plums: The typical fruit that was recommended to you when you needed to go to the bathroom


The plum is the fruit that comes from the plum tree. It is very appetizing in spring and summer. Currently there are more than 200 varieties, the most prominent are red, yellow, green and black. The benefits of plums are many, but the one that has the most contributions to health is the red one , beyond the fact that they all have similar properties such as vitamin C. This fruit is an ideal food to prevent discomfort in the digestive system . You can eat the fruit directly or in juice.

For people who often drink alcohol and smoke, plums help reduce premature cellular aging of the skin, as well as free radicals generated in the intestine . Vitamins and minerals such as phosphorus, calcium and iron are just some of the reasons why eating plums will help you take care of your physical and mental health . Therefore, the properties go beyond the nutritional contribution since by having the intestine in perfect health your mind will also be, because there is a direct relationship between the brain and the intestine.

Take care of your health by eating plums and take advantage of its benefits

The most important thing for human beings is to take care of their health . The best way to do this is by monitoring each of the foods he eats on a daily basis. Having a balanced diet is synonymous with a healthy body and with the benefits of plums it is more than guaranteed. If you are not yet a follower of this fruit, know everything it offers and make the most of its nutrients with favorable effects on the digestive system and the body in general.

Healthier gut 

The plum contains a fiber known as pectin that captures water and generates a gel that protects the intestine, helping to combat constipation and constipation . So, if the intestine is stimulated with its operation, favorable changes will also be seen in the person’s mood . Appetite is controlled and stress is reduced thanks to the reduction of cortisol (stress hormone), in addition to increasing the secretion of serotonin (which is the hormone of happiness).

Antioxidant effects

Thanks to the consumption of plums you will be able to feel the great antioxidant effects in dealing with the free radicals that damage the arteries and neurons , mainly. This is due to vitamin E and vitamin C which also protect the DNA of the cell nucleus . Antioxidant action can also be detected in antiocyanins , which is the pigment that gives this fruit its particular color. Predominant in red and purple plums.

Decreases fluid retention

Thanks to the high content of potassium in plums, it can favorably intervene in muscle activity and the body’s water balance . In addition, this is the reason why athletes consume the fruit daily, because its contribution is very similar to that of bananas .

More physical and mental energy

Another reason why the plum is recommended to students and athletes is because it has properties that help improve physical and intellectual performance , especially in moments and activities that are momentarily more demanding. There is no fence as to the age at which this fruit can be eaten, but it has been proven that the best way to do it is naturally.

Improves eyesight

The content of vitamin A found in plums has positive effects on the skin , mucous membranes and especially on the eyes . Fruit compotes or purees that contain a large percentage of plums are also ideal for children and their visual health .

Why eat plums?

Plums should definitely be part of your daily diet, first of all because it helps you go to the bathroom regularly , takes care of your digestive system, with direct effects on the intestine. According to experts, if the intestine is healthy it absorbs nutrients much better, therefore, the benefit of probiotics and prebiotics for the functioning of adipose tissue will be more noticeable , influencing weight loss in a natural and healthy way.

Calcium and iron are also remarkable properties of plums and are essential for the growth and development of children . Minerals such as iron also prevent iron deficiency anemia . On the other hand, with magnesium , the body maintains muscle mass and with the help of phosphorus , bone mass remains maintained.

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