How Should Cactus Soil Be?

How Should Cactus Soil Be

The cactus plant is resistant to weather conditions, sometimes with thorns and sometimes without thorns. Cacti, which grow in the endless garden offered by nature, attract attention with their resistant structure. Cacti, which have large and small colors, have attracted a lot of attention in home and office decoration in recent years. Cacti, which exist with their fleshy and wide stems, thorny structures, and flowering tops, are grown very easily.

The soil change and maintenance of the cactus go through easy stages that will not tire you. If you are growing cactus at home, it is recommended to care for the soil from time to time. The cactus, whose soil changes, grows away from problems such as rot and drying.

In this article, where we answered the question of how the cactus soil should be in your mind, you can find a lot of information you are looking for. Preparation of cactus soil and more is waiting for you in these lines. You will need this information to make small changes in your home or office environment!

How Should Cactus Soil Be? 5 Tips

  • The structure of the cactus has the ability to store water in its own body. Therefore, peat soils are not suitable for cactus. Peat soils undertake the task of storing water in large quantities. Peat soils should not be in the cactus pot. When peat soil is used, cacti may face the problem of rot.
  • For the cactus roots to grow and move freely, the soil is not recommended to be compacted.
  • It is recommended to use fine sandy mixed soil.
  • When buying cactus succulent soil, it is recommended to use special cactus sand with plenty of perlites.
  • Cactus soil contains different substances. Materials such as sand, stone chips, charcoal prevent water from being held for a long time. Thus, the cactus remains in moist soil and the risk of rot is reduced.

Preparing Cactus Soil: The Easy Technique

If you want to prepare a cactus soil mix at home, we will tell you the easiest soil preparation techniques. For those who say how the soil of the cactus flower prepared at home should be, the ones that are curious are on the list.


  • 1 part loamy soil
  • 1 scoop of leaf rot
  • 1 scoop of sand
  • 1 scoop of brick crumbs
  • 1 scoop charcoal

Preparation of:

  • To prepare the cactus soil at home, first, gather the materials on the list. Mix all the products in a deep bowl.
  • Divide the mixed soil evenly into the cactus pots.
  • Apply this mixture to cacti, renewing them every year.
  • Do not forget to take care that the roots of the plants remain in the soil. Roots left outside will dry out and damage the plant.

How to Change Cactus Soil?

You grow if you want to grow in the most efficient way of cactus recommended that you change periodically territory. At this point, you can think about when to change the cactus soil. Now let’s answer the question of how to change the cactus soil one by one:

  • It is recommended to change the size of the pot when changing the cactus soil.
  • When making changes every year, you should choose a pot that is 2 sizes larger than the previous pot.
  • If you make new grounding in the same pot; cactus roots will not grow adequately.
  • It is recommended that the pot be perforated. As the cactus roots get air, a more lively appearance is obtained.
  • The purpose of the pot change; to relieve the compacted soil. Thanks to this process, the vitality of the plant is preserved for a long time.
  • It is recommended to examine the cactus roots before changing the soil. If rot or disease has occurred in the roots of the cactus you have separated from the pot; damaged roots should be cleaned.
  • After adding the cactus soil to a new pot, the cactus should be placed in the middle of the pot. The root circumference should be loosely filled with soil.
  • It is recommended to change the cactus soil every year in the spring season.
  • It will be better to use half-deep pots for plants smaller than 15 cm.
  • It is recommended to choose large pots for plants larger than 15 cm.

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