyeing hair on fasting.
  • Coloring the hair of a fasting person is not an obstacle to fasting.
  • According to the statement and fatwa made by the Diyanet, it is stated that hair dye is not a food item.
    There is no religious objection to applying dye and cream to your hair while fasting.
  • It is not a risky situation for people who care about their personal care to dye their hair while fasting.
  • Non-food hair dye will not break the fast.
  • Hair spray and hair care products such as hair dye do not break your fast and you can use them easily.
  • I wish you to take good care of yourself both mentally and physically in Ramadan!

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